Japan’s Miyazaki Chicken: The TASTIEST Chicken in The World?!

100 comments on “Japan’s Miyazaki Chicken: The TASTIEST Chicken in The World?!”

  1. NeoDMC says:

    Dark Souls chicken?

  2. JTJ says:

    The trick is to starve yourself for 24 hours and then eat. Anything will taste the "best ever".

  3. kat lia says:

    i thought it is a chicken that is cook in the restaurant in miyazaki's spirited away.

  4. Vanessa Sayuri says:

    Hi Mikey. The sauce that you ate on this video it is not wasabi, it is a type of japanese mustard whose the taste looks like wasabi, it is call karashi.

  5. Julian Minev says:

    In my country we eat hearts and all of the stuff in the chicken,all people love it.I'm from Bulgaria.

  6. SuperDogeSenpai says:

    He showed the picture of the deep fried cartage when he was eating the karaage.

  7. Anthony LC says:

    The more you say juicy, chicken, charcoal…. The more I freeegginnnn salivate!

  8. Quinn Alexander says:

    Where the hell is he putting the camera on the table. Where is there room.

  9. umi amanda says:

    Miyazaki chicken live longer then other chicken 😂

  10. C J says:

    It looks rather unappetizing

  11. Amulon Leo Zarraga says:

    People watching this video makes them subscribe ._.

  12. Knee King says:

    Researching this place more, it doesn't seem to have great reviews from other people?!

  13. Christoph Waltz says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side … and on to your plate!

  14. May Benoet says:

    Mike, I suspect you'd like genuine jerk seasoning on your chicken. Try Walkerswood. It's the best.

  15. Smallpotato1965 says:

    Soooo… this is the Japanese version of the Bresse chicken?

  16. YES! says:

    I mean General Tso's chicken be good

  17. Cos mos says:

    Agree with the liver

  18. Lorna Levi shoeswomen says:

    How come your not fat and you eat about 10 meals a day
    Chicken looks nice

  19. arjun sohani says:

    You wouldn't be eating chicken in chicken heaven.

  20. Pang Kou Xiong says:

    Chicken royalty.. Chicken heaven.. 😌😂😂😂

  21. Ian Ellsworth says:

    I love how you get everything on the menu hahahaha

  22. Drmicky141 says:

    I reckon you can go one level up and try raw chicken Mike. It’s supposedly the ultimate way to eat chicken. Also, if you find fugu a bit plain then you might want to try whale meat instead. I’m against whaling too but a foodie once said that no one should be deprived the pleasure of eating whale meat, it’s that good! I’ve never tried either so can’t tell you for sure. Saving probably the best for last, once you’ve tried the above there should one more left on your to do list next time you head to Japan, and that’s horse sashimi. I can honestly say that it’s the only meat that I consider even more beautiful than the best Kobe beef.

  23. C B says:

    I can't figure out how to get there. I tried clicking on the link, but the map is not working. I'm going to Japan this spring. I really want to go there! 🙁

  24. Kelli Toguchi says:

    I love it when you eat things then close your eyes and just go "OMG"

  25. Eragon Kvothe says:

    Is that the place where mark went?

  26. Professor Xavier says:

    smoking in a restaurant?

  27. LednacekZ says:

    eating fresh and free range chicken or eggs is an experience on its own. only then you get something that tastes like chicken.

  28. Thyck&Spycy says:

    You are amazingly funny! Your commentary keeps me coming back! I’m searching the web for this chicken now🤣. I think I’ve seen like 100 of your videos now! ❤️

  29. Frank Lemmer says:

    You are very lucky

  30. BENKYism says:

    I'm pretty sure KFC has better chicken

  31. Smol Sosig says:

    Dark souls reference anyone ?

  32. フジ子 says:

    you should eat chicken of convinience store.
    It is vvvvveeerryyy yammyyy.

  33. Amaranthim Talon says:

    I'm not a huge fan of chicken- but def a fan of you- so am watching- you almost lost me at chicken bones, dude- I have tried hearts- not my thing- but bones.. nah- think I will leave that one totally up to you..

