Okay, guys… welcome back again to my video.
Today I’m at my office, and today is a very busy day. Meet Mira, Yogi, Gusti, the one who causes riots.
Also, meet our new team member, Mardika. Meet Wahyu, and Zainal, he’s behind the camera, as usual. Alvian is not here today, he left earlier for personal leave. Today we’re gonna do the most fun thing to do. Everyone loves this kind of content, we’re gonna EAT! Don’t you think making videos on us eating food is fun, Zainal?
/We love eating though. If you watch food vloggers’ such as, Magdalenaf,
Nex Carlos, or Tanboy Kun, Don’t you wonder what makes them so passionate on doing the videos, and the answer is because they love eating! Whoah, don’t you think making videos on food is fun?One thing for sure, you’re gonna get your tummy fueled up! /So, are we gonna eat today?
Oh yeah!Today we’re gonna make a video on us eating food. But as you know, my channel has one rule, that everything must be unique, outstanding, ecstatic, fun yet entertaining. Today we’re gonna buy all pizza in Bali.
What do you think, Nal? /We’re gonna get tired visiting all the restaurants in here. Oh no, we’re not gonna go to the restaurants, we’re gonna use online delivery service. We’re gonna use the app, you know that app.
I really like that app. So, c’mon, let’s order some.
Let’s have a meeting first. Ok, we just had a meeting,
Now, we’re gonna buy all pizza in Bali. We’re gonna buy one from each restaurant.
From all restaurants in Bali! We’re gonna have so many different kinds of pizza! We’re gonna use online delivery service, maybe we’re gonna order via Gojek or Grab Food. captions by @rizkymel So, the very first pizza has just arrived, it was delivered by Gojek. We don’t know yet whose pizza that arrived first as we use 6 different phones to order the pizza. So, let him in. Excuse me, may I know who ordered this, sir?
/Mardika. Mardika, ok, thank you. So the first pizza has just arrived, it’s from Pomodoro. Ok, that’s quite nice. Let’s put it here. So, we ordered for 12 pizza. Great!Let’s just wait for next Gojek to arrive. Let’s see who’s the fastest to arrive.
The first one that arrived was Pomodoro, don’t forget! I bet they don’t arrive together, even though we ordered all the pizza in the same time. The second Gojek has just arrived! Please come in, may I know who ordered that?
/Gusti. From which restaurant?
/Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut! Thank you. And the third pizza just came!
We’re lucky! Please come in, where did you get this pizza from? Limolas. Ok, here’s another pizza.
Ok, so we have three box of pizza here. Ok, so we have three box of pizza here.
Pomodoro, Pizza Hut and Limolas. Let’s move them. So this one arrived first.
Pizza Hut was the second, and Limolas was the third. We’re still waiting for the others. We’re still waiting for 9 more boxes. So another Gojek’s just arrived.
They come every 5 minutes. Gojek, you really need to thank me. Ok, he’s here. Where did you get that pizza from?
/Rumah Pizza. What?Rumah Pizza?Ok.
Thank you so much. /You’re welcome. Ok, thank you. So this is the … /the fourth! The fourth pizza, wow. this one comes with all the bills. Oops, that’s the menu, so we can order again next time. Let’s move it. This looks nice, look at the image on the box. We’ve got 4 boxes, we’re still waiting for 8 more boxes. Here’s the money, it’s Rp 50.000,- Whoah this box looks really nice. Guys, finally, Domino’s!This is the eighth box. Great.
May I know which restaurant is this from? /Warung Pepe. They don’t label the restaurant’s name on this box. Move it there. Thank you, Sir. So, this is the tenth pizza, from Le Sica. We’re waiting for two more boxes. So these are the last one,
Do you wanna know why it takes a long time to get them?because we use our personal courier service. Where is he?He’s still not here yet!Let’s see one more time. They’re still not here. Just close the door, we’re gonna wait for a few minutes. Let’s start counting, 1… 2… 3… He’s still not here. I swear I just saw him. Let’s count again, 1… 2… 3… /Horray…Finally he’s here. Seriously bro, you’re the last one that arrived. Other pizza were already here.
We already have 10 box of pizza and we waited for an hour for you! Where did you buy the pizza?
/Papa Ron’s, and Boston. Wow, Boston. We bought 5 from Boston, let’s move it. Ok, so, let’s start reviewing all the pizza that we just bought via Gojek and our super late personal courier. So these are all the Pizza in Bali, even though we didn’t exactly buy pizza from all restaurants in Bali. They could be hundreds of pizza restaurants in Bali. Let’s say they are the pizza representatives, these 12 pizza are from most well-known pizza restaurants. But I gotta admit, that I also picked a random pizza restaurant in Gojek. Ok, so we have 12 box of pizza right in front of me, let’s take a look one by one. The first one is from Il Pomodoro, so this is the franchise of the famous Warung Italy, some of you must be familiar with Warung Italy. We bought different pizza toppings from each restaurants. We bought Tiemporio from Il Pomodoro. How to pronounce this? Let’s just called it Tempio Pizza. It costs Rp 120.000 Let’s open the box. So this one is from Pomodoro. We ordered all these pizza together at once. The second pizza is from Pizza Hut. I’m sure everyone of you knows and has tasted pizza from Pizza Hut. We ordered black pepper pizza, let’s see. You can see, the bread is black. Maybe they use squid ink. By the way, this one costs about Rp 80.000,- Next, Limolas pizza. If you’re not from Bali, I’m sure that this is your first time you heard about the restaurant, because it’s my first time too. So this is Limolas pizza.
