Jom makan SUSHI!! [ AEON ]

Mama : Okay.. Dig in! Mama : *Read prayer* Amin Mama : Shahid, do you wanna buy eggs to eat? Shahid : For what? Mama : That eggs that we bought before.. Hahahaha (There’s happy children playing nearby) She’s so happy~ Mama : But there’s not much beef (She bought fried rice) Mama : Only a few beef… Mama : The fried rice at KL Sental.. Mama : Is so good Shahid : The one at- The place that have sets.. Shahid : Serve a lot of beef Mama : Where Shahid? The one served sets? Shahid : Near ECO Mama : Near ECO? Beef fried rice? OOOO yea you ate em before Beef fried rice Mama : A lot ha? Okay which one should I eat first? Mama : The little one Mama : OOooo the one from before is long- Mama : Because they didn’t cut it samaller like this one Yea.. They didn’t cut it (My Kappa maki from before is not cut, thus it’s still long) Mama : Can I tast… WASABE? Wasabi.. Mama : Wasabi Wasabi Ha, sure! You’ll cry.. Mama : Eee, it taste bad *Ugly laughs* The taste just go up into your head, right? Mama : It’s not spicy Mama : But- Mama : Urgh It’s spicy! Spicy~~ Nah? Mama : Wanna taste Shahid’s meal Mama : You can taste mine Just look at how much I put mine (Wasabi) Mama : Isn’t it gonna ruins the flavour? Mama : Since it’s taste bad Nah Usually- I put- Like- what? Like I always put a lot of sambal belacan, you know? Until it lose taste- like tempoyak too? Yeah Happy Happy~ Mama : What did I ate before? Tamago Mama : Tamago with.. Mama : That one maybe, crabstick with mayonnaise Umm, crabstick- Oooh crabstick with mayonnaise *Happy noises* Not bad No- I just taught that since Salmon is fish- I hate fish, but this one is not bad The spiciness makes me wanna cry Eh, this powerbank is so usefull Oooh- Okay, next time, I’ll record using this We can spin around right ma? It’s not bad actually I’m so gonna cry I put a lot I finished my sauce Mama : That’s a pretty plate Erm? Mama : That’s a pretty plate The plate is pretty? Wanna take it back home? Mama : Yea, sure Can we eat this? Can we? You don’t use this anymore right? (I put my trash into his bowl) This one first Mama : My rice doesn’t taste good Mama : It’s so-so So-so Mama : I won’t buy it next time KL-Sentral? Mama : Delicious~ Mama : Very delicious But the store isn’t that well off Did you noticed? Right? This one’s good Mama : The one you bought before.. Squids with- Mama :Stingray is not bad- Yummy Not bad right? But next time, I don’t want stingray- I don’t like stingray that much- I’ll try squid with- Dory Yaaa.. Dory Dory fish- There’s one more, dory I thought it’s dory but it’s actually stingray But it’s alright *Don’t litter guys!!* Mama : What’s that? Duck? Mmmmm Mama : Eel? I think it’s eel Unagi Is eel expensive? Mama : I don’t know.. It’s so rare to find em Really? We always buy- um- catfish right? Mama : Shahid, help me finish this Mama : Later ya? Mama : But I want the beef slice, okay? Shahid : Wow… If you feel- Hah? What is it? Want this? (Shahid wants the bag) Mama : What is it? If you feel I’m evil Mama is the source of it Got that? The wasabi never falls far from the sushi Nope? It doesn’t go like that? Mama : Wasabi doesn’t even falls.. It doesn’t even falls Mama : I’m full I’m full too I finished my soy sauce It’s gone~ So sad Mama : You finished it? Mama : Only one sushi left What? Shahid : Finish the wasabi… Mama : Please Mama : See? I even offered you 2 beef slices Shahid : Nobody watches horror film twice Eh really? You’re gonna watch the films because of the girl? Ooooh. No wonder you pick this table- It’s near the sink Ha? No wonder you pick this table- It’s near the sink No- Actually I can easily know if my orders are done here Ohh

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