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  1. Black Reaper says:

    Was nice to watch you guys taste our food, awesome how you read the italian descriptions and , to be honest, you even nailed most of them (or almost at least :P) . Just one thing, "caramella" in italian is used for "candies" in general, so as a matter of fact caramella means candy, while caramel it's called caramello. Tiny difference so it's understandable you got confused about it.

  2. laura says:

    I thought I was the only one thinking that Leone candies taste like perfume! 😀

  3. FlareZero says:

    You guys are so incredible, love your reaction!!!! I'm italian, and most of these products are really the best, Rossana candles are so good, you guys should try to find "Goleador" a really good candy.

  4. Simona Pipitone says:

    if you want to eat good things come in Naples. we will welcome you with open arms and a lof of delicious food xD

  5. MrMarcobona says:

    tic tac is ferrero, Like nutella, fiesta, pocket coffe, moncherì, ferrero rocher, raffaelo, kinder delice…… alba, piedomont italy 😀

  6. Gagga De Duis says:

    You HAVE to use Balena souce in this way:
    A piece of bread, a bit of butter, and Balena souce, it's the best way, i love it and i could eat it everyday and every night

  7. Monica Magdala Macina VoxMotus says:

    buon appetito!☺😎

  8. JarniDeGarza says:

    Rossana Perugina candies, perfect to break your teeth

  9. JarniDeGarza says:

    nonono, "caramella" means candy, caramel it's "caramello"

  10. ermocrate says:

    I use the "balena" basically in salad dressing but you also use it in pasta sauces if you don't have any anchovy in your fridge

  11. Marcella Tenuta says:

    Caramel in Italian is Caramello. The word Caramella in English is candy.

  12. Pasquale Persia says:


  13. Pasquale Persia says:


  14. Pasquale Persia says:

    lol italian music xD

  15. danny 999666 says:


  16. Alessandro says:

    Omg Rossana candies, I completely forgot about them, thanks for bringing back memories you guys!! 😀

  17. Carl Taylor says:

    Loving this series.

    My way of using anchovies (both whole and pastes) is to fry some garlic and finely chopped shallots and chilli in some olive oil. Then throw in some halved cherry tomatoes and the anchovies. Cook till soft and throw in some seafood. King prawns work really well. Cook and serve with some fine pasta.

  18. Visto Avvistato says:

    Che fame ahahah
    Se penso che siete giapponesi, mi viene voglia anche di sushi!
    La prossima volta la "pasta d'acciughe", non mettetela nella pasta hahahah

  19. Amanda Grotti says:

    yeah try pasta d'acciughe like the other guys said but in my family we do a recipe for a delicious appetizer: let some butter soften out of the fridge for circa 30 minutes and meanwhile chop up some capers than with a fork squash the butter until it looks like a thick cream than mix capers and pasta d'acciughe with the butter and when is all well mixed spread it on roasted slices of bread. it's AWESOME! trust me and try it!

  20. Giuliano says:

    Goodbye in Italian is Arrivederci.

  21. Riccardo Ventisette says:

    the pesto is good, but how did they prepare the pasta? i listen how americans and englishs prepare pasta, and i m scarried when i hear how english prepare it… sorry for the english.
    p.s. i m very happy that you like italian food

  22. Rivky Cohenca says:

    yes farina is flour
    tic tac are absolutly italian and are surprising and refreshing and you shouldn't bite them but let them melt in your mouth.
    CARAMELLA is candy and CARAMELLO is caramel

  23. Rachele Dell'Innocenti says:


  24. Andrea Bolzan says:

    Where have you found that Mickey Mouse shirt? Please I need to know,it's too good!

  25. MaestroScayenne says:

    I loved your videos guys. It is a great pleasure to see you try and enjoy Italian food! Cheers from Florence.

  26. Park Mira says:

    actually caramella with final A means candy, while caramel is caramello with an O. ^-^

  27. sakura oo says:

    The Leone candies are famous in Italy. They help you digest and come in very different flavours, from fruit ( as lemon, orange) , vanilla, flowers (like Violet, rose) and spices like cinnamon. The most famous ones are the absinthe ones (assenzio in Italian). You got a mixed box 🙂

  28. Alice Secret Whispers says:

    taralli or tarallini are from Puglia region, where I am from 😀 … u should try and dip them lightly in red wine 😉…about the Pasta di Acciughe, it is nice on toasted bread, a bit like in bruschetta 😁

  29. TheAlivededChannel says:

    Isn't everything from Milan! 😂 Barletta is a little city of Puglia!

