Japanese Tonkotsu Pork Ramen “Giga Dragon” Challenge!!

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  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! It was challenge #1 of two that I attempted on my 33rd birthday back on June 24th!! The second challenge video will post this upcoming Tuesday. Get excited for October!! We will be posting 5 videos per week during the month of October, all 5 weekdays!! The Wednesday videos will feature vlogs filmed while in Ukraine at the end of August!!

  2. Shin8bi says:

    I fucking love Ramen & Bento boxes.

  3. BassManBobBassCovers says:


  4. LLItorm2777 says:

    this is so easy

  5. Joe Vigil says:

    Yo-yo Randy I am had to go try one of these Ramen noodle challenges those look so good if you don’t like Ramen noodles

  6. Mike Van Der Vegt says:


  7. toasted chilly says:

    Hmm 33rd birthday? I thought you were older than me. Oh well I'm just a few months older…I still look like a teenager in the face apparently…

  8. 2dgamemania says:

    Absolutely dominated this one, hope you got room for later! Happy Birthday btw 🙂

  9. Linski Kulatilaka says:

    You have the same Birthday as me! I always knew we had a connection 😊

  10. Steep Guide says:

    Hold further back on the chopsticks, Looks so good!

  11. malsonrules says:

    keep up the great work !

  12. Comrade Timur says:

    Happy Birthday Brother!

  13. Michael G says:

    Bro. You know your body the best. Don't listen to these haters. You are vety polite & you eat super clean. Good luck on future events. I hope too see you next time I chicago!

  14. Zeus Fitter says:

    June 24th is my birthday too,I turned 19 this year

  15. 蔡文明 says:

    Randy hurry and find a girl to marry..your out of the calendar already..ha ha..

  16. CQ Channel says:


  17. Raul Tim says:

    In my books you are better than Matt! Know why? You finish neatly!


    Good job happy late birthday

  19. abhirup paul chowdhury says:

    Happy birthday randy……stay very very excited❤

  20. Gold Itachi says:

    good good:D

  21. Storming Norman says:

    We all know u could eaten anotherv5 of them u beast

  22. Nimish Dube says:

    Happy birthday Randy! Cheers!

  23. it's true says:

    Okay I got to give you some points you almost were able to use the Chopsticks all the way through.

  24. beesting_yang says:

    Dude! WTF! June 24th is my birthday too!!! 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  25. Todd Leroux says:

    Is that your luggage in the background?

  26. Paul nokio says:

    Looked like a nice little snack, I'd eat it. Happy birthday 🎉

  27. russ robson says:

    Happy Birthday

  28. Mitch Meyers says:

    Love your videos Randy!

  29. Brandon Wootton says:

    Sorry Randy but you are bad with chopsticks. Hahahaha

  30. Tina Koenig says:

    Randy I usually watch your video as soon as you post them, this time I waited till the next day lol, I think I'm making ramen for dinner tonight! Great video, Congratulations again! ❤

  31. Bashcrash 914 says:


  32. Haley Faragalli says:

    That's a lot for thirty minutes

  33. Rogue_Madara says:

    Happy belated birthday randy

  34. Kyle says:

    Creamy ramen?

  35. Brian Williams says:

    I love how this looked like a snack for you….and they call it an eating challenge. You destroyed the challenge!!!

  36. Jays Raps4eva says:


  37. 316SR says:

    Happy Birthday Champ

  38. George Soto says:

    Happy birthday to the 🐐

  39. real cooking says:

    I knew I loved you randy, you are exactly the same age as my wife( she's prettier)😁😁👍

  40. MyAccountBitch says:

    If you're gonna be eating in Vancouver you better learn how to use chopsticks 😂

  41. Lamichelle Hill says:

    Happy birthday Randy!

  42. Kiet Do says:

    Happy late birthday @randy santel

  43. Praveen says:

    Belated happy birthday randy💐

  44. Greased Lightning says:

    Working on that B cup I see.

  45. julian brown says:

    Wow that looked so good well done another great challenge smashed

  46. Daniel Garrett says:


  47. Ellis Timothy says:

    Happy birthday randy!

  48. Jason Lopez says:

    Hey! Dude my birthday was on the 26th of September 34th! Happy bday!

  49. MuscleCarModeler says:

    Happy Birthday Randy. Congrats, you have many years of healthy vegetables ahead of you!

  50. سلیم کہاں says:

    White People can eat a lot of food man. FUCK!!!!! 😦😦

  51. Kyle Manwarren says:


  52. Tamara A says:

    Hey ….your B day is the "Fête Nationale" in Québec!!

  53. Courtney Otter says:

    Savage get in there my baby x😂😂😂😂

  54. BMXvideoss says:

    Hey randy, did you know that if you make your mouth into a O shape and blow on your food, you have more power and control of the blow.

  55. You have only One Life! says:

    Iesu sa ma ga anata o aishite i masu amen. God Bless:D Best wishes John 14:6 'n pescetarian

  56. Gary Sharpley says:

    Damn ramen sure holds its heat >>>

  57. Dereck Deegan says:

    Made that look easy. Hell yeah Randy!

  58. I PEE IN POOLS says:

    You look like shit for 33 years old.

