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  1. Jonathan Pittock says:

    Lol funny neighbour line at the end. Got a chuckle from me!

  2. Joanne Gray says:

    In the UK, drinks like Hard Lemonade are known as "alco pops" and were very popular here in the 1990s. The government discouraged their sale because children were drinking them and for a while they disappeared from sale altogether. I was delighted a few years ago to find Lemon Hooch (lemonade alco pop) in my local supermarket as this was my favourite in my drinking days (they also made an orange version which I also liked).

  3. Moonsong says:

    Can you give us the full cookie recipe? The cooking instructions were covered in the video and I'd love to try making them myself xD

  4. Cathy Aquilina says:

    Love watching you both do these reviews, you enjoy yourselves and I love your enthusiasm! Great food reviews!

  5. Primex007 says:

    Butterscotch cookies are also called Oatmeal scotchies

  6. Kyon Piche says:

    I am from Rhode Island, just south of Massachusetts. Not a fan of creamy clam chowder, prefer clear or Manhattan. Will have to send some Rhode Island items.

  7. Pozzo says:

    Enjoyed it

  8. Gloria Rios says:

    Beer and chips yummy. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  9. Christine Fedrick says:

    okay, as amazing the stuff she sent you.. theres so much more and unique. where can we send you stuff?

  10. J.R. Caldoon says:

    Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque ingredients: Water, Milk, Minced Lobster Meat, Non-GMO Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Wheat Flour, Native Tapioca Starch, Salt, Sherry, Evaporated Cane Juice, Seasoned Salt (Salt, Sugar, Onion, Paprika, Turmeric, Garlic), Paprika and Pepper. — this is pretty good-quality for canned soup; there's no crushed shell, as you might find with cheap bisque. I'll have to look for this in my local stores!

  11. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    This is Bar Harbor Foods and all of these are made in Maine!! They may have been purchased in Boston but they are made in Maine. Whoever sent this to you should have made it perfectly clear that they are not made in Boston Massachusetts! These are things that I was planning on sending because they come from my state. I will not watch this episode because this person has been deceptive. I'm sure they are sent from Boston but they are not produced in Boston nor with Boston Seafood or ingredients and there is also a Harpoon Brewery in Maine. IPA means India Pale Ale.

  12. Jackie Carranco says:

    Looked so yummy. I've always been afraid to try Clam chowder because I've never eaten a clam. I may just get brave and try some . Which is best people, the red or white chowder? As usual you guys make it all look good. Happy thoughts. JC

  13. UnderneathTheBottle Wine Sommelier says:

    Let's start with beer 😂👍

  14. Boba Love 122 says:

    I could just tell by looking at those cookies, just by the texture & color, that those are delicious cookies. Also, growing up my mom occasionally fed me canned baked beans on top of rice. Partially it was because we're Asian, but partially because beans form a more complete protein when eaten with rice (more nutritious). 😊

  15. HENRIQUES says:

    Hummmm , Oishisou ! !

  16. Anime Girl says:

    I'd love for you guys to visit Wisconsin because the stuff I want you to try would melt or might go bad if shipped to Japan

  17. ignazio lasio says:

    You two are adorable !!!

  18. MsKestrela says:

    Oh, man! I'm coming off a 24 hour fast, and was wondering what to eat. I want all of that stuff! But I think I'm going to make home made clam chowder. The cookies do look amazing, but sweets are a big no for me. Thanks for the awesome haul review! (And GO NANCY!!!)

  19. Chris Mullins says:

    I love your guys passion for food, it really makes your videos worth watching. Keep up the amazing videos, guys!

  20. ## uzubo says:


  21. Maha Kali says:

    I love the way japanese people say "potato chips" ❤

  22. Rinn Again says:

    @Tabieats this was a great video! I would love to send you a care package with Utah foodstuffs!

  23. Sophie Counsil says:

    Yay! You're eating food from my area! Some of my favorites (I love Cape Cod chip). Also…I may have to drink my Mike's Hard Lemonade from a champagne glass from now on☺

  24. Michelle R.T. says:

    hahaha Mike hard LOL I love that she sent that to you! That is like every college freshman's entry to party drinking 😀

  25. Joey Karate says:

    Big ups to Mihoko!

