Kinoshita Yuka [OoGui Eater] Taiwanese Beef Ramen 9102kcal

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka today I received a whole lot of things from a Taiwanese subscriber, her name is ‘Nekochan’ I was given so many things and so today I will eat this beef noodle that was sent my way and they kindly translated the chinese for me, you’re so kind and on this can it says that it tastes great when mixed with rice or ramen and so I’ll maybe have this with the ramen today. alright lets get cookin’ this is my first time ever seeing this ramen and I’m not sure how to eat it but the picture shows meat and onion it looks so yummy so today I’ll top it with the same beef and onion having ramen topped with beef is kind of different today I’ll be using these yakiniku cuts of beef this one is seasoned and this one is plain it seems kind of random but well… whatevs. lets fry the meat now in a pan (hard to hear) ?today I’ll use some of the Kaisendon sauce on the meat? on this kaisendon sauce I’ll add some garlic ?once its heated through the meat is done? I’ll now prepare the noodles I’ve got the ramen and are these packs the oil? I’ve got 2 of them and check this out I think there is meat in this pack here well having extra extra meat is a good thing all the instructions are in Chinese so I don’t understand them but I’ll just make it like I do regular ramen from Japan I’ll boil the noodles this is the frypan from earlier its not because I’m lazy but its because there is some flavor remaining in the pan so I decided to use it SRSLY its not because I’m being lazy once they;re softened up add the powder soup mix its a peppery spicy smelling soup mix and now I’ll add the oil pack its a miso like smell the soup looks like this and now this flavor pack. wait is that the right word for it? hmm this topping? I’ll add this topping to it oooh it looks delish. wow Taiwan’s instant ramen comes with such legit toppings like this ok the ramen is complete it looks yummy lets start eating. ITADAKIMASU the noodles look pretty normal the soup is soy sauce like but its also got a hint of miso its a nice tasting soup hmm I think the noodles are on the flat side and since I have these standing by I’ll put them in ok it looks so good its a beef noodle I think I’ll use this for the rice I have 5 cups of rice ready here check it out it looks red in here ahh the fat has clumped together it would be a good idea to put it on the warm rice to heat it up with the fat solidified it looks a bit gross but I think it will be tasty once its on the warm rice and on here I added onion ITADAKIMASU meat is so great its a soy sauce and pepper flavored soup and the meat goes so nicely with it there’s so much meat on here I feel like it really goes well with this soup here its like a Kalbi soup…. well the taste is totally different from that though alright I’ll start eating this with the rice now I wonder what this is called? please tell me in the comment area it looks yummy itadakimasu its sort of like a corned beef but its got a nice amount of fat and its so yummy and when its on the warm rice it gets all melty and delicious ahh its so yummy I’m in heaven and the beef that was in the soup and this rice go so well oooh there was a nice chunk of fat mixed in the meat toppings for the ramen hmm its like a tendon or something its mostly soup that remains and I have the rice here eating them together is so good and the rice goes so nicely with the flavor of the soup I think I’ll dump the rice into the soup and also it said this meat would be good in soup as well so lets give that a try so good final mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita ahh it was so tasty since I love meat this beef ramen was perfect the soup was a nice deep flavor to it and it had a soy and miso taste to it it went so well with rice and the corned beef thing that was in the can tasted good on rice and tasted great melted in with the soup as well having that in Japan would be great I think. it would be nice to be able to have that to go with some ramen you pick up don’t you think? and so today’s meal was yummy thank you ‘nekochan’ and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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  1. 盧仕其 says:

    看日本妹子吃台產的泡麵 啊www 每個大胃王的胃都有橡膠果實能力

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    اش هاد لقلاوي كاع داكشي كلاتو

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    Buset dah nih cewe makan nya banyak amat yah tapi kurus

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    Gila sih ini perutnya kuat banget sumpah

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    Сука, куда в тебя столько помещается

  8. emmy Faisyah says:

    Mie pertma yg Dia masak orang Taiwan meyebutnya nioro mien atau mie rasa sapi…. Tpi emang enak tuhh mie nya

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    うまい !😋

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    لا حول ولا قوه الا بالله ولا عربي ا

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    اذا كنت عربي شغل الترجمه العربيه لتفهم ما تقول الفتاة (فاعل خير)

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  14. Chera Aki says:

    Its already 1am here in the PH but I'm watching this and I WANNA TRY ALL THE NOODLES SHE ATE ALREADY ㅠㅠ I LOVE NOODLES~❤

  15. Na bee channel says:

    Look tasty but I can’t eat all🤣🤣🤣

  16. ana day says:

    Tem legenda até em árabe e não tem em português 😭

  17. Paula Milnova says:

    She doesn’t eat all this food in one sitting, why people are so stupid

  18. Manh Le Duc says:

    How much time did u spend to eat that fu**ing big meal?????

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    Come pra caramba

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    Ăn z mà ng ốm nhôm ốm nhách. T ghét bà này quá

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  27. joo-an park says:

    im starving this ramen but it's kinda expensive in korea lol

  28. D Valenzuela says:

    How do you fit all of it in your stomach? Hows your health? How come you dont get fat after eating those enormous Servings.

  29. 我的名字是ViVi says:

    是不是很开心 因為吃很多😀😀😀

  30. A I says:

    와 저걸 다먹다니 돼지인가…

  31. Ìvý ķūň says:

    Awww kawaii
    Love your vids <3

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    I guess you have a very fast metabolism to handle that many food and not gain weight

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    Well she is good but the chinese girl have anyone see her ?😂😂

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    Haven't heard anything from you for a long time. I miss you 💖

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    normalde beğendiği birşey olduğunda daha çok bağırır bu yemeği pek sevmemiş belli :d

  41. RiRi Mo Toh says:

    I wish i can eat like her :((((

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  43. firdaus PUBG says:

    Try ghost pepper ramen.(o.o)

  44. AsyuraAmani Everything says:

    i wonder how ur tummy look like after eating all that 😄

  45. Ahmed Ahmed says:

    Why she is can not be a fat !!??

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    한글자막으로되어있는데 왜 한국인이없냐

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    I'm so inspired, I'm having dinner alone tonight, might as well head to the market to get some beef after work😄

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