we’ve come to the Tsukiji fish market
for some of Tokyo’s best street food we’re actually in the outer section, the inner section of Tsukiji fish market is where all the commercial selling
of the fish happens and on the outside of the market there are heaps of street food
stalls so we are going to go and hit the streets and find some food come on! First snack egg omelette. It looks so fluffy- there
is a ton of people lining up so we thought we’d better try it. It’s a real art form we hear, making an omelette. God look at that! So airy, it looks so light. Mmm wow, it’s just plain egg and it’s really sweet its served warm that’s gotta be the best omelette I’ve ever eaten. It’s really light
really airy and very sweet it almost tastes like a dessert and we’ve
heard that in sushi restaurants like top sushi restaurants, the serve the omelette as a last course and sushi apprentices sometimes spend a year perfecting the eggs before they’re even allowed to touch any fish that’s so insane. This is really
really good. You know what it reminds me of? It’s like a- It kind of looks like an omelette you get
on an aeroplane. Yes! Bus, but it tastes like heaven that is some fluffy egg right there Next stop, grilled unagi or eel. The shop
over there has got a grill set up and they’re doing all sorts of skewers, so eel,
I saw scallops, shrimp, fish oh my gosh that just melts in
your mouth it’s so soft, the flesh is almost fatty, it just dissolves in your mouth the glaze is quite sweet it is perfection. I’m a huge lover of eel
so this is very exciting for me and it looks as good as Sheena just proclaimed
so let’s see oh wow oh wow if you’ve never eaten ell it’s an incredibly soft meat
and this is cooked to perfection it’s got the texture of fish but
it’s just much softer almost slimy eel but not in a gross way this is
phenomenal the glaze is just there’s it’s not so overpowering that you can’t taste the meat. Yes!! ah look what we’ve got- some kind of corn
concoction I think maybe it might be fish cake with corn kernels on the top
let’s see. No I think it’s just corn so there’s corn all throughout it, it’s almost like a corn cake I’m not quite sure what the filling
would be it’s quite soft it’s quite sweet. Thomas I think you should try and see if you can figure it out woah it’s really weird looking inside I’ve no idea. It’s almost jelly-like
but I don’t know what that is. Give us a second! Yep, no still have no
idea what it is we’re calling it a corn cake if you know please pop a comment
down below and please inform us because it is crazy good. Tsukiji market is
awesome it’s really busy but it’s very quiet and everyone is very calm and just you
know lining up for food it’s not madness at all if you’re enjoying this video we
would love you to subscribe, comment below, give us a like, share it, thank you! oh my god I’m so excited look at this
shrimp cracker. Have you ever seen anything like it! It looks like a a piece of polystyrene
that’s been dropped on the poor shrimps and they’ve been run over by a truck. It’s so light and you can really really taste that shrimp flavour. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I love it.
I literally do not want to eat this I just want to put it on the wall it is so
cool. So it’s basically just a thin rice batter I think that’d been dotted with
prawns and then squashed. It’s nuts! it’s super hot today so it’s time for a vending machine stop there’s so much variety it’s like lemon soft drink it’s really
really good you can also get hot drinks so you can get hot coffees, hot teas it’s nuts. Japan is awesome. okay I’m not sure how I’m going to eat this. It’s a little bit stuck so I’m just going to scrape it off. The muscle’s pretty solid think I’m just gonna go in. Mmmm it’s so fresh, really creamy, almost custardy, really meaty, really salty and briny. That’s a good oyster. Mmm Thomas and I also went and bought some chopsticks so that we don’t have to keep using disposable ones and creating more waste, So… they’re real good.
They come with a handy little case! We also found some sushi. It’s salmon so I’m just
going to chuck some wasabi on that It looks really fresh, so it’s just minced salmon really. I’m just going to pop some wasabi on the top there I don’t want to go too overboard because we know how strong it can be. In we go. That’s really good. It is predominantly salmon, just a little bit of rice, so fresh really mellow flavor that is so good it’s ice cream time! black sesame and soda. Black sesame is one of my favorite flavors it’s so nutty and it just has a really
distinctive taste and I mean the colors great isn’t it? When a shop called Tomi is selling a soda ice cream I gotta try that like
how could I not try that? And it’s blue my favorite color like the planets are just
aligning here and I love soda hmm yum it’s just like this drink that I love
here in Japan called Mitsuya Cider which is a soft drink and I for the life of me
could never tell you what this thing tastes like it’s just a tangy lemony
almost like a tangy refreshing drink and it’s what this tastes like it just pings, it’s really fresh, it cleans off your tongue oh my god, I love Tomi’s
soda ice cream Tsukiji fish market definitely,
definitely worth a visit for street food we spent about $20 for the both of us
we ate so much… Woaaah. What? Something that I’ve just seen behind you, let’s not quite
sum this up just yet one more thing this is the best fish cake it’s salty
from the bacon, the fish itself it is quite sweet it is a really good
snack. Come to Tsukiji fish market, the outer market is packed with stalls and
there is so much to try, so much to eat it’s amazing. Thank you so much for
watching we hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist! See you next time, sayonara!


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