Jersey Pizza Boys Toss Flaming Pizza Dough with Jimmy

-Welcome to
“The Tonight Show,” guys. -Hello.
-How are you doing? What is your name,
and how old are you guys? -I’m Michael Testa,
and I’m 12 years old. -Okay. -I’m Nicholas Testa.
I’m 10 years old. -You’re 10 years old, yeah.
Where are you guys from? -From Colonia, New Jersey.
-Hey! From New Jersey. Now, I saw
this video of you guys. You’re throwing pizzas. And I saw it on Facebook.
It got 26 million views. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Wow!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Are you guys, like,
the most popular kids in your high school now?
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah, definitely. -That’s pretty cool, right? How did you get into it?
Do your parents own a pizzeria? Or how do you learn
how to do this? -Yeah, my dad owns
a pizza restaurant — Carmine’s Pizza Factory, downtown Jersey City,
New Jersey. -Of course, yeah, I was gonna… [ Cheers and applause ] I’m surprised they didn’t
put the website out there. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] But is it hard to do,
tossing a pizza? Is there any tips to it?
Like, what — Am I — What, am I doing something wrong
already, or am I… It just —
It goes like that, right? -Yeah.
-Yeah, exactly. Like that?
[ Cheers and applause ] -You want to get it in the air.
-What’s that? -You want to get it in the air. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] I did get it in the air.
You weren’t looking, clearly, the whole time.
[ Laughter ] Watch this. [ Cheers and applause ] -Here’s your —
Here’s your pizza. [ Laughter ]
Well, I heard that you guys are gonna be on
“Little Big Shots” this Sunday. -Yeah.
-That is unbelievable. Are you excited about that?
-Yeah. It’s really great fun. -I loved going
to Hollywood, Universal Studios. It was amazing.
-You did? -Yeah.
-Yeah. I have a ride there, you know?
-I know. [ Laughter ]
I know. -So, who’s cool now?
[ Laughter ] Uh, hey, would you mind
showing us a little bit of your bit
right now? Is that cool? Is that all right?
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, that’s good. [ Mid-tempo Italian music
plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Chuckles ] Please, don’t try this at home. Ladies and gentlemen,
Michael and Nicholas Testa — the Jersey Pizza Boys! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Up-tempo Italian music plays ] [ Rhythmic clapping ] ♪♪ That’s close.
That’s close. ♪♪ Hey! Oh, give me that.
Give me that lighter. Give me that lighter,
give me that lighter. [ Crowd cheers ] Hunh! Hunh! ♪♪ Oh! [ Finale plays ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Music stops ] That’s what I’m talking about! Michael and Nicholas Testa! [ Cheers and applause ] Do not forget to watch them
on “Little Big Shots” this Sunday at 8:00 p.m.,
right here on NBC! That was great, guys!
-Thanks. -Let’s go. [ Up-tempo Italian music plays ]

100 comments on “Jersey Pizza Boys Toss Flaming Pizza Dough with Jimmy”

  1. Heat says:

    Tossed his jacket like a boss 😎

  2. Matthew Froehlich says:

    That was quite impressive. I'm almost 30 and still can't spin a basketball on my finger, let alone flaming pizza dough.

  3. Mrs unknown says:


  4. BodgyHeats666 says:

    Mario & Luigi

  5. Shay Luh says:

    figure it out vibes

  6. Betsy Robert says:

    The brothers are super cute

  7. tfimperfectangel says:

    That thing they lit fire on is not a pizza! LOL~

  8. Afonso Sá says:

    is it just me or did jimmy call that kid a looser at 1:52?

  9. SirPerfectful says:

    Get this more viral than Kendrick Lamar's right stroke!

  10. completeGamer007 says:

    "um…can i just get my pizza please"

  11. mashall khazan says:

    Any one knows the music ?

  12. alina love says:

    Jimmy did u seriously call that little boy a loser for throwing his jacket😐

  13. Jake Cooper says:

    thats not pizza dough doe

  14. iamlight says:

    they weren't throwing pizza; they were tossing pizza dough.

  15. Mohammad Ali says:

    Say no to bullying.

  16. Justin Space says:

    Paper covers rock at 3:15.

  17. Dinesh Salunke says:

    can anyone tell me which intro used when the Jersey brothers playing with pizza

  18. flightjam says:

    I think Jimmy Tried sooo hard to get that kid to give a proper fist pump, but the kid just didn't get it. lol

  19. Xx_imaxor_xX says:

    do the right thing

  20. Sancho says:

    I thought this was a great interview. Jimmy truly is still just a giant ass kid

  21. ThatWasEpic says:

    That Pizza is brighter than my future !

  22. martijn musschoot says:

    does nobody says something about the fact that the boy's name sounds like nicola tesla?

  23. Danish Rangwala says:

    Most popular in their high school? More like elementary lol

  24. Nero says:

    3:01 Jimmy like the fuck y'all doing.

  25. Sonny Sarathy says:

    He goes to my school he's not in high school 😂😂😂😂

  26. ReasonableDoubt says:

    1:44 – If there had to be only one moment of thug life, This will be it.

  27. Mike Cheng says:

    0:27 "are you the most popular kids in your highschools now?"

  28. Marisol Zeledón says:

    The little one did Justin and Jimmy's thing at the end omg lmfao i love him


    AYYEEE!! Testaaaa He goes to my school, in my Spanish class. I'm so proud mikey.

  30. superlegendary ultralite says:

    give me the fucking lighter

  31. musikman337 says:

    Why does that lil dude have an earring? Smh..(i see where this thing is headed)

  32. Pennywise says:

    When Jimmy's ego is endangered from two kids

  33. NezihBouali says:

    Great kids!!!!

