Jimbaran Fish Market | Parrotfish, Octopus, and More Fresh Seafood!

Another bright and sunny day! Today, we’re going to Jimbaran Jimbaran is in the Badung regency, south of Kuta. And we’re going there… to get fish. But not just any fish. Fresh fish! We’re going to Jimbaran fish market to look for the freshest fish. Alright so… Here we are in Jimbaran fish market, I’m here with our friend, Kristina, the beautiful Kristina And… Ohh so thank you, Sebastian! You’re welcome and you have to see inside the… the fish vendors. That one is a tuna? Yes, the yellowfin, you see? Yeah, wow… 66 kilos, Phine So you come here a lot, Seba? I come here once in a week Once in a week? Okay! You see, all these small fishes They are very good to make fried in a very hot oil. This is sotong. A kind of cumi-cumi (squid) Fresh? Of course, it’s in the… Smells like what? Like the sea? So this is the first time you smell it? Actually yes. Barracuda! No, this is mahi-mahi. This is mahi-mahi. Mahi-mahi? Ohh… It’s uh… very nice, the mahi-mahi also. Look at that! Um, like a hammer. Oh yeah, this is the beak…

9 comments on “Jimbaran Fish Market | Parrotfish, Octopus, and More Fresh Seafood!”

  1. EK2 says:

    What a delightful Atmosphere!

  2. Nishank Nishu says:

    Can I use your Betta fish clips for my video to explain with your attribution please

  3. M 193 says:

    நன்றி, ….

  4. Jim Barber says:

    Beautiful and you've made me hungry. Too bad my nearest "seafood" is a McDonald's Fish Sandwich, on this Sunday morning ;~)

  5. NonoozableToDogma Isaiah 45:7 says:

    So did that smell like anything familiar?

  6. NonoozableToDogma Isaiah 45:7 says:

    I hope you will take this as simple information and not any kind of critical attack.
    I would much prefer to hear the sounds of the marketplace or whatever else you are experiencing then to hear techno dance music. I don't know how it's not irritating to more people but for those of us who are irritated by it, it is an assault. Please don't get me wrong, I am a musician. I love music and I would love to go with you on these trips. And I do occasionally. But I do it with the volume all the way down.
    I say this because I know I'm not the only one.
    Other than that, I enjoy your videos. Enjoy your travels. 🍃🌷🌿

  7. Jose Orlando says:

    Legal, muita simpatia

  8. Alessandro Verdini says:

    Very well indeed thank dear friend.Super….Have a nice week.

  9. FreshDurt says:

    Orang indo ya?

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