  59. Devo 009 says:

    Damn bro your only 33 your out of shape for your age!!! Id run you under the buss bro I'm almost 41

  60. marcus mullen says:

    Anyone else think it’s weird that Randy’s videos are never in order??? Love watching but bruh lol we’re in September

  61. Scott Quasebarth says:

    Hey Randy it is amazing to watch you dominate these challenges the food looks awesome and you do it and do not make a mess that can't be easy. have you ever figured about how much the food would have cost?

  62. Simply Tom says:

    Whoa lol. Smoked that original time. You the man randy!!! 👍

    I just had ramen today and let me tell you, was filling.

    I went to the ramen place Raina Huang went to in SoCal at the 99 Ranch Market Cravings where she took on the 50lb ramen challenge. Omg I saw the bowl she used and talked to the employees there when Raina did it. INSANE!!!

    I couldn’t even finish 4 regular size bowls of ramen lol.

  63. aczsh says:

    I've attempted this challenge at the downtown location, didn't win but managed to finish in 45 mins! The pork I got my attempt was rather dry and tough so I hope you got a better batch!
    Great job killing it Randy! 😁

  64. Michael Morse says:

    You are the original I don't mind watching others but pretty chesi how they do you not even close be safe the food looks incredible thank you for being a taste bud that I will never see

  65. Lisa Vyse says:

    Fantastic Randy that looked delicious another challenge added to your amazing total all the best love Lisa n Laura xxx

  66. notafraid06 says:

    You should do a collaboration with Leah shutkever. She's smoking hot, just keep your paws off of her!

  67. Stephanie Cinna says:

    I'm so jealous, that looks so delicious right now! Freaking love Japanese food 😍

  68. vegeta420z says:

    $50 Canadian? Damn that's like $7.36 US 😂🤣😂😂

  69. vegeta420z says:

    Some busted looking bitches in that resturaunt🙄😳😬

  70. game changer says:

    That looks delicious. Men were designed to eat, sleep and ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh.

  71. SRMC_ Kaalek says:

    Hey we share a birthday thats awesome

  72. B O says:

    1:55 is what you came for

  73. Craig Bailey says:

    U made that look easy 🤣👊🏻🇬🇧

  74. darkness101011 says:

    Happy birthday my good friend, looking real serious in this challenge, crack a smile for us 😊
    All best and many birthdays to come God willing

  75. Wendy Hamilton says:

    Don’t blame it on the chop sticks !

  76. landinj33 says:

    I'm sure someone has asked you this before but, do you have a favorite challenge? Please don't be politically correct, just honest about about one that stood out from the rest in every way.

  77. nathan0717 says:

    Light work

  78. r1skt8k3r says:

    Randy is a cancer!!! Brah, we are the best plus we are summer babies!!!

  79. AcesW I L D says:

    Great win, Randy!
    Also, you're wearing the Atlas & Zeus Promotions shirt 😮 haha. Not a food challenge shirt?! That's different.

  80. Faizul Mohamed says:

    That is one big bowl of ramen I really full when eat that stuff.😅

  81. Abhishek Paal says:

    Hey randy notifications are not showing bro

  82. Gregory Benoit says:

    Awesome Randy!!! YOU SMASHED IT!!!!!! Looked delicious!!💪💪👍👍

  83. Tom Addison says:

    c minus on the chop stick skills

  84. Trippin says:

    food challenges are just and excuse to stuff your face and not be called a pig for doing it lol. i know people may still say it but its just a food challenge so their opinion doesn't mater anyways .

  85. The Swarm says:

    Is Randy secretly Chouji from Naruto? Waiting to unleash his superpower ?

  86. Rman Nayr says:

    GIGA DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. veronica walden says:

    Hi Randy!! Awesome Win on your B-day👏👏 that looked hot hope your tongue recovered

  88. V Wo says:

    Randy for a minute there i thought you were required to use those chopsticks lol cause i was looking for your big spoon and fork but i see you were just having fun, stop making me scream at you pick the fork up lol great challenge and you still got the win I'll have my voice back tomorrow lol as always safe travel's my friend 💪👕💪

  89. gook4dubb says:


  90. Tony Epic Shots says:

    Awesome video my friend if you ever come to Hawaii I have a Ramen Challenge for you @ Manichi Ramen in Honolulu Hawaii There's a 100$ award plus a shirt too so hit me up @ Tony Epic Shots

  91. TheVw123 says:

    Bwahaha that was cute, u reminded me of the old Campbell’s soup cartoon kid in the commercial eating noodle soup❣️ especially with that big bowl❣️ very fun thanx

  92. vonlipi says:

    Good job Randy and happy birthday! Woohoo!

  93. Pablo Torrealba says:

    love your vids Randy. Everyone you post adds another place to eat to my bucket list.

  94. MWYANT19 says:

    happy birthday RandySan!

  95. silverstar105 says:

    Watched it on FB first. And still say that that looks super yummy! Congrats on the win (and the excellent time)!

  96. NJSM 28-17-1 says:

    RANDY gots titties!!!

  97. anneidos says:

    It looked like you can eat another one of that huge bowl no problem.

  98. Angelo Da conceicao says:

    6 minutes me king of noodles

  99. Henry Hughes says:

    You made it look like a regular package of Ramen noodles🤣🤣. Congrats on the W!💪🏾💪🏾

  100. chris c says:

    Happy late Birthday Randy good job on the challenge!!!

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