  30. Panino kebab Completo says:

    mah… mah le goleador?!😥😧

  31. BaBoon_OW says:

    hi tabieats!
    im italian and i can tell you that "pasta d'acciughe" doesnt go directly on top of pasta.
    we use it as a flavour in tomato sauce for example
    or also with crackers

  32. Leonardo Caputo says:

    anchovies paste on pasta? you are a little bit crazy! (i loves anchovies)

  33. Giulio Fiumi says:

    The anchovies paste is wonderful on toasted bread, especially with butter!
    If you want to combine it with pasta I'll give you one hell of a dish:
    Cut some garlic in thin slices and put it in a pan with some vegetable oil (olive oil is the best),
    Let it cook at medium heat until the garlic turns from white to gold (if it goes brown it's overcooked and the flavor will be too strong), then immediately add tomato sauce and capers,
    Reduce the heat to low and let it boil for 5 minutes,
    Add the anchovies paste, mix well and continue cooking for 3/4 more minutes (if the sauce gets too dry, add 2 or 3 spoons of water),
    Combine this sauce with spaghetti and enjoy yourself 😉

  34. gnpwdr37 says:

    try pasta d'acciughe with broccoli or bitter vegetables, or mix it with pesto for pasta, bruschette, salad, gratin…

  35. V. says:

    i love you. vi adoro :*

  36. Davis Schina says:

    7:20 Those Tarallini was made in Puglia (Apulia)
    Not Milan 🙂

  37. Nightmare Squad Ps3 says:

    Vi prego.. Poveri spaghetti dio santo.. Solo a veder la pasta d'acciughe sopra, mi parte il rigetto di vomito in automatico..

  38. Evyxam says:

    Great video 🙂
    By the way, yes: "farina di grano" o "farina di frumento" is wheat flour.
    And here is how to use "salsa di acciughe":
    Grind some bread. Put the breadcrumbs in a frying pan with just that sauce.
    Stir untill the crumb become toasted then put it on pasta.
    Cheers from Italy

  39. gaiezza says:

    🙂 kisses from Italy! Come to visiti us a.s.a.p.! 🙂 Ciao!

  40. Fadebola says:

    15:20 Legend says they born into our grandma's secret "thing on your trousers where you usually put the phone wich I forgot how it is in english"

  41. Evi1M4chine says:

    I’m sorry, but the Knorr products do all have loads of MSG. They’re just sneaky dick, who found out that you can extract 99% pure MSG from yeast, and call it “yeast extract” and nobody yet managed to sue them for it and win.
    “yeast extract” is still practically or even literally pure MSG.

  42. Evi1M4chine says:

    When you called tic-tac delicious, I stopped trusting what you say. Average or OK or even “not bad” would have been acceptable. But “delicious” just stops being believable. If you use up your positive words like that, what will you use, if something actually delicious comes around?

  43. Sofia Giordani says:

    I really love your videos cause you are very polite. I often see Americans video where people are offensive with us and I don't really like that type of video

  44. totozeus says:

    thanks guys you have caught the right spirit to taste the Italian food. Bye from Palermo, Sicilia, Italia

  45. Da Becks says:

    Tic Tacs are 100% an Italian brand originally made by Michele Ferrero in 1969

  46. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Yum!! 😀 I love Italian food!

  47. IlastarothTayre says:

    Please come to Italy, I would love to meet you and show you around our best places to eat! xxxx

  48. IlastarothTayre says:

    Oh and those Leone candies are produced just near my hometown! They have so many flavours, and make chocolate too. Their factory has pastel multicolour walls, just like their signature candy, so from the outside it almost looks like a Willy Wonka style factory, I love it.

  49. MrBaffo81 says:

    Anchovies paste with pasta, as spaghetti, is really good but you have to melt it into a cooking pan with some olive oil, black olives and capers.
    Another good way is with boiled eggs! Mix the paste with the yolk and than put the mix into the boiled albumen half splitted (if you want, you can squeeze some mayonaise over the halves).
    With the paste you can also make "bagna cauda": olive oil, anchovies paste, garlic and a little bit of butter all slowly cooked togheter; with the souce you have obtained you can dress pasta, fry eggs or season vegetables as "pinzimonio".
    Guys you are fantastic!
    A big hug from Piemonte!

