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  1. Moonshadow TH says:

    Satoshi is so cute when his tongue is drunk.

  2. KmanSweden says:

    Well done on the pronounciations! You know your Å's Ä's and ö's. 🙂

  3. Eric Humphrey says:

    What is the name of his other channel thanks in advance happy early Fourth of July everyone

  4. Magnus Pettersson says:

    I'm impressed with the pronounciation of Swedish words. You guys are not too far off 🙂

  5. Ken Lii says:

    Tabieats channel is really much fun 🤭 God bless you both with good health always

  6. Tyetus Rygar says:

    Have you both (or Satoshi) ever done a "Best beer in Japan" review? I'm planning a trip coming up and would like to get some recommendations!

  7. Introvert Owless says:

    "I'm not a huge fan of ipa"
    "Oook. I will buy ipa a lot"
    😂😂😂 that's sooo me with my partner

  8. Tina Marie Farmer says:

    i need your shirt shinichi!!

  9. nc30guy says:

    Would love to see you guys do a Mr Donut product line review I always call there when in Japan I just love their stuff.
    Thank you….. keep up the good work.

  10. Kelly Nas says:

    Awesome video! Your shirts look great!!!!

  11. Ozzy Brew says:

    Hi the striped rolls I think are like a soft candy version or English Sea Side rock

  12. Ozzy Brew says:


  13. Steven Paulson says:

    There is a lot to be said about honesty

  14. Bertie Wooster says:

    Lovely seeing you try out some things from my home country. The 88 bites are a newly released candy version of a very old ice cream bar which has been around for decades! Unsure why there are so many IPAs, since traditionally Sweden is more of a lager country…

  15. SmurfsAndRaspberries says:

    Grenna/Gränna is a town, Near the lake Vättern – in southers sweden, where these candy canes originate from.

  16. Shaun says:

    what breed is the dog

  17. Clayton Kato says:


  18. seven asses says:

    If i can add anything, it's that you're not supposed to chew the Läkerol, you're supposed to suck on them. It's your choice how you wanna enjoy your candy though

  19. David Sobel says:

    I've noticed from getting candy bars from other countries that the wafer type is more popular than in the US

  20. Luciana Borinato says:

    It was a pleasure to see you, as always, Shinichi Satoshi and Justin!
    Love your T-shirt Shinichi! 😀

  21. per ceder says:

    Japanese like fish right, try surströmming next time 😀

  22. Minoru 10 says:

    cute shirt…. about JUSTIN and I like the Sakutto shirt as well…

  23. Michael Andersson says:

    Linschips goes well with hummus👍

  24. ei96byod says:

    The "polkagris" is NOT supposed to be soft!
    It's supposed to be rock hard, and you suck and lick it. I lasts forever that way. It is basically EXACTLY the same thing as a candy cane, and is also sold in a cane shape.
    The ones you had must have been exposed to moisture and gone soft.
    By the way. You were spot on with the "gräddkola". That translates to "butterscotch".

  25. The Gaming Cathedral says:

    I wouldn't eat knäckebröd without some cheese or ham even if someone payed me lol.

  26. Perdomot says:

    Drunk Satoshi is hilarious! That big grin on his face had me smiling too. Would love to go out drinking with him as it would be a fun time.

  27. Arran says:

    I need a beer 🍺 after watching you guys

  28. Emilia Schöld says:

    None of the things in the thumbnail are swedish my guy

  29. Doxie says:

    Oh boy!

  30. Sharon Riley says:

    Maybe my tongue is drunk! hahahahahahajahahahaha

  31. IngoGarza says:

    I'm sorry I don't know your names but you with the hat and glasses has really good pronunciation of the Swedish words. Good job! Greetings from Sweden 🙂

  32. Kattra Blake says:

    Creamed honey!

  33. Phillip Lopez says:

    You two Crack me up .

  34. Jason Lee says:

    KEX is an English slang word for trousers, or pants as they say in the USA

  35. gloria lalor says:

    I haven’t watched you guys in a while… so glad to find you again 🙂 love your channel!

