Japanese Thoughts on Foreign Chocolate

Smell is not choco Animal smell? Dancing, dancing In my mouth Animal??! Animal!! Over the years, a lot of people have asked me what Japanese people think about chocolate particularly chocolate from outside Japan and to be honest I don’t have a clue either! But today is the day that we find out! Today I’m off to meet my good friend Natsuki and he’ll be comparing some of the most famous chocolate brands and rating them. On a scale from 1 to 10. He’ll be comparing Cadbury’s Dairy Milk from the UK Lindt from Switzerland Hershey’s from America As well as “The Chocolate” from Meiji, one of Japan’s most popular brands. “The Chocolate” Ridiculous brand name! Who knew a brand of chocolate could sound so frightently arrogant. Right then, let’s go and get an expert’s opinion! Off we go! She sells sea shells by the sea shore. She shell she shell by sea shell Ready?? Yeah! Chocolate time! These are the 4 different chocolates to try Today, you’ll decide which one’s the best. And which one is the number one chocolate. And we want you to try them without looking so put on this visual disabling unit. There you go, put that on. The first one! Okay go! Milky! The milky taste! Long sweet sweet Long time sweet It’s good? Very good! 1 to 10? 9! 9! 9 out of 10?! Wow! And…which chocolate do you think it is? UK Style! Cadbury! Cadbury’s Okay! I won’t tell you! I won’t tell you until the end! Okay next chocolate! Here we go! Why are you confused? No! Strange Strange taste Yeah? Why is it strange? Mixed taste It’s like a mixed flavor? Milky? Milky and berry Milky and berry?! No there’s no berries! Fruits? Eeerrr nope! Just milk chocolate! Just milk..? Yeah.. Seven! Seven?! And which chocolate do you think it was? Switzerland! Switzerland? Lindt! Okay, and there’s some left here I’ll take care of that Okay, okay the third one, here we go! It’s big! Bitter Bitter? And sweet! Bitter and sweet? It’s still milk chocolate Smell is not choco Animal smell! Animal! Animal! Animal! Animal! Why? Which animal? And zoo A zoo??! Zoo…around…smell! What??! Zoo! This is zoo! It smells like a zoo? Yeah! That’s the most bizarre strange description Near animals! The smell of a zoo Scary! Choco? Yeaaah it’s chocolate! Taste is OK Smell…like a zoo What?! It’s not a good smell This choco…..three! Three??!! Why? Smell! Bad smell? Mmmh zoo! The smell of a zoo? Zoo! This is zoo! This is the first I think anyone had ever described chocolate as smelling like a zoo. Okay and the final one! This is the last one! Does it smell like a zoo? Not chocolate! Gum? Gum?!! Gum! What??! Chewing-gum? Doesn’t taste like chocolate? Doesn’t taste! Bitter! Bitter? Bitter! Bigger bigger Spicy! Spicy?? Spicy! Yeah! Wow!! Sorry! One! One??! One out of ten! Two! Two okay it’s going up! But it doesn’t smell like a zoo Mmh no not zoo! Not zoo? Concrete! Smells like concrete?! Concrete, asphalt What? Where are you getting this from? Alright well you can take off your blindfold! So you ate in that order. First, Cadbury’s Second Switzerland, Lindt Third was Hershey’s ..the zoo And fourth, yeah it was Japanese. This is “The Chocolate”! The Chocolate! This is premium this is! Not premium! Too bad! My favorite is this one Obviously! Yeah this one was perfect! Nostalgic flavor for me My second favorite is this one! Interesting! I’m interested! Yeah because…dancing! Dancing! My mouth! Dancing in your mouth? Dancing in my mouth! Dancing in your mouth.. Fucking hell The people at Lindt will be very happy! And…Hershey’s? Like a zoo! Like a zoo?! A good zoo? Is that good or bad? Mmmh good! Very happy zoo! Happy zoo!! Taste is premium Premium Premium Not premium! Not premium! Don’t you think? None of them are premium really Not premium not premium not premium That’s the reality That is the chocolate reality! Good, thank you Natsuki! There’s lots of chocolate What should we do? Oh no, we’ll have to eat them all! Eat more! More! Your dinner! Go away!

100 comments on “Japanese Thoughts on Foreign Chocolate”

  1. NateTheRad says:

    I am an American but I'm not sure how anyone could dislike a Hershey's bar

  2. Iori Fuyuta says:

    My favorite chocolate is Cadbury

  3. allyxthexninja says:

    Hershey's is definitely not even CLOSE to the best chocolate in the world. But it's not THAT bad, what the hell?! xD

  4. Kool-Aid Man says:

    Hershey’s tastes like vomit.

  5. MsJavaWolf says:

    Natsuki has a creative way of describing food, he could probably review wines. I mean I have read a few wine reviews and seen descriptions like "it tastes like a spring meadow", or like "licking a leather belt" or like drinking dish water or smelling an old rag.

