100 comments on “Japanese Try American 7-11 Food For The First Time (BREAKFAST)”

  1. Queen Smitherman says:

    7-11 in America is a shithole! I can't believe the gourmet food y'all get from the 7-11.

  2. Loya Frostwind says:

    In America, McDonald's breakfast is much better than 7-11.

  3. dotcomnsense says:

    "are we supposed to eat this cold or hot?" you're not supposed to eat anything at an American 7-11!

  4. kevin thompson says:

    are these 2 guys partners they gaydar is off the scale

  5. Lisa W says:

    Haha. What a rip off to spend $16.00 for breakfast at 7-11. At least we all know how fortunate you are to have something totally different in Japan.

  6. Lisa W says:

    Thanks for throwing yourselves under the bus for our entertainment.

  7. Aki Hana says:

    Bread products should be microwaved 10-30 sec. I believe.
    I will admit the food from 7-11 here in America is…….edible…..
    but not the best.
    I wish I could compare it to other places honestly

  8. Andie says:

    7:17 I have't had the croissant sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich from 7-Eleven but I have had the biscuit sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich from them. In my experience, 7-Eleven has lower wattage microwaves than the average household. Also, their microwaves don't have the normal microwave buttons. In my opinion, their fast food is only good in certain high-traffic areas. For instance, I trust the food from the 7-Eleven by where I work because a lot of people go there and eat their food so it's always fresh, but I don't trust the one by my house. The one by my house doesn't have enough business to keep the food fresh all day.

  9. sarah.j collver says:

    I love your videos. You should try Jamaican food next.

  10. Mark De Muro says:


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  16. Mark De Muro says:

    The fruit 🍎 everything there but ☕️ or dennys

  17. Infierno Works says:

    Thank You for Risking your life for this channel.

  18. Julie from the Jungles of Oomba Boomba says:

    Sounds like the food was mainly old..

  19. James Goodman says:

    Love watching your videos!!! I enjoy your discussion of just about everything!!! I would LOVE to visit Japan and have you recommend some NOT TO BE MISSED places for food!!! Thanks for your videos!

  20. WiredFerret says:

    Next time y'all get state side, if you can find one; try out a Wawa.

  21. Jackie Carranco says:

    I wouldn't eat anything from an American 7-11. That is why I was flipping out when I saw yours in Japan. I would much rather have yours. Your reactions are honest and priceless. Someone should have warned you. I wouldn't let my doggy Mia eat that stuff. Satoshi your reactions were spot on.

  22. bighatstephens says:

    Sadly our 7/11's do not add up to Japanese 7/11s.

  23. bighatstephens says:

    In California there is no excuse for frozen produce. Sorry for your awful experience. Next time hit up a fruit stand at a farmers market, you will be much happier.

  24. Cindy Cook says:

    When heating breakfast sandwiches only heat them 45 seconds

  25. Jessica Marquez says:

    American 711 is no good! Lol! Only get a slurpee

  26. Crystalsky says:

    The girl who works at the 7-11 by me told me that the hotdogs they have in the case are only ever changed when they start to grow bad stuff on them. I have never bought food from there safely say I will never.

  27. Rue Stahl says:

    This is how Companies that "Start" in America and then spread to other Countries Treat Americans. Go to Japan and you can buy Cream Puffs with so much Creme in them it's oozing out of the side and they are Soft with lots and lots of Vanilla Creme in the Middle. If "We" in America got a Creme Puff at "Our" 7-11 Store you would be "Lucky" if you could find the Creme.

  28. Rue Stahl says:

    Canada, Europe and Asian Countries are treated 10 times better than 7-11 Stores in America.

  29. Griffin Rogers says:

    I’m watching this video in pain. I am feeling so sad before they try it because I know it’s going to be significantly worse than the Japanese 7/11

  30. Anna Reed says:

    Never Eat Soggy Waffles (the way we learned the four compass directions in school)

  31. zach oldham says:

    Next time try microwaving it for 10 seconds. May not need a lot of time in the microwave .

  32. Jeannie Karlsen says:

    I'm Canadian and I've never eaten anything from a 7/11 before. It's not a place people would normally go to buy food items other then pre-packaged snacks. Certainly not like in Japan! 🤣🤣

  33. Greven64 says:

    Americans dont eat at 7 eleven here unless we are extremely drunk or hung over

  34. tenchichrono says:

    7-11 is trash in the US. I'd go there if I wanted to get diarrhea.

  35. Veliccia says:

    I rarely eat prepared foods from convenience stores here in America. We definitely don't have anything like what you guys have in Japan.

  36. EmaLee Noggle says:

    Haha! Sorry guys.. we definitely don't have what you have in Japan.. i like the toronado taquitos.. they are heated on the hot roller thing lol

  37. GummyPop says:

    Welcome to america where our produce sucks and is never fresh.

  38. mdhbh says:

    Please stay out of 711. The food there is horrible and not healthy.