  36. NHLCOD says:

    It's funny cause i'm from Sweden and i almost don't recognize any of these things. Lol!

  37. Matsanna Larsson says:

    Okay Swedes LOVE their beer, candy and knäckebröd. Our candy isn't as sweet as the American candy and doesn't have any extra sugar. And of course we have our Saltlakrits that other countries would throw right into the trashcan… If you're not from Finland xD

  38. Swedish Otaku says:

    You didn't like the beer I'm guessing.

  39. Swedish Otaku says:

    Weird choices to send.

  40. missy mason says:

    Lol lol

  41. missy mason says:

    Lol so cool…

  42. missy mason says:

    You guys are awesome

  43. Ea Åkerman says:

    I tryed those linschips ( lentelscrisp/ chips ) i liked them but they are not as tasty as potato crisp.

  44. Ea Åkerman says:

    I’m Swedish by the way 🇸🇪

  45. Almas Korkees says:

    Jag är Swedish-lm am swedish

  46. モンキ。 says:


  47. Marlene Kendrew says:

    What is Sakutto please, Mr Google didnt know .

  48. Amy Givens says:

    "how about another drink"….lol

  49. C. Charlotte says:

    You three are so pleasant: lots of love! 💙

  50. Jari Haukilahti says:

    The snacks tasted more like 15 years ago and was better quility but when they started to sell candy like this https://youtu.be/YtN-4TDKGJ8 or lösgodis the quality went down and now its selled like this everywhere in any major (or small) grocerystore

  51. Pei K says:

    Hehehehe, Shinichi, I love your tee shirt!! My doggies are my therapy too!

    Also, your videos and cheerful personalities are my therapy as well guys, keep this up.!
    As for the candy cane candies, as a kid for American versions I'd just suck on it until it shrank :). I am so glad you're continuing the food haul vids they are so fun.

  52. Some kind of Garf says:

    Really fun to hear your takes on my country's things but to be completely honest, your beers were all hipster beers.

  53. Pamea says:

    Dansk øl er den bedste øl. Aka tuborg

  54. Pamea says:

    Do danish next

  55. Christopher Svensson says:

    I'm guessing Nick and Alexandra are from Gothenburg since all the beers come from that area 🙂

  56. Ebba Öström says:

    Polkagris= Candycane

  57. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson says:

    I like your dog, what breed is that? A dog with lots of character and personality.

  58. Carpet Climber says:

    You're two chill guys.

  59. GOLLUM BOY says:

    First thing is that I am Swedish and I have never heard about those beers

  60. Naeira K says:

    11.35, it the same as candy cane :p But diffrent flavours

  61. Raul Castellanos says:

    Gränna = the place ”village” where the Polkagris or so called candy cane was invented 🙂 you should go there if you go to sweden ! It looks like a photo from the 1950s , its like time stoped in that town

  62. Custer says:

    Great video! i'm from sweden and i can vouche for all of the snacks

  63. maskenmakkan says:

    im swedish and never heard of that candy before so it is not swedish…. yeah im from sweden so i know

  64. skalmaa says:

    You should try eat those whole grain crackers, with a thin layer of butter, and mby put some cheese on it.
    Thats usaly how we eat those kinda products here. I havent tried that brand out personaly, never seen them in stores. But they look very much like "crispbread" but with seeds. crispbread is very Swedish,
    If you wanna look more into what crispbread is, then i recommend you checking wikipedia out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crispbread

  65. Julia Landin says:

    The 88 candy used to bee an icecream. Now its made into a candy. They did the same with the Swedish piggelin icecream, but in caramell forme insted, probably because the piggelin isnt a chokolate covered icecream. Thease icecreames are still fore sale in Sweden, I think they pickt thease icecreams and made them into candy because they are the most baught, the favoriters. Fore a long time too. They have haved thease icecreams fore as long as i can remember. Cant pick witch one i like the most thou. Sometimes You want chokolate and other times something icey, witch the piggelin is. The piggelin is icy all the way through and green. Cant desceibe the taste thou. Maybee a little like a pear fruit.

