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  1. Geno E says:

    If you're eating hot dogs in NY to get the authentic experience you shoulda got a street cart (Dirty water) Dog. I like mine with sauerkraut and mustard but they also offer ketchup and tomatoey onions cooked down.

  2. Jennifer Robinson says:

    You are both adorable! I enjoy your kind, polite and positive personas! I am a New Mexico fan. Take care and shine on! Satochi your English is charming and I love it!

  3. Alexis Garcia says:

    I hope your flight back to Tokyo goes smoothly, American 7/11 is much worse than Japanese 7/11 I can see 😂

  4. QueenbeeJudith says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves in NYC. As for 7-11 it all depends on which one I go to. I live in Washington, DC and all of the 7-11's are NOT the same. I usually just get a beverage of some sort but on occasion I will get a slice of pizza or some prepackaged burger or snack. I used to eat the taquitos until I found out how much sodium was in them.
    I really love watching your videos and would love to send you guys some of my favorite things to try.

  5. Cafelogis says:

    you should have tried the sushi. I would love to hear your opinion lol.

  6. Maite says:

    Oh no…I'm from New York and before I even start this video I want to say my sincerest condolences.

  7. Steven Rowe says:

    We used to live in DC and there was a 7-11 near us. One word….disgusting. Stale food, dried up salad, rude staff. Never ever have I gone into one of these places again. I hope you guys have cast iron stomach's.

  8. martinikitty323 says:

    I felt so bad when I saw the title for this video… glad you guys survived!

  9. soter305 says:

    NY rules, stop touring yourselves with food for simpletons.

  10. kappanjoe says:

    Okay, this is weird. I literally had a dream about getting a hot dog from 7-11 then I wake up, open YouTube, then see this video!? 😱 I guess it’s a sign I need to have a hot dog for lunch… 😂

  11. paranoiaprincess says:

    Hope you are good and rested now that you've been home for awhile ♡. *hugs * from Toronto ♡♡

  12. Kay Smith says:

    Our 7-11's here in the states are no where nearly as nice as the stores in Japan. There is only one 7-11 near where I live and I don't think I've ever visited it. Our big thing where I live is Quik Trip. They have just recently upgraded them to include a kitchen where you can get all kinds of foods made for you fresh. They are all gas stations. We also call them QT. They have a pretty awesome coffee and soft drink section.

  13. James007HungerZone says:

    The only item from the usa locations i think would be a hit in Japan are the Slurpees

  14. erik nulty says:

    japanese 7-11 looks WAYYYYY better than what we have here.

  15. UnderneathTheBottle Wine Sommelier says:

    New York got nothing on Japanese convenience stores 😜♥

  16. cynan pramis says:

    ssorry to say, guys, real junkie foods! Tons of sugar and fats, bad combo! But glad to know you have a great time in NY! After all, vacations are for trying/eating anything under the sun, eh?

  17. Alex Rodgers says:

    In the US, 711 is a place you go when you absolutely have to. It's not apart of many people's routine like in Japan. Some people even view them as seedy here.

  18. kalia lee says:

    Yes don't have high expectation for American 7 11. Lol

  19. JonWashburn says:

    The taquitos at 7-11 are probably the best thing they have.

  20. Jason Reedy says:


  21. thatzombieplace says:

    But also hopefully you guys got real new York hotdogs right???

  22. Felix Ruber says:

    ^O,o^ Japanese 7-11s make US 7-11s look like public toilets.

  23. Malady says:

    Is there another New York foods video?

  24. Poleosis _ says:

    as others have mentioned, you both would be doing yourselves a favor by not trying 7-11 in USA anymore. If you do want to keep trying convenience store foods however, there are a lot of people (on the east coast at least) who really like Wawa and/or Sheetz, but most things worth getting at either are on the "expensive" side and also aren't "grab and go".

  25. Perdomot says:

    Combini in the USA is usually to be avoided because quality is not good. Only good 7-11 I've found is here in Honolulu and that's probably because of the Japanese influence.