  34. Yuhan Iriahuzla says:

    I wanna go to Japan for my honeymoon 😭

  35. Gru slofar says:

    Naaah, Japanese foods are nothing but ordinary. Serving is tiny and sometimes bland.

  36. The Gaming Deer says:

    Take a shot every time he has foodgasm

  37. Patshhi4 says:

    Thanks for telling us about the cigarette smoking. As a former smoker I try to be tolerant of others who smoke, but I would ask for a no smoking section.

  38. Thanglenlal H a o k i p says:

    i love all livers hahaa

  39. Vishan Seenath says:

    I actually went here on my trip after your video, but the chicken was rubbery, hard to eat, and was definitely NOT the best chicken. It wasn't even one of my best meals in Japan. Kinda makes me weary of your other recommendations abroad.

  40. Julie GG says:

    that chicken is called kawitan here in Isabela, Cagayan Philippines

  41. Narajiナラジ says:

    Wow you mix the wasabi in the soy sauce

  42. stilcrazychris says:

    I love chicken hearts & gizzards & the cartilage on the bones. I'm always frying them. When we go down to Arkansas we stop @ the gas station & buy a large order of them for are trip. So good. I always fry them when we're @ the lake, take them out on the boat & snack on them all night fishing. I fry them in the fish fryer about 5 lbs @ a time. Are family of 4 can go through them quickly. Exspecily the teenaged kids. I think I'm going to the store & buying some hearts & gizzards tonight.
    Thanks Mikey….

  43. Cry Celestial says:

    I’m crying on the inside cuz I don’t have the money to go to Japan and eat these

  44. Jango Fett says:

    You should try Jiro’s sushi!

  45. Kuros Silver says:

    They are plenty in our country

  46. The Gaming Cathedral says:

    Can you even eat chicken liver rare? I mean, can you eat ANYTHING from a chicken rare?

  47. Savio Sama says:

    You da man Mikey

  48. Fio Octubre85 says:


  49. ronnie castleberry says:

    And you don't even like chicken!

  50. Michelle Fernandez says:

    THANK YOU! You not only said the name of the restaurant, but you linked to it, AND posted the dishes. I so appreciate it as we've been watching your videos for inspiration. Please keep doing this!!!

  51. peko says:

    yes, that's the thing that bothered me as well in Japan, that smoking is still allowed in dining establishments.

  52. Yorha Lolibot says:

    Darksoul Chicken

  53. Fawzibear1 says:

    Hayao Miyazaki

  54. Jon Mcintire says:

    Japan rocks, nicest cleanest and smartest life experience😀

  55. Jon Mcintire says:

    spiced batter

  56. Bl eu says:

    You know, Chen, before watching your series of videos on Tokyo, I always felt that Tokyo would be my poison of all the Asian countries I would want to visit. And now having watched your videos, Tokyo is my favourite hands down. You really should have a show on the Travel channel. I was telling a friend yesterday that I really wish you had your own show on the Travel Channel because I like watching your show it's different than bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmerman but I can't tell you how it's different. It just is. Maybe its different because you eat things that I would be willing to try and is normal. I think you should get with the Travel Channel and see if you could have your own show because your shows are really interesting.

  57. NoahF says:

    1:30 go figure

  58. Reuben says:

    All Asians and black people flock to Japan

  59. Galxey says:

    When he said jidori I automatically thought of Chidori…. I’m such a weeb

  60. Gil A says:

    Ok, because you 'so' implore me to eat this chicken, i concur charcoal chicken was mindblowing. You should come to Israel and you will taste that same charcoal explosion additive flavor but just with Kebab in pita bread and tahini and other veggies.

  61. Cry Celestial says:

    And here i am eating chicken from the market

  62. Audi Herrera says:

    You are pretty bad a explaining what u are eating …what does "knockout punch " taste like?!?! Lol

  63. Outlaws says:

    “This is the only chicken that can actually fly” I don’t think he knows that chickens can fly, as well as turkeys😂

  64. Kyle Barnes says:

    Hold up…did he just say he ate chicken bones?

