100 comments on “Japanese Try Italian Snacks and Treats PART 2(Food Haul)”

  1. 王4N63L0 says:


  2. Leo on Ps4 says:

    chinotti are a tipology of an italian Orange..is so good

  3. Debora Russo says:

    Complimenti ai giapponesi per l'educazione dimostrata 😉

  4. Aster Stear says:

    +TabiEats, I can clearly see that you put a lot of those chocolate snacks in the fridge, didn't you? You may want to know that putting chocolate at low temperatures create that white lay you saw on many of your snacks, and actually alters its texture and flavor. you'll enjoy your chocolate much more by simply putting it in a dark and dry place.

  5. cosimo838383 says:

    ch in italian sound like K so. chinotto is Kinotto 😉

  6. Daniele D'Ambrosio says:

    >Olio di palma


  7. Giua says:

    In tutti gli assaggi italiani loro sono gli unici che non hanno sputato o fatto facce disgustose anche se non gli piaceva qualcosa.
    Complimenti per l'educazione che avete e pochi hanno!

    We love you!

  8. stocatso says:

    abituato alla pronuncia giapponese dei pokemon pensavo dicessero "poketo cofee"

  9. filippo Montanari says:

    amaretti di saronno are used in italy for decorate cakes or other tipes of sweets.

  10. Stefano Siclari says:

    I've just started following you guys, I really like your videos! And, as an Italian, I can teach you just a little thing: the pronounciation of words with CI or CHI. Over here the pronounciation is exactly the opposite of how it is in Japan (I assume you're from Japan, is that right?). So when you see "Chinotto", it's pronounced as "Kinotto", while if you see "Cipster", it's actually pronounced as if the H was there 😀

  11. Martina Clerici says:

    Modica's chocolate is one of the best chocolate in Italy because it is made with an ancient recipe.

  12. kharnifex says:

    Satoshi reading italian reminds me of Jimmy Onishi reading english

  13. JarniDeGarza says:

    strange Pocket Coffee, it seems like there's a hole on the bottom

  14. Reshen says:

    you shouldn't bite galatine

  15. Robbor says:

    Canestrelli can be described in one word: soft
    Also the flavour reminds butter and flour

  16. Gerry十二九十 says:

    baratti e milanoは nutella より一番美味しい

  17. Cristiano Montanari says:

    in italian CH is pronunced like K and C is C ahaha

  18. Pasquale Persia says:


  19. Francesco Stretti says:

    You are right because amaretti are often eat with a kind of wine call vin santo which is a sweet white wine

  20. Visto Avvistato says:

    Vi piace il chinotto?
    In italia lo odiano tutti! ahahahha

  21. The_Falco_Official says:

    Probably is too late but you do not have to chew Galatine.

  22. Lorenzo Limonta says:

    wheat flour= farina di frumento

  23. Killerí Gattomosca says:

    i'm shipping you 2 soo much.
    do you are a couple or friends?

  24. Gugli says:

    what' s the name of the first music?

  25. Evil Joy says:

    You're so funny ahahha xD but I like so much your video guyz aahha

  26. Marco Gavagnin says:

    You got an Italian subscriber today! Very good job!

  27. Rivky Cohenca says:

    butter flavour
    kit kat is caramel flavour

  28. Efisio Spiga says:


  29. Valentina Marchelle says:

    Omg you are so fantastic and adorable! Much love from Italy! 😀

  30. Ryucchi says:

    OMG. Galatine are my favourite! ^ They also remind me my childhood.


  31. sakura oo says:

    Farina di frumento is a type of flour in fact farina means flour in Italian while frumento is wheat. Anyway chinotto is a plant more precisely a citrus so the family of oranges, lemons and so on ( like mikan also :D)

  32. Panino kebab Completo says:

    quando sei un italiano e ti senti fiero della cucina italiana

  33. Raffaele Tuccillo says:

    Olio di palma is so dangerous for body

  34. Gabriele Gardinali says:

    farina is flour, farina di frumento is wheat flour

  35. Davide Tota says:

    chi pensa come me che questo non è cibo italiano ma solo meda confezionata?