  6. Tropicana8239 says:

    Apparently something can actually taste like zoo:


  7. Kakashi - Leonhart says:

    Happy & Good Zoo LMFAO this man is funny

  8. Son of The Morrígan says:

    You should get some premium chocolate for Natsuki to try out, maybe some Dark Raspberry Cream, salted caramel, peanut butter cup type assortments.

    How does Natsuki spell his name? Does his name mean summer of hope, or green moon? Do Japanese names work like that?

  9. ELORE says:

    Yup. I’ve always disliked Hershey’s “chocolate” (if you can call it that). It indeed tastes or smells like animal. Hence, I never eat it. Meiji is good, the UK one is very good but too sweet for my taste, the Lindt I haven’t tried yet (only the dark chocolate one) and the other I don’t know. All in all, Natsuke has great tastebuds and knows what is good.

  10. Porter Colville says:

    What! I cant believe Lindt didn’t get higher, I love it

  11. FUBAR' ed Matt says:

    DAMMIT! Natsuki! Expect a dry-cleaning bill for the red wine I've just spit up all over my megaman t-shirt due to the "dancing in my mouth" remark. This isn't over.

  12. Cap Hukani says:

    U forgot marabou from sweden 😢

  13. Yumi Beauty says:

    Long time sweet
    I love it! i love him haha

  14. Gavin Vennemann says:


  15. BenThirty Productions says:

    Hershey’s stock prices drop 1,000,000% after a bad natsuki chocolate review

  16. Probability & Outcome says:

    What no Galaxy chocolate…..This is an outrage🤣😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. RealDealAjeel says:

    well he got the Hershey description right, that shit smells god awful

  18. Louise GaryAVBl says:

    I was eating some Milka chocolate while watching this

  19. Karen Daniel says:


  20. Edoardo Lupi says:

    Chris, you need to add "Like A Zoo" in your t-shirts!

  21. Iron_Arms says:

    I freakin' love Natsuki

  22. Atsushi Muroi says:


  23. _BaniraAisu67 says:

    i'm telling you cadbury is the best!!

  24. Andrew Zbinden says:

    Everyone here is just a chocolate hater. How can you not like Hersheys?? I mean, sure it's not the best but it's definitely good. You want some nasty chocolate? Go to the dollar store and try that shit. Now THAT is some gross shit. Stale, old, cheap….no good.

  25. Joshua Spells says:

    Cadbury’s tastes like garbage now.

  26. Greg Walter says:

    You and Natsuki have a great chemistry. Glad you share him with the world via youtube.

  27. D3bb says:

    I dont wanna live in the Netherlands anymore… Japan is much more fun!

  28. Halfdanr Hamarrhjarta says:

    If I didn't care about dying before reaching middle age, I'd eat chocolate every day

  29. Saskia Leopold says:

    Hershey's is chocolate by a very loose definition only. The company was started to bring cheap chocolate to the masses and that shows in the taste. I love Ghirardelli chocolate best. 🙂

  30. Моника Враголаж says:

    Najlepše želje rules

  31. Lycan The Cuck says:

    Even us Americans don’t like basic Hershey’s

  32. Pardon me, says:

    You're correct. Hershey is not chocolate.

  33. varun hebli says:

    Everyone needs a Natsuki in their lives!!!

  34. AdamantiumReaver says:

    Hershey smells like ass

  35. Srikrishna Bhat says:

    Yesss!!! Cadbury wins!!!! Well, when it comes to chocolate you have got support for Cadbury from India.

  36. JAX PLAYS says:

    Ohkay .. but fucker sounds more like Duncan from the Yogscast in this video

  37. Taylor Britt says:

    I really don't understand all the Hershey's hate in the comments… I get if you don't like it, but y'all don't gotta be so dramatic. Jeez. It's just chocolate.

  38. Nate Springer says:


  39. Jonna Heijke says:

    Dairy Milk is great. Hersheys is awfull

  40. CarpetHater says:

    Hershey's is not a smooth chocolate. I hate eating it. Im glad we have better chocolates here

  41. Thea Atanasova says:

    "Milka" is the best chocolate!

  42. Virgo v says:

    Hersheys doesn't really compare to lindt. Hersheys is pretty crap. But iv also had shitty british chocolate before so idk. Id have gone with See's

  43. Nonhlanhla Mkwanazi says:

    I feel like Natsuki's name tag should more accurately read: "My good friend Natsuki"

  44. Knut Ennio Pelagalli says:

    You should try norwegian Freia

  45. Samuel Hartley says:

    As a Brit, I had no idea other countries did chocolate so much worse?

  46. Thi Anidem says:

    The Chocolate™

  47. kn00tcn says:

    hope the water really got around the issue of tasting sweetest to not sweet, order should be reverse

  48. francis318VH says:

    It would be a problem if you tell your girlfriend "You smell like a zoo" instead of chocolate

  49. yassine abchir says:

    What about belgian chocolate

  50. P says:

    You cant compare milk (high sugar low cocoa) chocolate with high cocoa chocolate!
    And if milk chocolate is your favourite and you don´t like cocoa chocolate you just like high dose of sugar…

  51. DanKorCZ says:

    As a Pole I gotta say… You need to try ours, it's awesome and I'm not biased cause I've lived in the UK all my life

  52. HerrW0lf says:

    Lindt is like the worst choclate from switzerland. Never understood its popularity.