  26. Traveling Pair says:

    I love every thing from Boston mm…

  27. nutcasefruitcake says:

    My goodness, I love oatmeal cookies too! My friends think I'm crazy for ranking oatmeal raisin cookies among my top cookies, but they're so good!

  28. Pavel Mesa Neimane says:

    lol you guys are too funny! Who drinks Mike's Hard Lemonade from a champagne cup lol

  29. Serial Snarker Alex says:

    Mike's Hard Lemonade = secretly boozy sprite

  30. Kimberley Magruder says:

    Oh my . …those Butterscotch oatmeal cookies are so good, they are crack cocaine to us cubby white girls. So good…..

  31. Mike L says:

    Whats the temp to bake the cookies at? your finger covers it up

  32. Jennifer Holloway says:

    I grew up in New Hampshire which is in the same region of the US (New England) – growing up my father's old car club had an annual bean hole meet where they made baked beans the way native americans did by burying it in the ground (over I guess ambers or something) and then served it the next day.

  33. Alisa says:

    I am SOO happy that you guys picked Boston! I would've never imagined that this day would come. I hope to send you some things in the future 😉

  34. STDugan says:

    I enjoy watching your videos! From Punta Gorda, FL

  35. Kimberly Eyeris says:

    I recommend the hard lemonade.

  36. Otto Nation says:

    My favorite chips r cape cod sea salt n black pepper 😋😋😊🤗, try hard ice tea, n let me know if u wake up the day after with a hang over with balls 😂😂🤣

  37. alicia mcginley says:

    My older brother lived in boston for a time and brought snacks on a visit to idaho when i was in my teenage years. Love the food and snacks.

  38. Maryann Payne says:

    Great video guys! I'd love to send you a box from St Louis

  39. Anomie Train says:

    Well, now I have to try out a batch! 9:03

  40. Gabbie Moore says:

    Omg. Some of my favs in this video. Yay

  41. kelley davis says:


  42. Grace Nakatsukasa says:

    I recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles! The Cape Cod Potato chip factory had soooo many different flavors of chips. It was hard to choose! It was fun to take the tour too. Do they have any factory tours in Japan that you can take us on?

  43. KonTikiBea says:

    Mikes Lemonade is VERY dangerous!!! Hot dogs n beans for dinner on Friday nights is an old tradition w/brown bread! YUM…. Oatmeal Scotties…. are VERY New England everyone family has their own receipe, I put chocolate chips and butterscotch in mine sometimes use White Chocolate chips too! ~ You have to come to Boston soon and have seafood on the beach! Please come to the East Northern Coast! ~

  44. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    Wow, Mihoko-san is so generous! All those Trader Joe's goodies, Girl Scout Cookies, homemade cookie mix, and now this Boston tasting! Many thanks to her for providing content for so many videos. I want to try everything she sent you, especially the cookies, chips, and soups.

    Shinichi, I hope you’re feeling better. Sending you both love and hugs.

  45. gardengal says:

    I read somewhere that in colonial times, the New England area had so many lobsters that it was even used as animal feed! Those cookies did look yummy …

  46. Alice Knabel says:

    Good pour **thumbs up**

  47. E says:

    Almost perfect! I wish you invited your precious Mom to this special event.
    I love all that treats and one more… local ice cream! I know, it will be hard to send it to you. Welcome to visit Boston, MA. Summertime is the best. And do not forget to bring Mom with you! ♥️

  48. xnonsuchx says:

    I don't know if I got a bad can, but I tried that lobster bisque and it was honestly the most disgusting canned food I ever put in my mouth. I even tried adding some extra spices to make it more palatable, but just ended up having to throw away about 75-80% of it. I even wrote an e-mail to the company voicing my displeasure with it (since it's like US$5/can)…something I've never done…though did mention the possibility that perhaps it was just a bad can. Maybe I'll give it another try if I ever catch it on sale for 50%+ off.

  49. Amber Hayes says:

    Oooo now THAT is a cookie! I'll eat any seafood put in front of me (at least once), but in a soup format I just can't. I don't know why, because I Love Soup! Weird I know LoL! p.s. For Shinichi, I Still have Baked Beans over Rice quite regularly! Sometimes I sprinkle with chopped Bacon & Cheese.

  50. pepin says:

    I was at cape cod last summer loooolll

  51. Whimsical Nessa says:

    Oh! Everything looks so good, especially the cookies. At what degrees did you bake the cookies at?