  26. JstHere4DGoodies says:

    It's been a while but we used to buy spam musubi, pork hash, & manapua from Hawai'i 7-11s. I used to also love getting the footlong hotdogs with creamy cheese, chilli, onion, & jalapeños. Unfortunately, we don't have any 7-11 where I live in south Mississippi. Japan 7-11, how I wish we had one here.
    Your mom & my mom didn't make rice krispies treats, but what they made was so much better lol.

  27. Teresa Matson says:

    Still make rice crispy treats 😊💕

  28. Judokast36 says:

    These two deserve medals for actually eating New York 7/11 foods. Compared to Japanese convenience stores American 7/11 are garbage.

  29. astroboy3507 says:

    Japan 7/11 masters!!!!!!! ❤️

  30. xnonsuchx says:

    American 7-11 isn't very special…just convenient. I occasionally go there for a Big Bite or Spicy Bite hot dog, but not much else. I did have their mini beef tacos once and found them to be much better than I expected, though. I have one 3 blocks away from home and visit it maybe twice a year.

  31. Anna Saveleva says:

    Are u gays

  32. Anna Saveleva says:

    King size bad

  33. Anna Saveleva says:

    Not interysting menu

  34. Lady Luck says:

    I apologize in advance for how horrible 7-11 is in the States. 🙁 I think you managed to find somewhat edible food items but only because most of what you tried was packaged.

  35. Crisi Bella says:

    Yup Japan 7/11 is better than our NY

  36. Kelly M says:

    Did Satoshi at least get beer for your 7 -11 excursion?? The beer would have helped. Depending on your tasye, the beer can suck too, but if you drink enough, it doesn't matter.

  37. carissa pinon says:

    Don't eat American 7-11 food!! Noooooo

  38. Shao 210 says:

    wow I wouldnt have eaten anything from a American 7-11 ..thats a crap shoot …hope you dont get sick.

  39. DaCheeseblarg says:

    The only things I like to eat from places like 7-11 here in America are corn dogs. Something about gas station corn dogs is really delicious, but otherwise, it's all a little scary.

  40. Gloria Rios says:

    That stuff is gross. Roller food 😝😝🤢🤢🤢

  41. Aprilgirl469 says:

    American 7-11 can really suck. And yes I did make rice crispie treats with my mom (well we learned to make them together, one of the many cooking joys I had with her).

  42. susan christopher says:

    No!!! Waste of stomach space if you’re in NY only a little bit. We love your 711 videos in Japan because it looks so amazing! The American ones look so sad lol

  43. gyqz says:

    I know you can not wait to get back at you local 7-11 stores, because in Japan they are so much better!!
    Thank you for this entertaining and lovely video!
    Also : with the underlightning you look like a cool dude skater, Shinichi 🙂

  44. BoussoleFire says:

    stick to 7-11 in Japan, you'll live longer.

  45. Mehgan Smith says:

    love you guys….so cute

  46. D says:

    711 hotdog…is better then L.A…..oh my

  47. Janet Hirakawa says:

    none! Disgusting! Only do slurps

  48. Joey Karate says:

    You guys review Japanese 7-11's so I guess it's only natural you should review them stateside. It's a shame they're not very good. But hey looks like you've been eating well in NY so a couple of dollars on a hotdog and taquitos isn't a big deal.

  49. chocolatepain says:

    I like their taquitos as a quick snack, the buffalo chicken roller as well

  50. NerdyWho says:

    You guys are truly brave. As a new yorker i wouldn’t risk my life buying food there. Deli/bodega food is a million times better if you want cheap filling food/snacks.

  51. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    Ugh, 7-Elevens have such terrible food here! We used to have Famima (an American version of Family Mart) in Los Angeles about 10 years ago. At first, their food was pretty decent. I wish TabiEats was around back then. Thanks so much for this review! P.S. I used to make Rice Krispie treats as a kid, but I remember making a similar treat with Cheerios. We'd dye them green, shape them into Christmas trees, and affix gumdrops on them.

