Japanese Waterfall and Japanese Food!

Hello! No make up? Yokoso Peeps, it’s Oz! Today’s my day off! And it’s summer so I wanted to do something fun However, talking to Yoko we realized we don’t have a lot of money so today we were trying to do something that’s cheap And we’re going to be heading to this place in Chiba that has a waterfall. So we’re gonna go have a picnic. Yorokeikoku Waterfall Before we go we’re going to go to our trusty 7-11 and get some snacks! What do I want? There’s a special on burritos and sandwiches. They’re all 30% off. There you go Ryan Boundless. Complaining that sandwiches in Japan are too expensive, 30% off buddy! Do you want it heated? yes, please! A famous red bridge that leads into a bamboo forest. Alright, so we are at the station closest to the falls. And we’re trying to figure out where we should park and where we should go to see the falls Cute restaurant Bus stop Homeless cats licking themselves. It must be hot. These guys have a tough job. It’s hot, humid and they have to be out here raking up all this shit A little coffee shop on top of the mountain Cute Alright so we drove all the way up the mountain and it’s awesome! I think this is the entrance to the falls. Kind of cool. There’s like these designs carved into the wood. Kind of scary actually. Shall we go down this path? Wow, it’s so narrow and kind of steep. It’s cool though. And we’re right next to the waterfall. It’s a nice dog walking area too. This is awesome. These kids are brave Oh shit, it’s cold! The water’s really cold! Yoko’s walking in the falls. Are you having fun? This part’s really deep so it’s hard to walk through it. Unless you go from the edge. They’re gonna try Gets deep down here. Looks like she’s gonna fall. Nope, safe. This part’s cool! Feels good! Is that my dog Maple? Did he come all the way from Nagoya to follow me? He gained a lot of weight. And a lot of fur. That’s not Maple. If you look closely on this rock there’s a little cute frog They’re so cute and small. wow it’s so tiny that little frog if you zoom out you can’t even see it on the rock So I was doing fine but on the way back I slipped. I hurt my elbow and it looks like I shit my pants I fell in the water and it’s all dirty and gross. But I’m telling you guys this isn’t shit this is just dirty moss water. It sucks but at least my camera was ok! Let’s continue! It’s a pretty wet hole. Hahahaha Well that was a fun experience, I’m hungry now. This is called Tonden, it’s a Hokkaido Style Japanese Restaurant And it’s a chain restaurant so it’s not too expensive but the food is really good! Lots of interesting things, mostly seafood. Look at that, it’s not too expensive. Actually a reasonable rate My set includes tempura don, sashimi don, some pickled stuff, miso soup, udon noodles, salad and this is chawamushi. And I’m finished. I ate everything. I was so hungry. And it wasn’t so expensive. it was actually 1400 yen which is 14 dollars. And there’s no tax or tip. It’s all included. Well that’s it for today thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video and waterfall. If you have any comments leave them below and if you like this video thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Because my videos are awesome, Ozzy Awesome. Take care and see you next time. Peace

19 comments on “Japanese Waterfall and Japanese Food!”

  1. Jim Fields says:

    First… WHOOP WHOOP.. LOL. Love your vids man

  2. Linden Lonstrup says:

    Natural water slides FTW

  3. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    Oh so lovely!! I can feel the water flowing through my toes. Such a beautiful day, although I know heat and humidity can be awful, at least you had cool water to dip your feet in. 🙂

  4. Oty3D says:

    great, a video with two girls I can watch safely.

  5. Chrys Hansen says:

    One of your best videos; and great music selection, too. (funny shout-out to RB)

  6. KE4VVF says:

    When you are broke, like me, you can go to the dollar store to get all items needed for a nice picnic.

  7. Cooper's World says:

    Looks like a nice spot to strut around in my man-thong.

  8. win chia says:

    so is there fish or crabs/shrimp in the river since theres a couple people with nets

  9. Growing Family says:

    uuuu, two girls 🙂 You found the key to Youtube success!

  10. Gorilla No Baka says:

    0:44 to 0:50 "what do i want" … Definitely you want that oshiri 🙂

  11. darkesthero says:

    should've thrown a hotdog in that cave

  12. Patrick Ukemi says:

    awesome love your videos bro and your music selection

  13. JaKeAFC09 says:


  14. edtomorrow says:

    Wow!!! After eating you went all the way back to the falls to film your closing. Now that's dedication.

  15. Mohd Farhan says:

    Hello Ozzy
    I have a question for You
    1. Is there any Halal Food Restaurants in Japan
    2.Any Indian Muslim Community Living in Japan
    3.Mosques in Japan
    4.Is the Kobe is halal
    5.Can You Give Me suggestions on Halal Japanese Street Food
    6.Is there Racism in Japan against Black People in Japan

  16. Ketchup On Cake says:

    Definitely going to go here next time in Japan. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Emarald 543 says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It was wonderful to watch!

  18. ドン・ウゴDon Hugo says:

    Oz you say it was hot, how many degrees celsius do you estimate?

  19. Petrichor Bones says:

    whoooaaaa that waterfall is sooo coool omg !!!!! wowowo i LOVE seeing vlogs like this bc I love to cry over footage of places i may never get to see :,) RIP
    this was beautiful
    and that was prob the cutest and smallest frog i've ever seen omg

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