  39. MultiLilrabbit says:

    i was in japan this summer and i could not believe how good the standard of food is everywhere and 7 eleven is so good that it is better than some restaurant food in the us and some other places i have been to so your very tactful dissapointed experience of us convenience store food should make you happy to not have to eat american convenience store food very often. thanks for another entertaining and restrained video of rubbish american 7 eleven store food

  40. David-Aster Cousins says:

    They should have tried QT now that’s good food for a gas station

  41. Casey Greenwood says:

    Oh this is so sad but exactly why I think we are ripped off in the United States after seeing 7-11 in Japan

  42. Whimsical Nessa says:

    I’m not surprised that you two weren’t really able to pick a favorite.

  43. yugi4000 says:

    yes . the bread gets hard in the microwave . try 6 minutes in a 180 degrees (celsius) pre-heated oven next time 🙂

  44. 原田優輝 says:


  45. JoeyWyss junior says:

    EGG SLUT FOR THE WIN!! They look so tasty on Food Network shows…

  46. JoeyWyss junior says:

    Waffle and sausage sandwiches would have been better in convection oven…

  47. Jasmine Ono says:

    Next time you go to Cali you just have to go to a Mexican bakery to try concha’s. My sister makes it here in hawaii and it’s super yummy. Way better than what you guys ate

  48. Veil Of Lies says:

    Conchas are Mexican Sweet Bread. A lot better when it's freshly baked

  49. ando1135 says:

    7-11 america is not a place to eat lol

  50. Melissa Andrade says:

    Nooo! Go to an actual Mexican Bakery and get a Concha! 7-eleven conchas are not the real thing!!!! Nooooo!

  51. Jeraud Ballard says:

    Sorry guys, American 7-11's are not exactly the best place for food, although never really heard of anybody going their for breakfast, I can see why now. As far as food its more so known for their quick grab and go lunches, try any of the hot dogs or grill selections, STAY AWAY from the pizza and wings, although oddly enough their freezer wings are not that bad at all. And can never go wrong with a Slurpee!! Their donuts are okay also.

  52. MrRednexus says:

    Only food I get from 7-11 is the nacho chili and cheese nothing else

  53. Tyler Murakami says:

    all you get in america and canada that japan doesnt have is the SLURPEE

  54. Ned Orton says:

    Guy in black could play a young egg shen in a prequal.

  55. Buick Invicta says:

    Yuck! 7-11 is horrible around here.

  56. Cindy La says:

    American 7/11 can’t even compare to Asia

  57. J W. says:

    I feel so bad for you guys. US's 7-11 is basically the same as a gas station shop in terms of food. It's usually processed, over sugared, over salted and over greased and has the lowest quality. I totally envy 7-11 in Japan where you can buy fresh, tasty food that people can actually enjoy without them being over seasoned. Now you know why Americans are three times their weight. I agree with all the commentators in that I wish we had Japan's 7-11.

  58. Alice Starr says:

    As an American,I apologize because 7-11 is yikess

  59. Capt Kitten says:

    If 7/11s in the states were like they are in Japan I’d definitely be there 2-3 times a week 😂 but I want the same foods they have in Japan 🇯🇵 please.

  60. Abby B says:

    It looks like a seashell because that's what the name means in Spanish shell

  61. Mendi Suarez says:

    I would've baked them both but really i would've never bought it lol. I wish 7-11 would sell some items they sell in Japan y'all are so lucky. I guess that's why there aren't that many left here.

  62. Laura Bradley says:

    Only reason to visit a convenient store in America is just for drinks and small snacks on raid trips and that's it! And only if no grocery store is near by…

  63. Becca R says:

    Concha is Spanish for SeaShell. Haha…Mexican cuisine doesn't really have anything that I can think of presently, that is fermented. Love you guys!!! lol

  64. L1 says:

    This is the first sad video I've seen on this channel lol. I guess I'm glad you showed us all you know just how bad Americans suffer watching your konbini hauls!

  65. Tomsawyerspit says:

    Did you guys heat up the waffle sandwich ?

  66. Tomsawyerspit says:

    You guys were just being polite. That food was all disgusting. Sorry for the experience you had.

  67. abc xyz says:

    You guys are braver than I am. I would never eat food out of an American convenient store. Yikes!

  68. abc xyz says:

    That bread that looks like a shell is called pan de dulce. It's a mexican sweet bread usually eaten along with coffee or hot chocolate. It's pretty tasteless. I don't know what company made that but it's not supposed to have that flavor that you're talking about.

  69. Rubber Johnny says:

    Sorry you tried that food. 7-11 in the U.S. is notorious for not having good food. If you try american 7-11 food again I suggest the hot dogs.

  70. Mahoney says:

    Yeah our American 7-11 food is notoriously awful. Pretty much all US convenience store food is bad bad bad.

  71. Julianna Nightingale says:

    I eat those Sausages and Cheese sandwiches all the time, you need to open the back or poke a hole into it so it doesn't have the bread get hard when you microwave it.

