Japan’s Freshest & Best Sushi! w/ Abroad in Japan

Oh my god, it’s still moving!! Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video! Now it’s time to reveal the truth! The one you’ve all been waiting for! Or not… We got invited by Itamae Sushi to film
a really amazing show The cutting of a big Tuna!! We were really excited and so was this guy with bunny rabbit ears Yeah…I don’t know.. The demonstration started And seeing these guys cutting the fish made me realise that it must take a long time to acquire such techniques and skills Okay let’s do it! Oh wow! It tastes like the sea! Comment of the year: “It tastes like the sea” It’s really fresh After that unique demonstration, we go to sit down and enjoy some of the finest sushis I’ve had for such a decent price Wow! Oh yeah!! Like a magic! They’ve got English menu The staff is super friendly We tried a lot of regular stuff you usually
find in a sushi shop Tuna sushis, sea urchin, eel Then we got to try some exotic things like the tuna’s chin That’s very VERY… FUCKING good! Then came maybe the most difficult part of the dinner The live shrimp!! OH MY GOD it’s still moving!!!! Oooh the tail is moving Okay, ready? 1,2,3 Oh! It’s good! After that we got to eat the shrimp’s head! Deep fried!! It’s crunchy!! It’s better than I was expecting! Would I eat it again? No Not only the food was good but the Sake was amazing!! Itamae Sushi has a lot of different shops in Tokyo And if you’re looking to eat some sushis without paying a shit ton of money I definitely recommend you to try it out I’ll put the link to their website in the description below And I’ll be seeing you very soon
for another 2min Japan video! Bye-bye!! Look at that lense flare! It’s like a JJ Abrams movie

49 comments on “Japan’s Freshest & Best Sushi! w/ Abroad in Japan”

  1. Yamasukii says:

    o.O i,m first? 😀

  2. Japan and Me says:

    That looks amazing. I wanna go there!

  3. GodUsopp TV says:

    dans la video de Aborad in japan on va madame non ^^ 😛

  4. onigiri ball says:

    yay! superbe video encore une fois! keep up the amazing work 😉

  5. J.Swordy says:

    Comme j'ai rigolé dans cette vidéo mon dieu xD

  6. Maaike and Takeru says:

    omg that shrimp ! Did they peel it when it was still alive ?

  7. Prophecie Sensei says:

    Merciii pour le lien, un resto a tester for sure ^^

  8. メロディー中野 says:

    Z'avais raison ! :DDD Tu me donnes faim alors que je viens de finir de diner VDM XDD Mais super vidéo comme toujours 😉

  9. YENOOL says:


  10. Boy Aditya says:

    More Food Porn Shot please!

  11. Boy Aditya says:

    More Food Porn Shot please!

  12. Gofawu says:

    LA BOUFFE!!!!
    Sinon, pourquoi le serveur à fait déborder le verre de Saké?

  13. tomoko tomoko says:


  14. Mathias Court says:


  15. Where's Stu says:

    That place looks very VERY fucking good!

  16. Nils Obiergo says:


  17. Philippe Hugueny says:

    -Vous reprendrez bien un peu de sake.
    -Ok mais pas plus que le verre.
    -Il y en a un peu plus mais ça fait rien.

  18. NamSpook says:

    awe man I'd probably…..cringe having a live shrimp fighting to get out my mouth X3 !!! I still wanna go

  19. DesignMiss says:

    Oh je comprends ce que tu voulais me dire xD… Oh non pauvre petite crevette !
    …Mais sérieusement, manger la tête ? Sa devait être sacrément désagréable à mâcher…
    Je vous envie en tout cas !

  20. Xapury says:

    Shrimp so fresh is still alive.

  21. Otaku Anonyme says:

    Entre le curry bleu, le ramen zombie et la crevette vivante, ils mangent vraiment des trucs bizarres les japonais xp

  22. A Million Miles Into Midnight says:


  23. purplechickon says:

    I can't handle things that taste like the sea, bleh. x_x But its still super interesting. That giant tuna, dang!

  24. KamiP/ Adrien9512 says:


  25. Serge Villa says:

    Like a magic XD

  26. GamerJunks says:

    Crevettes vivantes, couilles de poulet, j'hésite entre bravoure et folie 😀
    Cependant toujours deux minutes très agréable et qui valent le coup ne serait-ce que pour l'humour et les choses que l'on découvre !
    Bref, j'espère que l'aventure 2mnjapanvideo perdurera 😀

  27. Ming says:

    thank you for doing a close up on the eel bec it looked AMAAAAZINGGGGGG

  28. Kari Haruka says:

    I am still very uneasy about eating something that is still alive.. Though the shrimp doesn't look anything as bad as Ikizukuri. That shit is just fucked up! haha

  29. Marco Quiroz says:

    I just binge watched all your videos, and I regret nothing. They're all amazing!

  30. HurricaneSamy says:

    this video is over 2:19 MINS, How dare you not land on the 2:00 mark sir?

  31. Valeria Pech says:

    Surprisingly, that live shrimp actually looked really good!

    (By the way, how long did it take for them to cut the entire tuna?)

  32. Vee says:

    I LOVE CHRIS !!!! <3 And you too, Charly 🙂 YOu guys are awesome !

  33. stvsueoka1 says:

    The quote of the year had me rolling! Hahaha that and the screengrab u picked! Self deprecation is amazing when used properly and you 2 are the best at it hahaha

  34. Kento Bento says:

    so…did you find out why the guy had bunny ears?

    awesome vid~

  35. Pedro Pereira says:

    i guess in your videos i'll just coment the songs from games that i recognize.
    so now you gave us a sonic music and i believe it's from green hill zone xD

  36. Simona Moon says:

    Lovely video!

  37. Francisca says:

    I totally ship it

  38. Kim Avenue says:

    Oh putain xD pardon.. haha, la crevette vivante au secours la pauvre xD

  39. TheFalloutBunny says:

    The fresh sushi looks <3 yuum
    But when Chris ate the head of the shrimp I had to think of the horror story my boyfriend told me … :'D he had a super nice silvester dinner with friends in tokyo and they had big shrimps in some kind of soup… the body tasted really good but his friends told him to suck out the head of the shrimp and he told me it was the most disgusting thing he ever tried in his whole life XD

  40. Alex J says:

    You & Chris together are like the best most hilarious Youtubers combo ever, hope to see more collabs in the future! =) <3

  41. Rouge Pigeon says:

    Le sushi de crevette vivante…ça m'a l'air aussi bon qu'effrayant…à quand les steaks qui bougent?

  42. coco mimi says:

    Oh non pas la crevette vivante ! La pauvre 🙁

  43. Jordan Green says:

    I totally need to hang out in Japan with AbroadInJapan and CharlyJapan!

  44. Zanoodle says:

    My two favorite Japan Youtubers, in the same video?! SUGOI!!! Please make more videos together!

  45. hello hello says:

    I like ”It taste like the sea”.

  46. Colin Tan says:

    must u make a reservation

  47. Kana Ito says:

    your videos are so fun😂😂😂

  48. kazuyasu rioka says:

    I wanna eat very very fucking good sushi!

  49. 焼肉 says:


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