Japanese Trying VEGAN RAMEN in LA (Taste Test)

hey guys today we are at Grand Central Market one of my favorite places in all of Los Angeles Grand Central Market located in downtown LA it’s been existence since 1907 which means they’ve been in operations for 100 years that’s pretty amazing to me this place has a wide variety of eateries as well as fruit stands vegetable stands you name it a couple of days ago we were here to try egg slab which is possibly the most popular restaurant here at Grand Central Market it was pretty amazing if you missed that video make sure to check that out today we’re in the mood for ramen and we also get a lot of quests to do vegan restaurants so we thought why not go to a vegan ramen joint located right here at Grand Central Market [Music] every time we pass by here we’ve been thank you to try out this vegan ramen we’ve never had vegan ramen before so basically their menu is very simple it’s simply the og ramen or the spicy ramen and I got the spicy ramen this is a sunflower seed bra and let me take a sip of it the AMIA spoon so I’m gonna use my spoon my small little spoon if you didn’t tell me that it’s vegan I wouldn’t know that it’s vegan I’m looking at this little like template here that explains how they make a broth it’s basically kelp shiitake mushrooms roasted sunflower seeds white miso so it’s basically a kelp mushroom miso stock let me try the noodles okay because even if the soup is good if the noodles are bad that’s not a good bowl of ramen Thank You massa [Music] oh yeah that’s pretty good noodles it’s not bad it’s not like super al dente like you you know you get in Japan but it’s actually not that bad there’s bean sprouts in here there are green onions there’s like bok choy and there is Dee’s own chili peppers and I’m not sure what this is I guess this is supposed to be like uh I don’t know like a vegan piece of meat I’m not sure Oh mushroom is some kind of mushroom I gotta try it some soup again because this soup is actually really interesting I never had a vegan ramen before so I have nothing to compare it to but if I compare it to like a regular bowl of ramen it’s actually not that bad it’s not as rich as something like tonkotsu ramen it’s richer than for example instant ramen or like shoyu ramen it’s much richer than that and it’s very complex as well I’m actually kind of impressed with the speaking stew and really impressed I got oh gee ramen I don’t know what does that mean oh gee and this is a vegan Pig I don’t know what what is this what what is this made from I don’t know creamy type it looks like a tonkatsu interesting it’s not tonkatsu but I think it’s quite similar and tastes like sesame season this is a noodle [Music] hmm now soup comes with noodle very well the egg yolk is separated yes I saw they are putting this yolk into this egg white egg white past the interesting the white part is made with GMO free soy milk season with sea salt and jela agar and then the yolk is a combination of nutritional yeast black salt and sodium alginate Wow okay it’s egg like in texture but not completely like Satoshi said it is kind of like gelatin II so you can definitely tell that like agar is definitely like a car you know what I like about this place I do like the fact that the menu is simple because it makes it really easy to order but even though it’s simple you do get a lot of options you have different topping options as well as the option to choose a gluten-free noodles they also have small plates including broccoli they have a Bombay poutine which sounds really interesting and they have very interesting drinks like Japanese Laluna nama tea which is Japanese green tea and they also have kidding free which is an alcohol free beer and it happens to be one of my favorite alcohol-free beers in Japan I gotta say that if I wasn’t Meegan this would be a really good alternative to regular ramen [Music] ice cream they chose Santa Barbara strawberry and Mexican chocolate sorbet I like the combination of a strawberry and chocolate really really chocolatey salty Wow the chocolate taste is really strong eating like dark chocolate this is nice very tasty it’s like sort of a miracle candy a real strawberry inside tastes really fresh alright guys so here is my sampler I got something called a flight and I can’t quite remember the names exact names of what I got but this one is something called legend I think I’m not sure or it could be that one but we’ll try this one first I can awesome oh I was nice I remember the name now this is the churro con leche there are truer bits in here and I tasted a little bit of cinnamon and you guys know how much I love cinnamon now this one right here I can’t remember her what I got but yeah it’s kind of like caramel caramel looking but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get caramel I’m sorry I can’t remember what I got but it’s it’s good it’s good and creamy you know what it’s not that sweet that’s what I like about it yeah this all right here was recommended by someone and this is um something lemon with Quantico Marion Barry so I have no idea what Marion Barry is Oh pretty tart that one is really good that one if you like berries and lemon which I never thought we’ll go together that one is amazing that’s what amazing lunch am eating ice cream oh yeah the vegan ramen was really eye-opening for me is the first time I actually had vegan ramen it wasn’t that bad but if I had a choice of course I go for the regular tonkatsu but for vegan ramen I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a good ice cream definitely check that place out really good stuff this market is awesome yeah I’m making it one of my goals to try out every single food vendor in this marketplace I love it thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up really hope you enjoyed it let us know your comments down below and as always thank you so much for watching see you guys in our next video bye

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