  66. zexz says:

    why no djungelvrål? 😀

  67. Pei K says:

    the first chips DID look like Sun Chips, Shinichi! 🙂

  68. Zydrate says:

    you guys are adorable ^^

  69. Bond Street says:

    As a Swede it's rather amusing watching foreigners try Swedish snacks. The 88 Bites is a recent chocolate version of my favourite classic childhood ice cream that was launched in the 1960s called 88:an. Oh and "Gräddkola" means cream caramel in Swedish. Kex Chocklad is my favourite too, Satoshi!

  70. Eat my Shiteu says:

    the Gränna candy is made in the town of Gränna and they make the candy in front of your eyes and if you're lucky you may even get a chance to taste it warm and fresh, which i did and it was heavenly

  71. SebbeB89 says:

    Gränna?! Oh that's some fancy stuff!

  72. 「 Mellows Tea 」 says:

    88 bites is originality a ice cream! I’m from Sweden but I like Japanese candy more! UwU

  73. Vikotnick says:

    That dog! Awesome.

  74. Vollification says:

    I'm very happy you tried our honey, most people just go for normal sweets and snacks 🙂

  75. Vollification says:


    Those are "Läkerol". It is a sugar-free gummy candy orignally meant to be both soothing for the throat and a healthy alternative to candy with sugar.

  76. shallowlord says:

    I'm a swede.. and i have never heard of those beers before..

  77. shallowlord says:

    No djungelvrå? i'm dissapointed..

  78. archmage4ever says:

    Wow, i'm impressed how accurate you guys pronounce Swedish for the first time.

  79. Airbranch man says:

    I love this 😊

  80. Linus a.f says:

    just to let you know, 88 is actually an icecream. the 88 bites on the other hand, is a small candy version of the icecream 😀

  81. Pkmnfangirl21 says:

    Swedish anyone?🇸🇪

  82. Mattias Festin says:

    Must say you have a great and genuine and relaxing feeling in your video. Like listening to the sound of rain on the roof when laying in bed in a autumn day.
    You have my subscription.

  83. Ted Tran says:

    Hej hej i am swedish too…..

  84. Linnea Barzen says:

    Your pronunciation is pretty good, way better than native English speakers which I find interesting. Thanks for praising our chips 😉
    Gränna is the town that started making polkagrisar, they're soft when they're new then they get more chewy.
    We have 88 ice cream as well, there used to be an 88 blue but they discontinued it.
    Everybody loves kexchoklad <3

  85. TimmyME says:

    I'm swedish and many of those products I have never herd of.

  86. AnnaBellAsmr says:

    Nice video, you are so cute 😍

  87. Hando316 says:

    Too bad you didn't get some Mariestads öl (beer) sent to you. My personal favorite out here. I'm an American expat living in Sweden (Gothenburg) for the past 9 years. Love your videos.

  88. Lukas Folkunger says:

    Im swedish (jag är svensk)

  89. G- Light says:

    Those chips are the one children dosne't like much .

  90. G- Light says:

    i don't like the chips that you buyed

  91. G- Light says:

    Honung IS HONNEY in sweden yes

  92. G- Light says:


  93. G- Light says:


  94. G- Light says:

    every polkagris is not SOFT OR EAZY TO bite some of them are hard . my grandma broke half teeth when she bite in a big stick of polkagei the same one you guys eating .

  95. G- Light says:

    in sweden we have JUL-MAT AND JUL MEANS CHRISTMAS AND MAT MEAN FOOD . AND IT'S very popular it's a tradition and very good <3 it's christmas dinner

  96. Alexkun says:

    I've lived in sweden all of my life and have never seen or heard of any of those beer brands wonder if the person actually sent you swedish beers.

  97. Theshadowistic says:

    You guys should try swedish absolut vodka

  98. platez81 says:

    Very nice video guys! You have a new subscriber :).Happy new year from Sweden!


  99. Lisa Malmqvist says:

    I did not expect you guys to choose polkagris from grenna, but you're supposed to suck at them and not bite them straight away! 🙂

  100. joelout says:

    Is there such a thing as sweet beer?

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