  36. Federica Piazza says:

    farina di frumento means flour

  37. Giulio Fiumi says:

    Try to combine Canestrelli and The Nutella/like nut cream… you're gonna see the heavens above =D

  38. ** Luca says:

    hi, I'm italian and some italian youtubers try japanase food, if you want to see you can find the video in a Pepo3393's channel in the playlist "snack giapponesi"

  39. gnpwdr37 says:

    pocket coffee has a really liquid center, better eat it fresh 😉

  40. Micky Cardi says:

    Hi Guys, you've got a new italian subscribe! I'm so happy that you like our snacks, and i love the respect and the education for our country you put in this video!! Good job!

  41. Famat says:

    i am italiannnnnn

  42. Mister Magou says:

    people join italy ….you try the best country in the world…for eat, for the place, for all !

  43. DLF56 says:


  44. Raffaele Cesarano says:

    farina di frumento it's just flower

  45. Pol Vazlavic says:

    Canestrelli❤ Liguria is a region of Italy

  46. Tiziano R. says:

    Hi! im italian and i love Galatine becouse its soo lovely!

  47. Jacopo Migliardi says:

    u can't imagine how many Kids in here grew up eating Galatine as well as how many adults live by eating pocket coffee.
    those both r fucking rich ^~^

  48. lord sushi says:

    No diobello non si masticano le galatine!

  49. Paolo Castagna says:

    in the canestrelli ther is vanilla flavour

  50. Paolo Castagna says:

    chinotto is from a fruit called cedro

  51. Kiara De Rosa says:

    noo i togo sono buonissimi al cioccolato fondente , senza dubbio i migliori 🙂 meno dolciastri

  52. Nephrite Absinth says:

    You make an italian girl happy! 🙂
    After a lot of video of disgusted british, americans and whatever, finally someone that can appriciate our lovely biscuits and snacks!
    Btw, farina di frumento is wheat flour. The taste of Canestrelli is probably lemon skin+vanilla

  53. Kat says:

    You guys became Minions hehe. "Banana! "

  54. fiore insano says:

    I really loved this video, it's kinda funny!! I must tell you, however, that the pocket coffee should not be biten, but should be eaten in a single bite.

  55. Evi1M4chine says:

    Rocket Coffee! XD

  56. cranchee says:

    7:44 it means "wheat flour"

  57. Sofia Giordani says:

    I really love your videos cause you are very polite. I often see Americans video where people are offensive with us and I don't really like that type of video

  58. Man Rem says:

    Canestrellis are made of wheat flour, that could be the strange taste you're not used to 😉 nice vid anyway 😃

  59. Gabriele Iorio says:

    Perché sto vedendo questo video ?

  60. Manuel Gorpetta says:

    Mi hanno fatto venire fame… Maledetti! hahaha

  61. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    I love Italian food and snacks!! This is so neat!!!

  62. MrBaffo81 says:

    Is read "Chin-Otto": chinotto is a kind of citrus.
    Mostly in Italy chinotto soda is also called "Spuma nera".
    Frumento=wheat; wheat flour is more subtle than normal flour.
    Danish butter cookies are historically newer than Canestrelli! Canestrelli existed since '400.
    Lindt is a Swiss Company, so no italian chocolate.
    Shinichi who says "Banana" remind me of The Minions 😀

  63. riccardo1110 says:

    Questi due ragazzi sono fantastici…non c'è una cosa, in tre video, che non hanno gradito…ahahah bravi!

  64. Veronica Bassotti says:

    Siete troppo spassosi✌

  65. Luiz Velezmoro says:


  66. noe_ p says:

    "Farina di frumento" is Flour hahaha

  67. noe_ p says:

    and "frumento" is a cereal

  68. giagnorio86 says:

    A loro piace tutto dell'Italia anche una semplice caramella a me sono simpatici!

  69. p turineisa says:

    The hazelnut spread is from a posh cafe in Turin… You should go sometime

  70. p turineisa says:

    These guys are so look nice!