  52. Saucy Siciliana says:

    I was in Cape Cod for two weeks many, many years ago ….I was babysitting for two children while I was in high school. i didn't really taste much food from Boston because I would mostly cook spaghetti for the kids. 🙂

  53. Pamela Batchelor says:

    I really appreciate you two. First Shinichi says to Satoshi “you never stray from what you like”. Hahaha so good I thought what a fantastic partner in life!!! And, Satoshi’s face in heaven eating lobster bisque! Glad you loved the clam chowder, that is my families Christmas Eve dinner every year. We make it from pacific razor clams.

  54. Pamela Batchelor says:

    Shinichi picks the cookies, no shock there! Make them again for the recipe show. Will she let you share the recipe?

  55. diana povero says:

    The next time You come to California, You should check out the Clam Chowder in Pismo Beach, our clams are famous. 🙂 <3

  56. sharlene chapman says:

    What a great video!

  57. SeeKaysee says:

    Yay! My new hometown!! It's so cool to see you guys eating/drinking these foods/drinks! and those cookies looked soooo yummyyyyy

  58. Lynn Kihara says:

    I recently started watching your videos as I was thinking about going to visit Japan. I have done the Tokyo,Kyoto,and Osaka route before and want to see what else there is. Your day trip vide videos are awesome and has given me some great ideas. Thanks and make more!

  59. Robin McGill says:

    Hi love you guys I enjoyed another great video 😊

  60. killstein says:

    tuned in to this because i eat bar harbour soups! loved the video

  61. COCOA says:


  62. Olivia Travels & Foods says:

    Hiiiiii!!! Looks good all the goodies!! Hahaha… Satochi and his 🍺! 😲😲😲😲😲 dont worried, I ‘m use to eat beans on/next to my rice!! Btw where can I have GOOD ramen???

  63. Fageta Boutit says:

    Satoshi is drunk on ipa and cookie he cant stop laughing lol

  64. Cy Cg says:

    Try simmering the normal baked beans and beat an egg or 2 into the beans until the eggs are cooked. 😋

  65. cpunching says:

    hotdogs and baked beans on toast was a part of my childhood! It's a very very VERY cheap meal, and when you're so poor that even Kraft Dinner was expensive (it's now over $2 a box wtf!) it was a tasty way to start the day. I know some people just put baked beans on bread with ketchup and eat it like a sandwich too.

  66. Mihoko says:

    Hey, guys! Thanks for making the fun video! I made all ingredients in half to be fit in the container I sent. Here is the original recipe, which yields about 45-50 cookies. 3/4 cup of butter in room temp, 2/3 cup white sugar, 2/3 cup brown sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, 1-1/4 cup AP flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 cups rolled oats, 1 1/2 cup butter scotch morsels. Preheat oven in 375F or 190 C. In a large bowl,beat butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs one at a time, beat until well combined. In a separate bowl, mix all ingredients, give a quick stir with a whisk, that gives shifting effect. Add dry ingredients, except morsels and oats, into butter/sugar mixture. Beat until well combined, switch to spatula if needed. Finally, add butter scotch and oats. Fold in well. Drop a spoonful of dough (I use a melon scoop.) onto the cookie sheet lined with a parchment paper or a non-stick lining. Bake in the oven 5 to 8 minutes until the edges are golden brown. 日本でもバタースコッチチップはアマゾンやコストコの通販で買えるみたいです。日本のみなさんもぜひ試してみてください。軽量はすべてアメリカの表示なので、換算がちょっと面倒かもしれません。アメリカの1カップは小麦粉だと150g、お砂糖だと200gくらいみたいです。もし可能ならアメリカ製の計量カップや計量スプーンを使ったほうが簡単です。I'm glad you guys liked the cookies that much! I hope you can visit Boston someday so you can enjoy fresh version! Those are a lot better!

  67. Kewpie Fan Club says:

    a great video… lets follow each other so that we can connected.

