Kimbap(김밥) / Korean Rice Roll

Hi everybody~ I am Moon Won. Today’s food I am going to make is a Korean rice roll called Kimbap. It is a stuffed rice roll in dried seaweed. Kimbap always reminds me of my childhood. Every child used to bring Kimbap in a lunch box when we went on a school trip. This is dried seaweed called ‘kim’. We need ham or cooked meat, and crab stick, called ‘ma-ssal’ for filling. vegies like carrot, cucumber, and pickled radish called ‘dan-mu-ji’. Spinich is also good. Eggs will be pan fried. This bamboo mat is for rolling fillings. Let’s start with boiling rice. Wash and rinse rice several times. Turn down the heat when you hear the puffing sound of the pot. Let it steam out. put a pinch of salt into the cracked eggs. Stir and mix until the aggs are smooth enough. Put some olive oil in a pan. Absorb most of oil with paper towel. Oil can make bubbles when you pan-fry egg. Now pour the stirred egg into the pan. Flip the pan-fried egg. Cut it into long slices. Look at this bright yellow color. Let’s blanch spinich in steamy hot water for just about 30 seconds. Be careful. Spinich gets soggy easily. Rinse in the running water and squeeze the water out. Season it with a little salt and sesame oil and fried sesame seeds. And mix. Chop carrots into sticks. Fry them in a pan with a little oil. Put a pinch of salt. I like this organge carrots. All these bright colors make Kimbap more delicious. Let’s add some more green color with cucumber. Cut cucumber into sticks. Put some salt. Make sure to absorb water from cucumber with paper towel. Otherwise, Kimbap will get soggy and fillings will pop out. Now, it’s time to roll it up. First, get the warm steamed-rice ready. Put salt, sesame oil, and stir-fried sesame seeds and mix well. Sesame oil smells good and makes food flavorful. Put a piece of dried seaweed down, shiny side down. The bamboo map should be underneath the seaweed. Rice comes first on the bottom. Spread it nicely. Then ham, crab sticks, pickled radish, cucumber, carrot, spinich, and egg. Now time to roll. Keep rolling and rolling! The bamboo mat keeps the roll from poping out. Apply a little bit of sesame oil around the roll for extra flavor and shiny look. Just before cutting, place rolls with seamed sides facing the bottom. Cut it into slices with a sharp knife. Please enjoy now !!

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