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  1. Autumn Skye says:

    Fun video but a question? Beignets or Malasada’s? 🌸🌺🤙☺️

  2. Pavel Mesa Neimane says:

    Definitely Popeye's

  3. Sidney Nicole says:

    Popeyes is definitely better than KFC but Church’s chicken & bojangles are pretty popular too!

  4. alicia mcginley says:

    I love the food you tried in this video.

  5. alicia mcginley says:

    Popeyes chiclen, i love that seasoning

  6. Tigerwolf Spellbear says:

    I can't stand KFC chicken, but Popeye's is good.

  7. Carla Mee says:

    There's popeyes inside the military bases in Japan lol

  8. Cindy Moore says:

    I have to agree on the Popeye’s vs KFC. I like Popeye’s chicken much better.

  9. Kathy Somers says:

    Jambalaya is quite easy to make. Sauté 1/2 cup each of chopped celery, onions and bell peppers (red, yellow, green and/or orange) and 2 cloves of minced garlic in 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add 1/2 pound each diced chicken, small or chopped shrimp and sliced andouille sausage (in that order) and sauté until cooked through. Add 2 cups of water or chicken broth, 1 can (15oz) of chopped, diced or crushed tomatoes (don’t drain them) and one cup of white or brown rice. Season with salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon Creole or Cajun seasoning (more if you like) and simmer until the rice is tender. You can spice it up more with hot sauce or cayenne pepper or add finely minced hot peppers to the sofrito if you like it spicy.

    The only hard part is finding the sausage and seasoning in Japan but you can easily order both online at amazon.com. Andouille sausage is mandatory as it gives the jambalaya its distinctive flavor. The difference between Cajun and Creole spice is mostly preference. Cajun is spicier, I believe…

    With love from the gulf coast…

  10. Platypi007 says:

    I grew up in New Orleans!

  11. Rhino Powers says:

    Tobi what are you gonna use those cups again for hahahhah love you guys

  12. Roy's Mania says:

    I never ate New Orleans food before, I really want to try it!!! At least I got see you guys trying it 🙂 was fun to watch 😃
    By the way, “Para” means ‘cow’ in Hebrew, so to my hear it sound like you said “Cow Cow” all the time 😂😂

  13. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    New Orleans' food traditions are so interesting! I keep a bottle of that Louisiana hot sauce in my fridge at all times. I'd love to try those creamy pralines. They look a bit like fudge. Thanks for the tasting!

  14. cassie street says:

    I am so glad you finally got to try some Louisiana food Mr Satoshi and Mr Shinichi New Orleans is only an hour or so drive from the city I live in so i know the food is awesome some other things yall would probably like is shrimp etouffee banana fosters crawfish boil okra gumbo cracklins hogshead cheese pecan pie peach cobbler and Mississippi mud cake

  15. licht redmon says:

    so cool to see you guys trying food from my home! theres so much more food we have here that i bet you guys would love. and obviously since im from louisiana i have to say popeyes is much better.

  16. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Nobody makes red beans and rice dry like the picture on the box. Yours looks like everybody else's nice and saucy! 🙂

  17. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Tony chachere's is good on eggs! It's black pepper and red pepper basically. Beignets are best with hot coffee and cream or a matcha latte hot. I used to make pralines every Christmas time but being vegan they don't come out quite as good anymore. Well I take that back they do come out really nice.

  18. Terrakinetic says:

    After watching Kodoku no Gourmet, these kinds of YouTube shows feel a little bit lacking.

  19. Jessica Byrd says:

    Try the hot sauce with good mac and cheese.

  20. kiwibophosuyat09 says:

    I'll have to send y'all another snack box of better New Orleans snacks. Promise!

  21. Xandra Seim says:

    I had red beans and rice from Popeyes too when I lived in the US and it was so yummy!!! I think yours looked exactly right tbh. The praline looked awesome too and the jambalaya.

  22. Heather Rodriguez says:

    Mmmmm, I love New Orleans food! It's soooooo good! My faves from this video would be the sweets as well, haha. Then again, I do have a huge sweet tooth, haha. It stinks that the construction workers had to interrupt but that's ok because I heard you guys very clear. As far as the kfc vs popeyes goes, it really depends on the location for me. Some locations make it really good and others make it totally crappy, haha. If I could though, I would choose popeyes chicken but KFC mashed potatoes with gravy. I use to love KFC chicken but they have been making it even greasier then before with too much breading. I dunno, maybe I'm fussy, haha. Much love to you both! <3

  23. tslin89 says:

    Thank you for putting in so much effort and cooking them so you can show us the food! 🙂

  24. Bec Witham says:

    omg pralines droooool

  25. UncommonRamen Channel says:

    Now you understand why Americans are so overweight! We love putting fat in our rice! So flavorful but so bad for you in the long run. If you guys find yourselves in the US please consider this an invitation to come to Austin, Texas for some barbecue and tacos.