  71. Noruwee says:

    Hi guys! I love your videos! I'm italian and you make me feel proud! I'll be in Japan next week and I'm so excited 😉 I just wanted to tell you that if there is no H in "CI" the pronunciation is "chi" like "chimney" or "china". When you have the H, so when you read "CHI", you say "ki", like "kid" or "king".

  72. lastellapiù fragiledelluniverso says:

    Guys you surprise me with your education and respect for the others cultures and another country's food. You are the best!!


    E' vero che non hanno sputato nulla. Ma è anche vero che hanno provato snack e cibi di ottima qualità. Niente roba da LIDL, discount, sottomarche o robe che neppure noi mangeremo. =) Ad ogni modo, sono le 4 di mattina e non riesco a smettere di guardarli. Sono fantastici!!!! ^__^

  74. blackangel6682 says:

    That thick hard chocolate was bakers chocolate. Not meant to be eaten as a snack. Hahahahahaha The Chin8 was awesome. I never saw that before but it's a play on words. Chin8 is the same as chinotto. Because 8 is pronounced otto. So chin-otto Cool. It's basically a digestive made from various roots and spices. I have to say. Of all the food tasters and tryouts u guys are actually enjoyable to watch. Keep it up guys. Grazie mille

  75. MY DIARY says:

    Ma poi mangiare una patatina alla volta un grandissimo errore!

  76. Arianna Mistura says:

    I love youuu, you are the first people that find the REAL Italian snacks and you are very funny and lovely
    (I can't speak a lot English ahah)

  77. Kira5sosAshley says:

    dopo na certa me piata na fame porcoddue ahhaha

  78. mayorc says:

    Galatine are supposed to be melted in mouth not crunch them in your teeth.

  79. Ciros Love says:

    "eight" in Italian is pronunced "otto"!

  80. Ciros Love says:

    you can also prepare canestrelli at home! Try the recipe fron the site "Yellow Saffron", they taste even better!

  81. Shelyse Wakefield says:

    TWIX bar has caramel not kit Kat. We have those biscuits in New Zealand, but we call them chocolate fingers. And they're like a TWIX bar without caramel :')

  82. Pamela Batchelor says:

    I want to like Compari but I’m still looking for a great way to drink it. How do you Compari?

  83. Pamela Batchelor says:

    The amaretto cookies also make a great cookie pie crust!!!

  84. Anna Vivaldo says:

    You are the only japaneses/ english guys who likes Galatine…a huge applause for you! Really good💋 ( sorry for imperfect english but i'm still studying and i'm not really good😅)

  85. Trent Kozelek says:

    In italian the pronunciation of C and CH is completely reversed. Cipster for example would be written "chipster" in english, while chinotto would be "kinotto".

  86. Tanya says:

    Hi guys just so u know Kit Kats don't have caramel but Twiks candy has caramel and cookie

  87. You Lu says:

    这就是区别?我之前看到两个意大利人做其他国家零食的视频,被喷的都无语了… 真的是为了吸引观众的眼球 什么事都做的出来。 给你们点赞!

  88. Mark De Muro says:


  89. Mark De Muro says:


  90. Mark De Muro says:


  91. Nadia CHAHIR says:

    ahaha you're sooo funny guys lool… i thought some of those italian snacks were international though

  92. Jaia Zz says:


  93. J.R. Caldoon says:

    I would murder that entire package of Pocket Coffee, and then my pancreas would do somersaults for the rest of the evening.

  94. Luciana Borinato says:

    Hi guys, I love your videos, and it's nice to see you eating all those Italian snacks, and sweets, which reminds me of my life in Italy. Yes I'm Italian, but I've been living in London for the past 23 years.
    Your Italian pronunciation, is very good indeed! 🙂

  95. SWhite says:

    Chinotto is a chinese grapefruit, we imported it long ago, and we make chinotto beverage with chinotto extract

  96. D says:

    Togooo mmmmmm kisss

  97. Tibi25 says:

    I am Italian, guys you have a good pronunciation!

  98. gnpwdr37 says:

    Put that chocolate cream on canestrelli!

  99. ItzAkane ._. says:

    Eating pocket coffe in 2 bites… pftttt. Typical error of newbies 😂

  100. Luigi Bacchetti says:


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