Kawaii Sushi & Asian Cusine with Realtor Robert Tolnai – L

– Hey, Robert Tolnai here,
your local Realtor in Peoria. Today I want to introduce
you guys to an amazing place if you love sushi and Asian food. This is Kawaii Sushi and Asian Cuisine. You guys are going to love it. You’re going to love Kelly – the owner. She’s just a super energetic person, has done so much for this local community. And I can’t wait for you guys to meet her. Show you the food that they have here and how much people love
the energy of this place. So come on in, let me show you around, and also check the link below
where you have a direct link to their website, you can see their menu, their hours of operation,
all of their specials that you can check out and enjoy. So come on in and let me show you around. (inspiring upbeat music) Hi Kelly!
– Hello, Robert! How are you?
– Good, how are you? – Good.
– Good to see ya. – Great to see you.
– Thank you so much for having us, we are excited to try some of this amazing food, have a drink and we
really, really can’t wait to see what you have for us today. So you wanna tell us a little bit about what we’re going
to be tasting today? – Of course! Today we’re going to have a rainbow roll, Some sashimi, nigiri,
and some orange chicken and beef broccoli. – Oh my God that sounds delicious! I can’t wait, so let’s go take
a look at how they make this tasty, delicious food. (inspiring upbeat music) – Okay.
– Ready? – Yep.
– All right, so what are we making? – Cosmopolitan, one of my favorite drinks. – [Robert] Perfect. (ice clacking) Wow, looks good. All right.
– Enjoy! – To Kelly! Have a drink, gotta taste it. (inspiring upbeat music) – Ooh!
– Wow! All right, so we’re ready to
try some of this amazing food, but first, Kelly, I’ve been curious to know
how did you get started, because this is your second location. You’re getting ready
to open a third, ooops Was that a secret? – No, it’s already on social media. – All right, so we know a
third location is coming. How did this all come about? How did you start? – I think God lead me into it. So, for my first job, working
in a Hong Kong McDonald’s. And there was the only place to hire 15 and half years old kid. So I went into there and
started my first career. And they taught me how
to smile to customers and customer service. And when I moved here,
my aunt told me about, we’re gonna own a
restaurant in the future. You need to learn how to
manage the restaurant. That’s what I focused on
and that is my life goal to open a restaurant with family. And years later we have
seen the opportunity on 67th avenue and Happy Valley and we purchased that
restaurant from the old owner. And then we just, we trained–
– Transformed it. – Yeah, transformed,
yes, that is the word. And we changed the menu, we hired new chef in the kitchen which is my uncle who has
over 30 years experience Cantonese style cooking. That’s who makes the beef broccoli and orange chicken with our
house family recipe. And my aunt was making it today. And them, aunt and my
uncle, has a unique skill. And sushi wise, Bruce Lee
has very unique skills, he’s very talented. He really like takes pride of making sure all the fish are fresh. And nice and presentable in front of the customers. – All right well that, that sounds great. I love the story and the way I know Kelly she’s everywhere, she’s already semi-famous, at least in our community. I see her in all the groups,
everywhere on Facebook. So she’s doing all the right things. I know the customers love you. I see the comments on all of your posts and people love her and her energy. And I know they love her
food and her restaurant. I’ve been here twice, this
is gonna be my third time and I promise you guys,
you won’t regret it. Come in and try any of her food. They have a huge extensive menu. A cool thing that you guys do, I saw that you have a monthly special. So every month you’re
gonna get something new and unique, right?
– Yes. Yes, just like that.
– What is it this month? – This month, August,
we have Hite from Korea and then we Soju from Korea as well. You can choose regular, flavored,
or green grape flavored. I can sell you the bottle. – Yeah, and this is great. This is the first time I’ve ever had it and it’s really good if
you want something light. Obviously for a lunch in
the middle of the day, you want something light,
so that’s a good choice. Thank you for recommending that.
– You’re welcome. – So that’s it. Definitely come in, check this place out. And check out the place on 67th as well. And pretty soon she’s gonna
have a huge grand opening for the third place. Because she does grand openings right and you don’t want to miss it. If she’s gonna do it anywhere close to the one they had here was amazing. So let’s dig into this food and see, see what your uncle and your
aunt has put together for us. – Awesome, thank you.
– All right, let’s see. (inspirational upbeat music) – [Kelly] Thank you, Thank you for having.
– Thank you for having us! All right, that’s wrap guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. You definitely gotta come on in and try this delicious, amazing food. Try one of their drinks. You got a full bar, a full menu of so many different choices. You guys don’t wanna miss this place. Click below, you have a couple of links. One that’s gonna take you to their website so you can see the full menu and all the different options you have. And more importantly guys,
if you love this place, click below and vote for them in the competition of this
years best sushi place. Click on that below and vote for them and show ’em your support. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. (inspirational upbeat music)

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