  72. Jasmine Hyuga says:

    As an American I’m very sorry u had to go through that

  73. grassulo says:

    I wish you could come to Massachusetts and try Cumberland Farms food, it's a gas station but their food and the variety of it and the QUALITY and cheap price is like 7-11 in Japan! Really it's so good even their pizza is really good too and very cheap. The employees eat the food there :). They are amazing it's like kombini but American style!

  74. Black Ginger says:

    U guys look not like japan guys…so handsome japan guys u r

  75. Karen Gibson says:

    I'm so glad you made it back to Tokyo without bad cases of food poisoning from 7/11 in America!!!

  76. lori miyamoto says:

    7-11 here in America are not what your used to sorry

  77. Laurie Robertson says:

    Wow,that's horrible. My sister is a manager at a 7elven and my son works at a different 7elven (owned by the same man) and they would NEVER sell food that bad. They are supposed to warm your breakfast sandwich in their toaster oven.

  78. TophSox says:

    I know this is an old video, but I recently started watching your channel. Not sure if someone already posted this about the "Concha". You mentioned it reminded you of a seashell. 'Concha' is Spanish for seashell. 🙂 Hopefully you tried one fresh from an authentic Mexican panadería (bakery). Based on your reaction, I'm sure 7-11 didn't do it justice. Have a great weekend!

  79. Maria Siliga says:

    Our 7 11 suck lol sorry.

  80. Jennifer says:

    Next time you're in LA or anywhere in CA you should try a Mexican panaderia for some freshly baked Mexican breads.

  81. Daydream Saga by Damaris says:

    Every time I look at the fruit there I pick it up, look at the water that's collected then put it down. Then I think, nope only carbonated water for me. 7-11 carbonated flavored water is good. That's it.

  82. Tracey's World says:

    That was painful to watch! We have so many RESTAURANTS corner stores food trucks and mom & pop and great places to have breakfast what makes America so good is FOOD WE HOST EVERY CULTURE!! 7eleven has no culture

  83. Pheng Ov says:

    Defrosted fruit not good, supermarket has them but fresh and crunchy fruit not defrosted. 7 11 in America the food quality is low compared to Japan, even night and day store here in NZ food quality better than American 7 11.

  84. Amit P says:

    I commend your bravery for buying convenience store food in USA. It is very different from Japanese convenience store food.

  85. fernando sifuentes says:

    Yeah I knew they were in trouble when they said 711 in america … it all horrible….guys ….

  86. Robert Silvera says:

    For a quick breakfast to-go in the US, most Americans probably think of McDonald's first (Or Dunkin Donuts, if you are in the Northeast).

  87. Caius Postumius Turrinus says:

    You both should probably consider getting checked for radiation poisoning. After consuming the most heavily processed food in America…

  88. missy mason says:

    Heat? In microwaved

  89. Toni Chisum says:

    Yeah our 7/11 stores here aren’t what you all have in Japan or Korea. I envy y’all it looks amazing in your stores. ♥️😂Sorry you had to eat that stuff

  90. lightwork11 says:

    I always avoid our American 7/11 because I'm not that brave!

  91. Kenny Jones says:

    Guys, First LOVE LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS!! We`ve been binging ALL your videos and LOVE all your friends, Jean, Leonard{ and his 22 Hawaiian t-shirts..watch the Hawaii videos} Okay, First Welcome to America!! I`m so JEALOUS of your 7-11`s in Japan because like you found out they`re NOTHING like you have it over in Japan, I live in South Jersey which is near Philly and we have WAWA which is like upscale 7-`11s and it`s more of the same in there they`re vastly overrated as well, Sorry you had a TERRIBLE experience and enjoy all your videos, Hope you come to Philly for a visit and Cheesesteaks. Be Well and Take Care.

  92. Racen RIed says:

    The only time I ate food from. One of our 7 11 was a hot dog at midnight after coming home from a Marilyn Manson concert

  93. John Wilson says:

    I love this video. I couldnt stop laughing

  94. elitegamespot says:

    I love this dude's accent.

  95. Pei K says:

    Our 7-11's and most convenience stores selections are piss poor and tasteless, I would've warned you guys not to waste your money and energy there, but you needed your experiences to compare. We Americans don't go to 7-11 for any foods unless we're driving and it's the middle of nowhere with no food source nearby. Also, you guys are spoiled by fresh seafood and fruits 😉 most of our meal combos are frozen in these marts.

  96. Laura Flowers says:

    Yep, that’s our 7-11. I hope you found some better food later. Your 7-11 stores are amazing to us.

  97. Yog kuv Nas says:

    7-11 is not good in the U.S.

  98. Cory Baker says:

    I use the microwave at 60% power for a little bit longer to keep things that generally get tough in the microwave soft.

  99. Dean Lukes says:

    This turned out almost exactly as I expected… As soon as I saw the title I thought "I am so sorry, this is going to be horrible for you."

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