  52. Genta says:

    I honestly hate 7-11 their slurpees arent even that good anymore 😔
    If you ever come back to the states try visiting New Jersey and try WaWa its waaaay better than 7-11.

  53. Traversing Food says:

    Love the videos, but you know 7-11 sucks so bad in the states that you import ramen from 7-11 in Japan.

  54. Rman Nayr says:

    711 in JAPAN IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

  55. CasualScrub says:

    Satoshi, I'm amazed at how good your English has progressed over the last couple years. Keep it up. I know I love hearing you describe stuff.

  56. Susan Carr says:

    You guys are too generous. Our 7-11s suck compared to ours.

  57. Mindy's Mom says:

    What a fun review! How exciting that you boys got to experience broadway musicals!!

    I love Rice Krispies treats! My mom didn’t make them either brother. I did. Lol……And there’s nothing at 7-Eleven that even appeals to me. I literally only set foot in them for the ATM machine—because they’re linked to our credit union, to get lottery tickets every once in a while, or to get a Reese’s PB cup. ☺️

  58. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    7-11 foods in Japan look better xD

  59. Empress Psycho says:

    7-11 in NYC is only good for coffee or to pick up a few items such as gum, tissues etc.

  60. Bright Light says:

    Yes I used to make Rice Crispies treats with my mom. That being said, Ameeican 7-11 is terrible. The drug stores and supermarkets have much better ready made food.

  61. Mitchel Chapin says:

    7-11 In California sucks also! Food is gross!

  62. Lisa W says:

    Rice crispies treats are not that great. I think kids like them most. Convenience food in America : (

  63. gardengal says:

    You both looked so wiped ; bushed ; the sugar didn't make a dent in your exhaustion.

  64. Trinity Li says:

    You guys are so brave to try 7-11 again… And you're so nice in your review, too. I really dislike 7-11 food, the only thing I go there for is Slurpees, candy, or soda/tea. I can't wait to visit a 7-11 in Japan, I think I would be sad to return back home, lol. Thanks for another review, guys! 💜

  65. Angela Woolsey says:

    Most American convenience store food fare is sad compared to Japanese.

  66. KaHeAlAnI HiLl says:

    my mom and I always used to make rice Krispies treats all the time! so yummy!

  67. Ana Banana says:

    American 7-eleven is gross. icees and junk food 😵

  68. Ty Burton says:

    I know everyone else has already said it, but unless you're going for the slurpees, avoid US 7-11 food like the plague

  69. A. Bok says:

    the 7-11 in the u.s. are horrible. the only thing i get are the slushies….lol we live in a small town in texas. the to go conveniance stores here are Allsups. but even then…. not so great. my mother is japanese so we never made krispy treats either. but we did get to eat some made by our friends and neighbors mothers. homemade is definatley better that store bought. love yalls show.

  70. molesticles says:

    @3:17 … "Bum is not fluffy, but, it's not hard." – Satoshi, 2018

  71. falloutmule says:

    Yeah its not the same sry

  72. Kalyn Pohl says:

    Omg I'm jealous of u seeing "Her" what a dream. Not of the 7-11 food lol no better in Canada it's Gas station late night fill ur hole yuck.im sorry. wish we had night markets with fresh yum to eat instead of early closing expensive restaurants.

  73. artytoons says:

    I only trust buying the Slurpee at US 7-Elevens  The rest is at your own risk

  74. Kay K says:

    It's so funny how you guys try 7-11 in the US despite every American telling you not to waste your time. Y'all are real troopers lol! If anything, I hope our crappy (big chain) convenience stores help you appreciate your Japanese options back home! Next time, try a "mom & pop" corner store! Lots of them have fresher options. Or if you're ever in NYC again, try some Latinx products from a bodega or sandwiches from a traditional Jewish deli. You'll have such a better experience!

  75. Danny says:

    Did you guys get sick?

  76. EMD says:

    7/11s here in DC are really stepping their game up. I've had their burgers and pastries before, and they were very good

  77. Tyler Cochrane says:

    So, after watching a few of their videos… These guys are a homosexual couple, correct? If not, they REALLY give off that vibe.

