Japanese vs. American Hamburger (ハンバーグ vs. ハンバーガー)

Hello world, where I’m from in Japan, this is what hamburgers and hambagus are like in Japan. You said Japan twice. Who cares? Okay, let’s find the meat. I don’t know where is the meat. You really don’t know where the meat is? Yeahhh Where? ????(cat’s name?) Once again. Three color cat. Okay, let it go, let it go. This is ハンバーグ (Hambagu) Yep and this is ハンバーガー (Hamburger) ハンバーグ (Hambagu) is the patty one? ハンバーグ (Hambagu) doesn’t have a bun, right? Okay, we need to find lettuces, tomatoes and mushrooms. Here you go. -Let’s see, I might have to help you to slice… -I’m fine. -Are you sure you can slice by yourself? -Yep. Okay. Remember not to curl your knuckles right shin Yep Ohhh, you don’t… why you wasting that one? You can use that? Yeah, we could used it. So, what we do with this… You gonna cut that way? You couldn’t like that…. Yeah Be really careful with your fingers. Okay, try to cut the whole thing. There you go Good. -This? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just use your fingers – Shin, you can use fingers you know. Shin, you are getting juice everywhere. – Heh, ‘mato juice Now you have clean up the mess you made. The small silver pan.No, not that one. That’s the black one. This? Nononono. A pan. -Is this right? -Yeahyeahyeah. Yeah, be careful you look, look at my knuckles Right, so like, this, this, this… Yeah Do you see your thumbs there don’t… make sure your yeah, yeah Here you go. That might be a lot of butter… ???? That’s cool! How do we do that? Wooooow! ???? Shin you don’t need to squeeze it. Good, good, Where are your legs? Daddy, we didn’t take too many to cook. Your burgers looks kinda cooked… Overcooked! Fancy! A little dark. This is so black. I think we should listen to the instructions for a time.(????) It’s very crunchy. Wow let’s see how these tastes. So, usually we have the one that you boiled.and you never had these type of burning issue. Not once you boil. Bungy buns NONONONONONO Toaster. Yeah open them up to be flat There you go Okay, try for 2 at first. Like… oh wait… Ah maybe no, needs another a minute. Two minutes? No, one one. Not two. Can you just wait on there? Shin, they’re burning! Come on, hurry up, hurry up. Oh my god, Shin. That’s what happens when you go play games while you’re cooking. Ai chan Why there’s poo? No it’s cheese. ???? Shin, what about lettuces and tomato? and mushrooms. I won’t eat it. ‘Kay, put one lettuce in there. OK, eat it. Mm-hmm How ‘s it taste? Is it too burnt or just fine? ???? So what are you doing today? Ummm I gonna make…a hamburger and eat a hamburger. Okay You know who cooked this? Shin All of it. -Well, most of it. -I did this and this and this. Hm, I need this… That’s it? Cheese. -No tomato no mushrooms? -Yes. No Really? So, this is a hamburger and this is a ハンバーがー? ハンバーグ (Hambagu) , right? ハンバーグ (Hambagu) OK, let’s try again. So which one is which? This is ハンバーがー (Hamburger) and this is ハンバーグ (Hambagu) Okay. Alright, so let’s eat- try them out. OK. いただきます Did you actually get burger in that bite? Ummm yep. Yummy. Okay, so we have mayonnaise lettuce, cheese, tomato, burger, ketchup and bun. Yeah That’s one is a little bit black. いただきます (Let us eat) ???? I can hear the crunching. Emmm -It tastes like roasted steak. -Is it good? Yeah This is like roasted steak but a little bit higher burned. Really yummy, actually Which one do you like better? HAMBAGA or HAMBAGU? Both. Both? I like this. Which one? This. -Oh the HAMBAGA. -Yeah. -Well, specially because you make it by yourself. -This is the one I made (????) cheese burger. Why does HAMBAGU have no bun? (-This?) -Yeah Because it’s a HAMBAGU. Because it’s a HAMBAGU. Does it… What does it get anything else besides that sauce on it? Ummm for decorations Kind like salad and tomatoes but… I mean these lettuces thing You put lettuces on there? Really? I mean just for decoration but we don’t use anything else. What about (????)? Sometimes you do Does it ever have anything inside it? -Inside the HAMBAGA? -Yeah. Sometimes it has cheese or stuff. Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What are hamburgers like where you’re from? And HAMBAGU. Yes.