  68. Eve Black says:

    Great video guys!! You both are looking fantastic today

  69. Sioux Gerow says:

    What a great test. She sent the best brands of the classics when it comes to canned food. and yes! Mike's hard lemonade is dangerous. My favorite is the lobster bisque 🙂

  70. DiveConLFP says:

    "from Boston"?? LOL B&M are from Portland Maine, and the soups are from Bar Harbor, Maine, you also need to try the wild Maine Blueberries(the SWEETEST blueberries you'll ever try)

  71. Darryl Pang says:

    Yes, "Baked Beans with Cut Up Sausage Over Rice" for school lunch. Along with a Cole Slaw, that we never ate. A fruit and usually a Peanut Butter Cookie, not a Butterscotch cookie.

    Great video. Nice Tie Dye shirt Shinichi.

  72. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Yum xD

  73. I Heart Nihon says:

    I live in Boston! Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips is my favorite flavor 🙂

  74. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Whoever it was that told me to calm my Maine tits down needs to have that comment deleted. That is a horrible way to speak to someone that you don't know. I'm a lady and do not appreciate being spoken to that way or feeling harassed.

  75. CrystalC173 says:

    I'm from Boston! Cape cod chips are the best

  76. Myles Shepherd says:

    Great video! Im from cape cod and i go to school in boston! You should visit cape cod soon!

  77. Bradley Abel says:

    I live in Massachusetts (Andover) and this was the funnest thing because I’m so used to these food but it’s so funny how unfamiliar they are lol

  78. Heather Painter says:

    Try an episode in anchorage Alaska

  79. ItsCharlene says:

    Massachusetts i where its att‼️

  80. TeamHatchet64 says:

    Half of these foods are from Maine. Tell Massachusetts to stop acting like they own us already.

  81. Sami the Ps4 gamer says:

    I live near Boston but love japan. Perfect for me

  82. Mia Emery-Guemmadi says:

    Glad you are enjoying food from my home of Maine! Thank you!

  83. John Speer says:

    I have met the owners of The Bar Harbor Soup company, who are very proud of their product. Also, baked beans are traditionally served with hot dogs and canned bread.

  84. vahsharo1980 says:

    man these caribou burgers i cooked up had scorpion peppers. brown suger. chipotle pepper garlic salt. sea salt. with a beer bqq sauce. was poppin.

  85. mezlabor says:

    Mikes hard lemonade is more of a national brand and not really a Boston regional thing. The company is actually based in Chicago but you can find it anywhere in the country. Harpoon is a real Boston brand though

  86. Brayden says:

    First of all the cape cod potato chips are from Hyannis MA

  87. Foodfangirl says:

    I once bought some lobster bisque at Dollar Tree. Biggest mistake ever. It tasted like they used rotten lobster in it.

  88. Kami Easton says:

    Ooo, it's like a gold.

  89. advres says:

    "Cape Cod is a 1-hour drive from Boston." LOL… Try leaving on a Friday in the summer and see how long it takes.

  90. Michael Comandatore says:

    6 thumbs down? all I can figure is six people without souls

  91. SuckMy SpinningBalls says:

    Those cookies made me hungry. The only clam chowder I've ever had was Campbell's, and they don't make great products.

  92. Amanda Flowers says:

    My mom would make those cookies for me! She called them oatmeal scotchies.

  93. Jennifer Hill says:

    I have the same cookie recipe. My family have been making them for years. The recipe is on the package of butterscotch chips. They are called oatmeal scothies by toll house. Everyone loves these cookies!!!

  94. Kewl Beans says:

    1 hour drive from boston? hahahaha! dudes you'll be LUCKY if you make it there in 2!

  95. Pei K says:

    Interesting fact, in the 1800s lobster was so plentiful that they were fed to prisoners in Maine…and prisoners complained of being fed that everyday!
    Clam chowder is one of my favorite American foods 🙂

  96. AlcoholicDysonSphere says:

    you should cone to boston and try this stuff fresh. also try rubinoff

  97. Dennis Riordan says:

    I'm from and presently reside in Massachusetts. You guys really need to get your hands on some canned bread. It's brown bread in a can and it's delicious. You should have it with some baked beans.

  98. felicia felicity says:

    im with him i love ipa beers.

  99. CherryCherry Five says:

    You hadn't tried Mike's Hard Lemonade before this video? Wow. It came out in the USA in like 1999, and in Canada not long afterwards. I once got really really sick after drinking a lot of Mike's. Not just from the alcohol, but from the sugar! Haven't been able to drink them since. 😂

  100. Kattra Blake says:

    8:43 That's not as weird as it sounds beans and rice are a complete protein at least for humans and cheap

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