  78. Crystal Parker says:

    The slushy's

  79. J C says:

    Better to try Bucee’s or the places that have improved things to compete with Bucee’s. There are some that even make fresh breakfast tacos (including from scratch tortillas made on the spot, like Stripes) and lunch platters. US 7-11 food is 🤢

  80. Gabriel Z says:

    You two like to live dangerously cause I would never eat anything from 7-11 😂

  81. Kathy H says:

    Japan's 7-11 👍👍👍!!!
    United States 7-11 👎👎👎

  82. Secret Diary of a Foodie says:

    In Australia it used to be popular to make treats called 'chocolate crackles' rather than rice crispy treats. We'd use rice krispy cereal just the same (called Rice Bubbles here), but instead of mixing in melted marshmallows, we'd mix in cocoa, sugar, dessicated coconut, and melted copha (shortening made from coconut oil) to hold it all together. Tasted like chocolate & coconut with a great crunch. Back then it was a 'must-have' treat at any kid's birthday party. 😊 Nowadays I don't think it's as common because copha isn't that great for you.

  83. Callie Hughes says:

    American gas station food isn’t nearly as nice as Japanese store food both in standard and quality. Most people in the US are scared to eat it, so you two are brave souls.

  84. Serazard says:

    Oh yeah, on the other hand have you kids explored precisely what this video is truly about?

  85. W.frances Mecke says:

    7-11 in NYC is only handy for toilet paper.☹️

  86. shernigz says:

    You must never eat from 7-11 in the United States again

  87. impoppypanda says:

    Hello There!
    In watching your videos what comes across are both of your warm, gracious natures… this video esp. is no exception. I’m amazed you both were willing to give U.S. 7-11 another try after the L.A. 7-11 fiasco… & while 7-11s here in the U.S. leave a lot to be desired, it’s probably w/great fondness you both hold the 7-11s in Japan.

  88. Cosmic Catnip says:

    not just girls i used to make rice crispys with my mom all the time

  89. Rena says:

    I think of 7-11 food in America as the cheap and fast food you get after work or during work on a break when you have no time to make food or you forgot food

  90. LunarSagittarius says:

    In the first clip I see my sister’s house!

  91. Autumn Skye says:

    7 11 US stores are not impressive! Agree with your description! ☺️

  92. cha xiong says:

    7-11 Food in America isn't the same like in Japan. Japan has more quality food.

  93. yamadago says:

    I'm Japanese.
    When I was a child, Slush(Slurpee), Scooped ice cream, PostMix (Japanese version of BIG GULP) were sold at Japanese Seven Eleven until the 1980s.
    But now, there is not in Japanese Seven Eleven.
    I hope that Slush, Scoop ice cream, PostMix will be reinstated in Seven Eleven in Japan.
    And I hope that a baked hot dog like American 7/11 will be sold in the Japanese Seven Eleven.

  94. WiredFerret says:

    Seriously guys, find a Wawa next time y'er stateside.

  95. Vivian Foster says:

    You guys must be suicidal to go to 7-Eleven. If you want a hot dog (don't know why), go to Papaya King at least. It's not even a fair comparison between US 7-Eleven and Japan's.

  96. Connie Berlanda says:

    COMPARED TO WHAT i HAVE SEEN IN YOUR 7-11's in Japan, ours in the states are totally pathetic! Ours are sugar based and yours are protein based, that is why ours SUCK! I wish we had half the quality of food in 7-11 in the USA that you have in Japan!

  97. Al S says:

    7 Eleven chili and cheese hot dogs were why I was a fat teenager and why I had high cholesterol as an adult.

  98. Dylan P says:

    They need to go to a wawa

  99. Pei K says:

    I would've warned them had I been subbed lol….glad you guys didn't get sick from 7-11. If Satoshi-san wanted a good hotdog, should've have tried them at PAPAYA KING!!

  100. adam b says:

    Their tacos made me sick in my stomach…

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