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  1. Frost says:

    Shin is so chaotic, I love his energy, lmao.

  2. Ruby Vallejo says:

    Love watching these video . But why does he act like such a baby baby . Smh

  3. Seda Avci says:

    Your cat is so cute. My cat doesnt let me hug to him.. 😊

  4. Abdul Wahab says:

    sachin is so cute more than me

  5. Elo Velo says:

    Thank you for sharing this video!
    I made your sisters hamugu today and it was delicious! ~

  6. Mark Thompson says:

    holy frick look at what whin is singing at 0:27

  7. Rucha Lad says:

    Hes the Shinchan who grew up

  8. DoogelyJim says:

    sake comes in a milk carton??

  9. Bessie Hernandez says:

    Shin is funny.

  10. Kara Frechette says:

    Lay off the kid. Why are you so hard on him 😑

  11. Charlotte Shanagher says:

    I'm sorry. This kid is annoying asf.

  12. mimi peitz says:

    Sweet Cat^^

  13. Ashley Nsekama says:

    "how he says it"
    "I can't anymore" 🤣(0:38)

  14. alejandra aguilar says:

    Omggg aiko looks so much like my cousin esther 😱😱😱😱😱😱 what the heck I'm shook

  15. Lae Vine says:

    4:29 what AHAHAHAHHAHA

  16. A Houl says:

    you are a little snappy with your boy, but I suppose cooking with kids can be frustrating. That being said you burned something and then criticized your son for burning something else. Why not just laugh it off?

  17. grnamin says:

    If you dip the hambagu into flour, beaten eggs and panko, then fry, do you get menchi katsu?

  18. Tam M says:

    Dad: Which one do you like better?

    Her: Meat.

  19. Trinexx360 says:

    There's one difference between an American hamburger and a Japanese Hambagu. American hamburgers you're not entirely sure what goes into the meat, or if it's even meat at all. I'm serious, McDonalds got caught serving non beef, or even meat related hamburgers. They all do it here because it saves them money and pads their bottom line.

  20. Tristan Knarr says:

    This damn dude annoying. Such a Nancy.

  21. mush930 says:

    The daughter looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt if he were a Japanese girl.

  22. Fairy Tail- One Piece says:

    Hambagas and Hambagous LOL

  23. kaiii moneynoob says:

    0:33 don't play with your food

  24. J & Mom LIVE says:

    The Japanese hambugu is almost the way American make meatloaf. We put it in the oven instead of pan frying it though.

  25. Papope Mueanpaopong says:

    I feel sorry for that legless cat

  26. Pohloon Chow says:

    hambaka (sorry i swear pls don't sue me)

  27. Dao Yang says:

    I didn't even know this was a thing?

  28. Ferdinand Calamba says:

    Hambagu will go well with rice and gravy yum yum.

  29. Vito vit says:

    He burns buns in the toaster oven. Me too man, toaster ovens are my enemy.

    Also it totally looked like she was making a meatloaf! honestly after watching her make it I realize its some version of meatloaf and hamburger at the same time XD

  30. Tsering Namgyal says:

    Sake means alcohol right?

  31. unXplained Gaming says:

    thatkid really messes up

  32. Riki Yamashita says:

    Wow, I live in the US now and we have the exact same hambagu sauce pot.

  33. mark spannar says:

    You’re lucky your kids are not picky eaters.

  34. Wolfs Rain says:

    America made from Beef, Japan made from Dog.

  35. Amy Mackey says:

    a hambagu seems similar to what my family calls “meatloaf” with eggs, panko, onions, and more depending on your tastes, in the meat. with a sauce made of ketchup, brown sugar, and mustard. i live in ohio, usa so im not sure if this is widely known or not

  36. April Ordonez says:

    I love watching your videos, its so amazing how different things are here in America and Japan

  37. C Burgess says:

    Little sister steams the burgers till burned. Exactly the wrong way to fry a burger.