  65. Bud Bennett says:

    Dude you are the best. Thanks

  66. Tommy Guan says:

    I am so hungry

  67. Marc Vegas15 says:

    Mike Chen got full?! This is impossible. He must have closed the black hole in his stomach.

  68. grumpy uncle says:

    Exactly! Thank you Mikey for saying that.That's the only problem with restaurants in Japan. They should make it illegal to smoke inside all buildings!

  69. Jrh007 says:

    Did he actually say he was full??

  70. blastoise charmander says:

    Green powder is wasabi powder

  71. TheCptCoy says:

    I don't like chicken hearts because every time I eat one it's like chewing on a small rubber ball

  72. ryulord23 says:

    224 people didnt get the "chicken crossing the road" joke lolz..

  73. andreas tan says:

    In Indonesia some chicken in indonesian restaurants there is a chicken called ayam kampung and its free range and pretty cheap

  74. Henry Lau says:

    Love your killer descriptions! You ROCK!

  75. Jeremy Morrical says:

    smoking cigarettes is a huge part of Asian culture. I thought you would know that 😂

  76. Lester Walit says:

    Music's giving me a persona vibe

  77. Qistina Cipher says:

    I got a KFC ad before this XD

  78. Tabitha Smith says:

    I can't wait to go!

  79. Tomsawyerspit says:

    I draw the line at bones. Before that actually.

  80. Tomsawyerspit says:

    Wow, smoking in a restaurant. I remember a time when it was the norm. Now it's just repulsive. I'm glad it's been outlawed here.

  81. Sprenzy says:

    you know when your chicken is good when you feel like your wasting chicken by eating it

  82. Amin Limbu says:


  83. bodiddly mitchell says:

    I have trouble with you eating chicken bones. They splinter and can cut you internally, but perhaps you have a method.

  84. GamerGirl 1 says:

    Rareish/medium rare CHICKEN? Am i missing something? Isnt that the epitome of disease?

  85. ozzypresident says:

    was that a penguin

  86. Alan Au says:

    Mike, eat your broccoli 😂

  87. Matt Nobrega says:

    Japan and Hawaii have the best food. He'll any foreign food is better that American food.

  88. Jan Mark Benitez says:

    Whos here because of guga/sousvideeverything

  89. Deborah Nance says:

    I don't care for chicken because it is bland I love popeye's spicy chicken stripes but other than that I don't eat chicken.

  90. takku 88 says:

    Wow.. I thought smoking has banned everywhere like bars, nightclubs etc. :O

  91. Lorale says:

    09:17 u know it's delicious if the chef smile while cooking

  92. DREW MURDAUGH says:

    They actually allow people to smoke in restaurants in Japan? That is one of my pet peeves I absolutely cannot stand someone ruining my meal by smoking a f**** cigarette next to me. I live in the Philippines and it's like that in restaurants but now they are pulling Collective heads out of their Collective asses I'm passing new anti-smoking laws especially in public places like my favorite resort island of Boracay no more smoking in the restaurants I have had meals ruins numerous times there by a**** foreigners who think it's cool to light up cigarettes are in a cigar the same area that everyone is eating. you have to be a real jerk to do that!

  93. Diamandinae says:

    We as humans have stopped eating organs which are good for us!!

  94. mlovecraftr says:

    0:31 The Flag of Sardinia?

  95. Deckie Deckie says:

    The Japanese are ready to "give it" to the sheep (white amerikans) same way they did w/the wagyu beef….jejejje

  96. Munetsugu Kayo says:

    Hi Mikey, I love your videos! If you ever visit Osaka, I’d love for to try some of my favorite yakitori, kushi katsu, ramen, and okonomiyaki places!!

  97. Charles Mallory says:

    Only $50 for everything and it's enough for 2-3 people! What a bargain!

  98. Pei K says:

    Mikey, it used to be like that in America too…smoking everywhere blech.

  99. The Gaming Cathedral says:

    "The waiter said it all tastes good."
    > Proceeds to order all of it.

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