  26. Centurion Fragger says:

    i like kfc better popeyes chicken has a really thick coating thats really greasy, i have to peel it of to get to the meat

  27. Califaro says:

    This video made me so home sick! I grew up with all of this in kitchen 😀

  28. MsKestrela says:

    Zatarain's is a good 'fast food' approximation of the real deal. It would never compete with home cooked N'Awlins food, but when you're craving and thousands of miles from home, it makes the soul happy.

  29. Sailor Dave says:

    I am from Louisiana. We cook our red beans and rice with pork sausage. Jambalaya can be made with pork and or seafood like shrimp.

  30. Sailor Dave says:

    Im Cajun and one of our breakfast meals would be familiar to you, eggs and rice. We have left over rice from the day before. We steam the rice and fry the eggs so the white is hard but the yolk is soft. We put those eggs on the rice and add seasoning. Stir and eat. When I was in the Navy and we had rice to have with our breakfast, those of us from south Louisiana and those of south east Asia and Pacific island heritage all had the eggs and rice. We sat at the table together passing around the hot sauce and laughing at the faces the other people were making when they saw us eating eggs and rice.

  31. Celita Cantrill says:

    I think you made the red beans and rice correctly because mine looks just like yours when I made it. Great show as always.

  32. Heroheroherohero says:

    Yum! I love Zapps chips!!!! Next time you come to San Francisco (if you do) make sure to go to Brenda's Soul Food and try their beignets! My favorite one is the chocolate filled beignet.

  33. Don D says:

    The red beans and rice was right. The beans get to soft in that mix occasionally.

  34. Zoes Dada says:

    I am from New Orleans and no self respecting New Orleans native eats anything out of a box. Sorry but that is not New Orleans food. It is garbage. I do like zaps chips however I don't eat the voodoo kind.

  35. Lisa TheCatDude says:

    I think you made the red beans and rice right, or at least that is the way it looks when I make it lol. I like to put it in a tortilla with cheese. I like Popeyes.

  36. Letoria Bennett says:

    You guys be tasting it up!😎😄💗

  37. Deb Che says:

    Love red beans and rice! Will get a box of both red beans and jambalaya mix and make some yummy rice! Love Creole seasoning. I always keep a bottom in my pantry at home and at work!

  38. joimarise says:

    Hmmmm at the moment i am hooked to jollibee chickenjoy spicy! Since i live in the philippines 😀

  39. weeaFood says:

    I loved this… it's like the exact opposite of our channel… You guys are soooo adorable!

  40. Lili Yurch says:

    Popeyes is hands down THE BEST fast food chicken. The first time I had it i was completely alone and I still couldn’t help but go “oh my god” after the initial bite.

  41. Kiki Lang says:

    New Orleans food. Salty.. To sweet too.

  42. Bill & Lisa's food and travel vlog says:

    Popeyes is our favorite. When in New Orleans, Willie's Chicken Shack isn't too bad either.

  43. michael stradley says:

    Totally Popeyes chicken,,,and your beans and rice looked just right

  44. B Sinita says:

    I growup with😮🍚 zatarains and uncle ben's rice in NYC and in the Carolinas in the U.S. its not just in 🎊new orleans. Lol 😂

    And yes i prefer Popeye's chicken😌 and they've got some good fish too for a fast-food restaurant.

  45. Beautiful Vibe Dynamic says:

    LikeSpike 🎉 Mwuaaaah 💓 All Thanks Everyone For Joining 👏😘

  46. Beautiful Vibe Dynamic says:

    💓 All 💓

  47. Beautiful Vibe Dynamic says:

    Zapps 💓 Best Orleans Chips

  48. Valerie Goff says:

    Love Tonys seasoning it is great!!!

  49. Keilani Rullan says:

    Love new Orleans food<3

  50. TheHokkaidogaijin says:

    popeyes was always my favorite but I have lived in Hokkaido for 10 years so, no popeyes in 10 years! 🙁

  51. Raizel M says:

    Bearded pig person taking all the food again. I really dont like his disgusting bad maanners.

  52. Brittany FortunatelyMe Ward says:

    This my favorite video thus far! I’m from Louisiana!!

  53. Trinity Li says:

    Yay, foods from New Orleans! I visited there for a week about 8 years ago and I think I gained 20 pounds from all the delicious foods, LOL! My hotel was just a few blocks away from Cafe du Monde and I think I ate beingets and a cafe au lait every day. It was crazy hot (I went there in July) and I was sweating lily crazy but I was so happy.
    And hands down, Popeyes has the best chicken. So crazy unhealthy and expensive, but it's oh so good. #LoveThatChickenFromPopeyes

  54. RogsMyJRT says:

    I prefer Popeye's over KFC. The fried apple pies are the bomb!

  55. sikbot says:

    I grew up on KFC .. nothing better than a KFC chicken breast with mashed potato and gravy and a corn on the cob. I rate fried chicken on their chicken breast and skin/breading ✌️

  56. RobRuckus65 says:

    Anything is better than KFC. I like popeyes sides though their red beans and rice is pretty nice.