  38. Chome Cup says:

    0:27 Awww Shinn you sing my fav song XDDD

  39. eyeam9key says:

    I'm wondering why Japanese girls are nice.. and the boys seem to need medical treatment.
    I have been told by Japanese girls that unless I behave) speak like that I'm silly. (Effeminate due to too much submission/polite/whatever wickipiediea says)
    What's up with gender stuff in Japan? Are they encouraging this?
    He's a brute she's a flower thing?
    Your son is… . Unapealing to most people. Sorry but you are putting his face out there.
    Is this cultural?
    What's up with that?
    Are they like the Arab macho nasty to make an impression kind of person? People?
    I don't get that from the tone of your .. channel.
    Are gentle men disencouraged.? Beast is cool thing?

  40. _ GG_Da_Potato_ says:

    It may be burnt but it be tasting good tho

  41. Bastion0711 says:

    Is it just me or japanese kids are born manic??

  42. Bastion0711 says:

    Asian people hate black people. That should be your next video

  43. Irina Gligor says:

    In Moldova we have hambagus as well! We make them exactly the same way your sister in law did. I like to eat them with mashed potatoes and pickles.

  44. Lierrant says:

    I am the (im)patient parent too ^^

  45. Caroline Freeman says:

    Hamburgers are on buns in America…

  46. Caroline Freeman says:

    I use a combination of ground chuck with onions and pepper, salt and celery seed and fresh garlic. Then cook them until well done, but not burned and add Provolone cheese, or sharp cheddar cheese and A1 steak sauce with lettuce, mayonnaise and ketchup and put it all on a toasted bun.

  47. Jena Bell says:

    Shin bothers me. He doesn’t listen. I like when the daughter does all the talking. She is good.

  48. Gregory Romo says:

    Looks like a hamburger and salisbury steak lol

  49. shi bobo says:

    0:30 東方?!

  50. x*Aoi Tsuki*x says:


  51. Felicity Holmes says:

    Why are there tissues stuck to the freezer door?

  52. Vinicius Alexandre says:


  53. Chloé Jenner says:

    0:28 i dead because it’s too cute !!

  54. Baptista Mercado says:

    Homemade burgers are sooo much better than the store bought ones as well.

    The only difference between the homemade hambagu and a regular burger was the sauce and adding sake during the cooking process.

  55. Fluffymiyster says:

    That "burnt" hambagu would've been perfect to me. I prefer my meats with a little char. Adds more flavor! And I love the crunch (I also like to crunch on ice, which I know might stem from a medical issue, lol). This whole video just made me very hungry.

  56. Naziya Khan says:

    Love from india ❤

  57. t a e t a e says:

    Shin look's like Hueningkai TXT

  58. Huda MN says:

    Watching this video again… gregs a legend of a father 👌

  59. Bean Xini says:

    When I was younger I used be like: that little girls just wants attention

    Now that I'm older:

  60. jeiel david says:


  61. Lou Janie says:

    How to get a boyfriend in japan
    (Please I need tips)

  62. MarcSlayer101 says:

    Just I want to tell you about the video what is Japanese Lunch is like because comments are turned off when you cut the onion put it in the freezer 2 minutes and your eyes will not hurt you and shoko

  63. Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr says:

    Love you’re content and would love to see more of you’re children !

  64. TheBagBalm says:

    After watching this video. I prefer McDonald's over this. Hahaha

  65. Frankie Bedek says:

    Ah, so the Japanese style is very meatloaf-y?

  66. Kazuma Kawamura's Wife says:

    I love love love Japan My ichiban.