  50. Paolo Lombardi says:

    Biffi the place where they make it and it's at 5km from my house!! Amazing Keep up with video

  51. Paola Maugeri says:

    ma la pasta di acciughe sugli spaghetti???? noooooooooooo hahhaa

  52. Valkyria Black says:

    if u want the pasta&pesto really good… u take a bowl, put few spoons of the cooking water of the pasta in it…then u mix it with few spoons of pesto until it gets smooth.
    When the pasta is done u take it and put it in the bowl and mix it all..then u add other pesto until u are satisfied with the consistens.

    dont throw the cooking water away until ur done…u use it to keep it smooth and moist and not too dry.

    🖒 buon appetito 😁

  53. Fior Diluna says:

    Dio vi benedica siete simpaticissimi .

  54. faeirydancer says:

    I'm from northern illinois an most of us say KAR-MUHL

  55. Koh C H says:


  56. p turineisa says:

    Not a Knorr risotto. It doesn't taste anything like the real deal! And it's German

  57. Kris Dima says:

    pasta d'acciughe, same concept of thai fish sauce. To give umami to certain kind of sauces.

  58. quaquo says:

    you're such a cute couple and i'm happy you enjoyed almost all italian snacks

  59. Hellen says:

    Good video😃

  60. IrrelevantMemes says:

    If you had captions on you will laugh so hard😂😂 "once again we have to thank Isis for sending us this box"

  61. Claudio Marani says:

    I love japanese food…..saluti

  62. La sposa oculata says:

    Noooo la "pasta d'acciughe" should not be eaten like this! Add a little tomato sauce for pizza or spaghetti, but never alone. It tastes too strong! XD

  63. Abhi Foodie says:

    Amazing video

  64. johnruelas says:

    I love watching these guys enjoy food. MMMMMMMMMM!

  65. gaia guerrieri channel says:

    6:30 non si mette nella pasta quella roba!!!!!!

  66. Giggles says:

    09:44 – 09:56 Looks like the longest 12 seconds of Satoshi's life. He's eyeing that risotto, lol 😀

  67. Lara Massarotto says:

    You're always so kind and polite❤️I'm Italian and watching your videos always makes me smile

  68. Primex007 says:

    I think that they still sell tic-tacs in the United States

  69. Pandoraspocks says:

    So glad you say CARAMEL instead of CURMEL- it’s a pet peeve of mine 😄

  70. Pandoraspocks says:

    Lol @ the very technical term~ “GOO” 😂

  71. Tina M. Trebino says:

    Thinly slice garlic & saute in olive oil with chili flakes, melt anchovie paste, then add freshly cooked pasta to pan, cook to incorporate. You can add pasta cooking water to loosen it up & make it saucier.

  72. FetalMetalRicky82 says:

    Il Pesto Biffi, l'ho provato ed è veramente buono..

  73. Beatrice Bolconi says:

    Wow ,i live in Venice 🙂

  74. Tulsi_G4 Prez2020 says:

    It's a joy watching you both enjoy the foods of my country.

  75. Tulsi_G4 Prez2020 says:

    The anchovie paste is a condiment used in sauces, not to squeeze directly on pasta!

  76. NeweraCompany says:

    Dannazione con questo video mi avete fatto venire fame di carbonara e di sushi!! Siete bravi, un saluto dall’Italia! ✋🏻🇮🇹

    Damn, you make me hungry of carbonara and sushi!! You are good, bye from Italy!! ✋🏻🇮🇹

  77. Silvia Zani says:

    Hi we are two italian girls and we want to give you some advices about what to try next. First of all we would like to advice you to mix pasta with sauce before eating it, and you must eat it very hot, just token out from the pan, because it will be better and you can better enjoy your pasta. Also "preparato d'acciughe balena"(アチュゲ バレナ) is not for pasta: we use it to give more flavour to fish preparations, because it is really savoury! At least we want to specify that we say ブオン アッペティト.
    About the sweets we advice the "amaretti", "pan di stelle", "savoiardi" (used for "tiramisù") and "cantucci" some kinds of cookies, children appreciate a lot "ovetti kinder", which are chocolate eggs whit surprise inside, in chirstmas time in the north we usually eat "torrone", "croccante", "panettone" and "pandoro". As other type of goodies "ferrero rocher", "gianduiotti", "mon cheri" "raffaello" and "toblerone". Like "caramelle" in english candies we suggest: "golia", "rotelle di liquirizia", "haribo cocobat", "liquirone", "goleador".
    in regard of main courses we suggest "trofie liguri con pesto alla genovese" this is a typical kind of pasta with its typical sauce . Very common like street food in the north we have the "piadina" which we eat hot with ham and "fontina" cheese. Very tasty are "gnocchi" too , which we advice with "ragù alla bolognese". At last we want to suggest "ravioli", which are the italian version of dumplings: our favourite ones are "tortellini ricotta e spinaci", seasoned with melted butter and sage. We would like to suggest "risotto" too, but it's very hard to cook and prepared ones aren't really good: the one you tried is nothing compared to handmade ones..
    If you want to taste some traditional salty snacks you have to try "friselle" typically from the south, "grissini", from the north, "tigelle", cooked like "piadina"s or with "nutella", "schiacciatine", similar to crackers, " cipolline in agrodolce", "peperoncini ripieni". we saw you liked "melanzane" and "peperoni grigliati", so we suggest "funghetti sott'olio" and "carciofini sott'olio".
    about alcoholic drinks we suggest "limoncello", "sambuca", "bombardino" and "grappa bianca" which are typically drank at the end of meals: sambuca is really liked in espresso which we call "caffè corretto".