  57. Missymeggie says:


  58. Dragoneer says:

    Popeye's is legitimately some of the better fast food, yep.

  59. Jeunesse Raymundo says:

    Jollibee Chicken Joy

  60. kintri says:

    We have an influx of fried chicken from Korea so very spoilt for choice! Popeyes, Texas chicken, 4 fingers, Wingstop, Chir chir chicken and so many more. Singaporeans love fried chicken lol! Any Korean fried chicken in Tokyo?

  61. morgan b says:

    I’m from Louisiana and I’m so excited you did a video featuring our food!!! So cool to see ^_^

  62. morgan b says:

    Come visit New Orleans!!

  63. Just JPrince says:

    Popeyes All Day!!

  64. Jeff Stoker says:

    I make red beans and rice from scratch add some smoked sausage to it.

  65. Cindy King says:

    Popeyes!!! It's the best!

  66. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    xD Yummmo😀😀

  67. pen64 says:

    Red beans and rice is supposed to be soupy… you made it correctly!

  68. coralinealgae says:

    I'm from Louisiana and also much prefer Popeye's. I have to say, Zatarians is legit, but I'm Cajun and have never tried red beans and rice from a box. I always make it from scratch.

  69. King Cole says:

    I love your channel!!!

  70. Sibernethy says:

    5:52 Construction noise, or as Emmymadeinjapan calls it, the Construction Concerto. Emmy will relate to this 😛

  71. EmaLee Noggle says:

    Red beans and rice look right, a bit saucy.. front picture is all for looks lol

  72. Aquaria Austin says:

    Beignets are LOTS better when made from scratch. My grandmother made them nearly everyday for breakfast. I thought it was normal to have a beignet with some fruit and a cup of hot chocolate every morning when I was growing up with her.

  73. Angela Calhoun says:

    😆yay I live in Louisiana!!! Popeyes is the best place to go get fried chicken 😊.

  74. JoeyWyss junior says:

    Team KFC, all the way!!! Luv you guyz!!

  75. Lea Woodard says:

    Oh man, I love the Voodoo chips, so tasty.
    Definitely prefer Popeye's, so crispy and flavorful. It's delicious with their Blackened Ranch Sauce or Mardi Gras Mustard.
    You have to go to New Orleans if for no other reason than having authentic beignets fresh from Cafe Du Monde, with some coffee. And also try the chargrilled oysters at Acme Oyster House–divine!

  76. Marian Harris says:

    Did you get any cajun crawtaters potato chips??

  77. Moon tha Goat says:

    ahhh!!!! you tried stuff from my city!!! we'd love for you to visit!!

  78. ashley Galliano says:

    Popeyes for sure. I am from Louisiana lol.

  79. bondwizzle says:

    Blue Runner's and Jazzmen Rice. With some Double D or Savoie's sausage.

  80. Live Life says:

    I’m from New Orleans yay

  81. Ms. Marki says:

    im from south Louisiana…. you need some real home cooked cajun food!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Darth DikNasty says:

    popeyes yeeee

  83. Jade Roush says:

    I've never eaten at Popeyes, but I feel like comparing them to KFC is a little hard. Different kinds of food really.

    The Zatarain's stuff is good! I have never lived that far south but the boxes are easily available in the Midwest and my family made it a lot growing up. 🙂

  84. Becca R says:

    I was waiting for Satoshi to say the red beans and rice tasted like it was fermented. lol

  85. Ali Perez says:

    In Louisiana, we eat Raisin Canes instead of Popeyes and KFC

  86. Parker Ward says:

    Guys I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana……of course I prefer Popeyes over KFC!!!

  87. Southernbelle24 says:

    New Orleans is like its own country. They have their own food, music, culture everything

  88. FunnTiM3r says:

    Louisiana native here,, represent

  89. LiL Cutie says:

    Popeos is better really

  90. Amanda Nall says:

    You said you said my states in the Louisiana wrong New Orleans yeah learn how to say it

  91. Lucy Sabrio says:

    I’m from New Orleans I love Marci gras

  92. GLENNA Harris says:

    I prefer Lee's Famous recipe chicken or I make fried chicken with no breading and season it with the powdered ranch dip. Very good.

  93. chantal thomas says:

    Bojangles chicken

  94. Coolguy52 says:

    KFC for me.

  95. Kattra Blake says:

    2:52 it looks right to me remember food pictures in advertising and boxes is staged and often doesn't even use real food

  96. Camille Jones says:

    We don’t make most of our food from the boxes but it’s still good but not the same

  97. billiegirltoo says:

    fluffy rice

  98. Pei K says:

    You can't control your outside environment, Shinichi! No need to apologize for the noise 🙂

  99. John Doe says:

    These guys are too westernized for this video to make any sense.

  100. Kattra Blake says:

    5:01 something else good to toss into jambalaya is shrimp

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