  34. Nicky Q says:

    hey everybody that gets butthurt for every little move on here,most of it IS STAGED

  35. Izzy says:

    I tried doing this at work with the pizza dough and yea I ain't good at it 😂😂

  36. Farhan Jaffer says:

    high school Jimmy? lol

  37. jcorcs says:

    Jimmy turning into Ellen

  38. Angelus Nielson says:

    12 years old is High School?

  39. Fatima Abdullah says:

    Jimmy looked like mr.bean dancing at the end

  40. Sonny Crockett says:

    What if I am lactose intolerant can I order a pizza with just bread, sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, and bacon, and no cheese? Like would Domino's do that?

  41. Cloud25XD says:

    I don't know whether I would be happy or embarrassed to be named Nicolas Testa.

  42. FacePalm says:

    On the next episode of Jersey shore…..

  43. Ahmed 00oo says:

    That's a clean commercial game right there 😂😂😂😂

  44. Steven Garcia says:

    Awesome they are pro

  45. meyoumemeyou says:

    They are so cute!

  46. OkamiMemoS says:

    Anyone else annoyed by the amount of times these kids say yah and yes

  47. shotmeindaface says:

    The jacket throwing was staged. Look at Jimmy's anticipation reaction.

  48. Lydia T says:

    lol l just love jimmy fallon and his dance at the end <3

  49. Sophia Mae says:

    That little one is too funny

  50. Werefox32 says:

    That little bastard thug just straight threw his jacket like it was 2010!

  51. sdq sdq says:

    26 mil view , lol,glad i am not one of them , youtube getting lame

  52. Tiya Jameson says:

    Jimmy called the little guy a loser at 1:52. 😥

  53. Marlea Renee says:

    high school? lol they aren't old enough for high school A for effort jimmy

  54. Mileana travis says:

    What the name of the song please ?

  55. SoLurvly.SoNerdy says:

    So cute

  56. TheCrook says:

    Is it real dough, or a rubber pizza?

  57. Khoddiey - Rene Clark says:

    Jimmy was so rude to those boys.

  58. Alex Beltran says:

    Those kids are so sweet!!!

  59. Leo Joseph says:

    Nicholas Testa, the man who invented pizza throwing.

  60. Chicken What says:

    I can't even spin one of those fidget spinners let alone a freaking PIZZA

  61. worldcitizen001 says:

    The little guy was PUMPED lol

  62. Irfan Hameed says:

    Oh, Look Nikola Tesla also made pizzas, who knew?

  63. Tyler Durden says:


  64. Justin Jones says:

    How does the dough not break?

  65. SociallyAwkwardPerson says:


  66. Colt 45 zag says:

    cool kids but obviously fake! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  67. Jim Norton's Alcoholism says:

    Are they from Jersey? I can't tell.

  68. Jim Norton's Alcoholism says:

    This is racist against the greasy I-talians

  69. SwaggerChiick1 says:

    I love how the older brother held the younger one at the end. Very protective. So cute!

  70. Mini Thomson says:

    Jimmy is a alcoholic bts

  71. L0cDoG says:

    In Russia "testo" (тесто) means dough.

  72. MelodyGrey says:

    who else thought they were called tesla
    hey im nicholas tesla.. david dobrik's son.
    idk. lol

  73. Mama Lama Drama says:

    Jimmys a douche lol

  74. Ammar Tairi says:

    Lmao the little kid is a fucken savage 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Tonya S. says:

    Lol.. He saw him light that doe n was like. Gimme that, gimme that lighter.. Lol he couldnt even form complete words 😂😂😂😂🙌

  76. KrysP says:

    They were on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey Xdd
    Just noticed

  77. Makillian says:

    He became a legend the moment he threw his jacket

  78. Margaro Leos says:

    song at the end????

  79. Janinho897 says:

    Give 10-year-old Nicholas 8-10 years and he will steal the girl you've been trying to chat with all night long with a simple pick-up line.

  80. Nalemasjuff says:

    I didn't new Nicolas Tesla was messing with pizza

  81. Hadookeen says:

    You guys won't believe I live right around the corner of their dads pizza restaurant lmfao

  82. JesusPulledMeThrough says:

    I swear, Jimmy is always so funny with kids

  83. chicken_nugget dude says:

    Jimmy thought they would go to Orlando and ride his ride. Bummer

  84. Zefram Cochrane says:

    Fuck, people see Jimmy with one set of kids and suddenly they hate on all his adult interviews. Calm the fuck down peeps.

  85. kathleenn816 says:

    Probably the only nice thing to come out of Jersey shitty I mean City

  86. Brandon Centrone says:

    Anyone know the name of the song they play?

  87. Kevin McCarthy says:

    Nikola Tesla, I'm 10 years old.

  88. asht mathura says:

    If they ever finished making the pizza, it would probably taste amazing. But then Gordon Ramsay would come out of nowhere and ask them "where's the fucking lamb sauce"???

  89. JASON PLAYZ says:

    I live next to there store

  90. Jim Lahey says:

    Those kids are in high school? I looked like them in elementary and so did every other kid

  91. Mr Heisenberg says:

    1:47 😂 Swagger

  92. NJR Medical says:

    These kids have their own Toy Company now,

  93. # TooMuchScotty says:

    The health and safety. "Give me the lighter" 😂😂😂

  94. Oscar Jimenez says:

    I don't understand the physics of this shit

  95. Emily Schmidt says:

    Omfg nick testa goes to my school

  96. National Dossier says:

    Literally sick

  97. CC Mi says:

    I'm more salad kind a guy. 😁

  98. Mahsa Azadmanesh says:

    Nicholas testa?? cool name

  99. Big John Fury says:


  100. Robert says:

    Ahaha nick goes to my school

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