  78. Elisabetta Coppi says:

    guys, the "pesto alla genovese" should be from Genoa, Liguria (same as the canestrelli)! If I can someday soon, I'll try to send you the original one, hoping to find someone who can deliver in max three days! That thing you tasted is nothing like it 😉

  79. Lucrezia Fabbri says:


  80. Sheronne Kuriga says:


  81. Bad GirL says:

    fantastici ! 🙂 a me piace come si godono il nostro cibo xD mi stanno facendo venire fame xD

  82. Saland Findles says:

    I LOOOOVE porcini mushrooms 💚💚💚

  83. Danah McHlians says:

    Che colore quel pesto non si può guardare brrrr fa venire i brividi

  84. leelee yo says:

    I feel u with the anchovies lol they have to be hidden for me to eat it and love it haha .. I don’t want to see it’s lil face looking at me before I bite it lol lol 😆 but they r so good n salty !

  85. To feed or not to feed says:

    Sure, you can make spaghetti with "pasta d'acciughe". Just put some extra virgin olive oil in a pan with two garlic cloves and some finely chopped "peperoncino", stir fry until fragrant and add a little of the paste, one tea spoon is enough for 2 persons, and sprinkle some white wine, in order to melt the paste and make a sort of cream. Cook on low heat until the paste is dissolved and the wine evaporated, add some roughly chopped cherry tomatoes and cook just few minutes on high heat, put the cooked spaghetti "al dente" directly in the pan and stir fry one minute to distribute the sauce, if there's not enough liquid, you can use the water in which you cooked the spaghetti, so remember to not throw it away 🙂
    You can also add some fresh chopped parsley at the end, it will be delicious! Oishii! If you want, you can also add some capers, but maybe it's difficult to find them in Japan. I will come in November to Japan, so I could bring them to you :D.
    Love you guys!
    Baci dall'Italia!

  86. Mark De Muro says:


  87. Remus Lupin says:

    pesto made in Milano, ma per favore!

  88. mennio100 says:

    A little tip for pasta al pesto: put the pesto you need in a pot (large enough for all pasta you're cooking) and then add 2 soup spoon of salted boiling water….mix it…and then pull out pasta and put it in the pot…it will help you mixing ingredients properly 😉

  89. Malachite's Ocean says:

    Why do you pronunce the italian r like the english r?
    The japanese r is very similar to the italian one.

  90. sanseveres says:

    “Mmmmmh” 😂😂😂❤️

  91. Sibernethy says:

    What song did you use at 3:00? I like it a lot!

  92. Luciana Borinato says:

    I pronounce caramel just like you do! Ciao 🙂

  93. spikepet says:

    Rossana are the tipycal Grandma's candy! She used to give them to me all the time if I was being a good girl!! so nostalgic!

  94. SWhite says:

    Rossana candies contain: glucose, sugar, condensed milk, peanut oil, powdered milk, butter, hazelnuts, almonds, bitter almonds, flavouring, sunflower lecitin

  95. ryuez erma says:


  96. Frank Pichardo says:

    The first Japanese I ever interacted with, his name was Shinishi Nakamura. Never heard that name again until now.

  97. Cory Hanson says:

    Make ceasar salad and add it to your dressing.

  98. SILENCE TJO says:

    I primi under 50 a cui piacciono le caramelle Rossana.

  99. illman8876 says:

    the correct way to use that anchovy paste for pasta, would be to First lightly toast a smashed clove of garlic in olive oil, remove the garlic, then add the paste to taste lightly sauteed for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then add a splash of the water you cooked the pasta in. Toss the pasta through that and you'll have a more silky sauce.

  100. Pei K says:

    Pronunciation of caramel can go both ways, I've heard it both ways. haha

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