  67. Brock Morningstar says:

    Seems like an American dad. I can tell by the coddling and overbearingness. The kid even spoke back to him. Lol

  68. Christian Mullinax says:

    Akio what is this poop shin no it’s cheese

  69. Skull Dreams says:

    The boy is like my bro

  70. hi guys says:

    0:59 tho
    “IM FINE xD”

  71. Eva Zulaikha binte Abdullah says:

    Maybe u should make a cat video with all of u playing with the cat 😺😺😺

  72. R. C. says:

    Eats the hamburger in one bite*
    𝙔𝙚𝙨, 𝙞𝙩'𝙨 𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨…

    Definitely. 😂

  73. drrashmi11 says:

    These are the three funny thing that I found in this video….

    Number one 👇
    Dad:you said japan twice
    Aiko:"tut"who cares
    Shin:(some magical sound?)

    Number two👇
    Dad:what are you gonna do today
    Aiko:im gonna make a hamburger… and eat a hamburger

    Number three👇
    Dad:why does the hambagu have no bun?

    Aiko points at hambagu
    Aiko:because its a hambagu

  74. Vanessa Casey says:

    Hmm you should try melting the cheese on the burgers and adding a little butter to the buns.

  75. xX _CorruptedSoul_ Xx says:


  76. allgoo 19 says:

    Shin's shirt says, "Cat person".

  77. pinkdarkrose says:

    Those kids are great chaotic forces… Adorable too

  78. James Harvey says:

    Please more of these cooking videos! the wife and i loved them, especially seeing auntie cook with ingredients .. its like Mark Wiens home cooking or something.. subscribed!

  79. Praveen kumar says:

    i love your channel from India, in India Karnataka,in Karnataka coorg

  80. MonkeyDLewi says:

    the little girl is so cute and funny xD

  81. Holly Thao says:

    I love when you guys make your culture food it just so good for me to learn😁

  82. Kellie C. says:

    So technically a Hambagu is a Salisbury Steak with Brown Gravy and the Hamburger is an American Burger with no Cheese.

  83. nomobobby says:

    @ 4:10 you know if you take a knife to it you can usually scrape most of the char off of it. At least, that's what I do I at BBQ s when their over done.

  84. atxformfactor says:

    chop steak cordon bleu?

  85. 6OJlbWA9l_WuWKA says:

    Мне всегда нравилась больше еда приготовленная женщиной !

  86. spicyporkramen noodle says:

    Hanbaga is for bread and Hanbagu is perfect with rice. I like the Hanbagu more because it was tasty even without the sauce.

  87. Dutchess Eberline says:

    Your a good father you have so much patience with your kids

  88. darshan patel says:

    Your boy holding a knife wrong

  89. Trip says:

    loved when shin shoved the whole hambagu into his mouth 😂

  90. Adam Strandberg says:

    Amazing video! In Sweden, we have something called "Pannbiff" or literally "Pan Beef/steak". It's the same recipe except without the mayo and you eat it with potatos, lingonberry jam and Swedish brown sauce

  91. Samia Shahrukh says:

    Aww look at the cats so cute n burgers are looking yummy 😋

  92. b9y says:

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  93. Christian Mullinax says:

    Hambagas is just meat loaf

  94. Charlotte Harris says:

    I love all your videos. your kids are so adorable too!
    The plastic wasted during the second batch of cooking got to me though (wearing gloves to mix the meat? Really?!) I guess it’s a cultural thing, but things will change gradually, hopefully

  95. Ccoolty says:

    0:27 Nyan version of UN Owen was her???

  96. Cassie Blanchard says:

    It’s cute how they cook together as family. Feels very homely 🙂

  97. David Sibbald says:

    Stop letting the juices out!
    Perhaps try cooking longer on a lower heat.
    The little hamburgers your niece made were so cute!
    What a wonderful family!

  98. Tristan Knarr says:

    Hambahhgaaz and hambuhguz… now I know

  99. JJ Janinja says:

    So a Hambagu is basically a Japanese style meatball that can go together with rice?
    I think deglazing the pan with sake and making the sauce with tonkatsu sauce and sugar does the trick.

  100. Trebor Ironwolfe says:

    Remember, child, that cat has at least eight more lives more than you do..
    Always handle her carefully and respectfully and she may forgive you for any transgressions 😉

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