  53. Mao Unravel Gaming says:

    natsuki!!!!!!! daisuki!!

  54. Kim Cole says:

    haha Natsuki 😂 chocolate 🍫 smells like zoo

  55. Daniel Kapp says:

    Milka !

  56. carvel says:

    Does anyone outside of America like Hershey ? It’s so bad.

  57. JimmyRJump says:

    I'm from Belgium, so, see if I care about your 'chocolate'…

  58. DRTY D says:

    funny video. 🙂

  59. Fabbrizio Plays says:

    I've never seen anyone be so simultaneously aloof and also completely up-front the way Natsuki is.

  60. jacquin says:

    As one samples more Japanese food, one gains an appreciation of the Japanese palate which is quite different for savoury and sweet foods. Dessert preferences seem to lean towards light, soft, airy, mildly sweet and/or fruity; while savoury tastes are about clean/pure/crisp(y)/subtle complemented by pickled/fermented/pungent/salty tastes. Personally I love the savoury profile but prefer more overt textures (crunchy/chewy/gooey/creamy) and contasting flavours (tangy fruit/bittersweet) in desserts.

  61. Synthetic Vocalist says:

    Wait so since natsuki denounced his own countries chocolate does that make he a chocoboo?

  62. CandyDream says:

    Just Natsuki

  63. timmeh006 says:

    I cant believe you do a chocolate tasting without Belgian chocolate. For shame!

  64. Angel Cueva says:

    Meiji is the best

  65. Caleb Boullianne says:

    Lol my dad works at one of the Hershey chocolate factories. 😂😂😂😂 I’m gunna show him this lololol

  66. MetalGuitarManiac says:

    buy him milka next time 🙂

  67. The Tinker says:

    Ghirardelli is the best imo

  68. Mary Kathleen Sapp says:

    Natsuki is an absolute delight!!🍫

  69. Jean Luxford says:


  70. stardustgamemasters says:

    To be honest when I smelt Hershey’s for the first time I hated the smell, don’t particularly like nice

  71. Nuralif Othman says:

    by zoo, i think he meant animal shit haha

  72. Chris Roberts says:

    I love watching this video and that Hershey smells like a Zoo

  73. Andrew Spencer says:

    high quality chocolates are a bit like wine as they can have notes of other stuff like nuts and berries. And while Hershey's isn't that great many professionals find it one of the best chocolates for baking with.

  74. Prophett Mohamett says:

    Lindt 😊😊😊 💃🕴💃

  75. Ismail Niyaz says:

    Hershey's tastes like regurgitated chocolate. Maybe they intentionally leave the milk to spoil a bit?

  76. Augustine. C says:

    this makes me REALLY wanna eat chocolate… toblerone, ferrero rocher, ritter sport…

  77. Kerstin F. says:

    Smells like petting zoo😂😂

  78. Dr DarkNerd says:

    Well I always new Hershey's sucked but that was just funny!

  79. Peter M says:

    I need to go a Japanese zoo

  80. Gyro- 000 says:


  81. Niko Maza says:

    Hershey's does have that rancid oil smell

  82. Nintendo Challenger X says:

    EAT IT hersheys 😛

  83. Cool Beans says:

    Hershey's is garbage

  84. Eamonn Tutty says:

    mmmm Irish Cadburys

  85. Choco Manger says:

    No Oh Henry, Sweet Marie, Big Turk, Coffee Crisp, Skor, Mr. Big, Jersey Milk, Wonderbar, Caramilk, Flake, …?

  86. Skippy Jones says:

    4 chocolate bars for dinner. Sounds about right

  87. もちまる says:

    I think Belgium chocolate is 10/10 though it doesn't appear in this video

  88. R4NJ3R says:

    Now I really want to go buy Hersheys just so I can smell it.

  89. El Psy says:

    Thin Swiss Chocolate is the best.

  90. AlmightyFSM says:

    "Dancing. Dancing, my mouth" <== Golden

  91. Eshvara Krupa says:

    I love Cadbury

  92. D E X I L says:

    Cadbury is best.

  93. gwarf says:

    Let's all hear what the chain smoker thinks.

  94. xDest says:

    rip us chocolate lmao

  95. Dune1884 says:

    Norwegian Freia chocolate will always be my favorite❤ always buy a tonne when I go there

  96. T5rux Lee says:

    Zoo Poo smell. Very good description.

  97. animereich says:

    I always thought it was just me, but there is sth about the Hershey’s smell that I can’t handle

  98. DΔRIO MΔRCHESI says:

    Dairy Milk is best

  99. Kabir Kumar says:

    I really want to see him eat some Nutella. Also, the rating of Dairy Milk made me happy.

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