Limolas means fifteen. Ok, let’s take a look. We bought Paradise pizza, it’s Rp 50.000. Whoah, that’s so thin. Next. Rumah Pizza, it’s located in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Denpasar. We ordered barbeque chicken pizza, whoah it sounds delicious. It’s so cheap, it’s just Rp 35.000, let’s take a look. Things that make the food expensive are, the restaurants’ name, and ingredients such as the flour, the veggies, and other toppings. Next, Massimo. Wow, Massimo is one of the most famous and elite restaurants in Bali. If you’re not from Bali, I gotta tell you that this restaurant is very popular, and the chef/owner is originally from Italy. So, we bought Margherita Pizza or Italiano Margherita fron Massimo. It’s Rp 80.000 ,- let’s take a look. Hmm..I can’t see any toppings but three basil leaves. But, you know, the more expensive the restaurants, the smaller the serving size is. Next, pizza from BHP. BHP is Baruna House Pizza. We ordered for chicken and mushroom pizza. It’s Rp 48.800,- Let’s take a look. Next! We gotta move.
This one has the nicest box so far. It’s Sisilian Pizza from Tiara Dewata. We bought chicken pizza, and it’s 87.000, let’s take a look. Next, Domino’s Pizza. Everyone knows this. We ordered Tuna Delight Pizza. This is the pizza with fish. Tuna Delight, it costs about Rp 72.500,- Let’s take a look Next, oh what a shame, we bought this from an expensive restaurant, but they don’t put label on their box. This pizza is from Warung Pepe, but they don’t label their box, what a shame. Oh dear, what a shame. See, they don’t put the label. You know what, the owner of Warung Pepe is a cool guy, and he’s a VIP. By the way, we’re gonna put the restaurant label on the box. My team has prepared the label, luckily I have my full team here, so we can count on them. There are 8 people from my team today. Warung Pepe, you really should offer me a paid promote partnership. Warung Pepe is one of the famous Pizza Restaurants in Bali. Where’s my note?Oh, there it is, we bought chicken n mushroom pizza from Warung Pepe, the price is Rp 63.500. Let’s take a look. Ok, next, we have Le Sica, I used to work here. I worked for Le Sica for 4 years. Look at the box, this is the most outstanding one. The most beautiful pizza box are from Sisilian Pizza and Le Sica. But, Le Sica’s pizza box’s color is white, that makes it outstanding. Look at the other’s color, the color of their box is regular brown. Btw, Le Sica is located in Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar. I’m promoting this restaurant, LOL. We ordered for English Breakfast Pizza, and the price is Rp 99.000,- Let’s take a look. Oh, it’s taped. Can you cut it?
Thank you, Gusti. Le Sica’s Pizza. Whoaaaah…Look at that egg, and there are also meatballs. Next, Papa Ron’s pizza. Yogi bought this pizza.
What did you order? /Single top beef, medium. Beef, the only pizza with beef topping. How much is it?
/It’s Rp. 59.500. Let’s take a look. The last one is Boston. Pronounce it like this, baa•stn not boston.
What is the name of the Pizza? /The name of the pizza is meat it. How much is it?
/Rp 57.000 Let’s take a look. Ta da… Ok Guys, here are the 12 box of pizza that we bought today.
But, we get an extra box from Il Pomodoro, Let’s check it out. Why does this box sound empty? What? Did they seriously give us an empty box? Ok, guys, as you can see these are the 12 box of pizza. Actually, this video is made only for having fun while we’re hanging out with 8 people from my team. Turn around and record them. And they’re gonna help me to eat all of these pizza. Ok guys, it’s time to enjoy all the pizza. We’re gonna have a bite for every flavor, and review all the pizza one by one. I’m gonna invite everyone to eat together with me.
C’mon, guys. Come here. But bring your own chair. Ok. Please pick the first slice of pizza, but don’t pick from the same box. Please pick one by one. Ok, this is from Massimo. (Gusti) This is from Pizza Hut. Hmm..this one is tasty. (Mira) Mine is from Sisilian. The bread is so soft. Yogi, tell me what are you having. (Yogi) It’s from Papa Ron’s. (Yogi) Hmmm..It’s so meaty. And the bread’s thickness is … There he goes again. (Yogi)The bread is thick, but it’s very meaty. (Zainal) Oh my God, this is so delicious, I swear! What is that?
/Warung Pepe. It’s so good. Baby, can you take it for me? Look, my lady is serving me the pizza. Please spoon me. Thank you. (Gusti) Guys, this is the cheapest pizza, let’s try it. and I’m gonna try the pizza from Le Sica, they have eggs and meatballs as the topping. Hmm..It’s good. Ok, so, we just tasted all of them, as you can see these boxes are getting empty.
And I guess this one is their favorite. Now, I’m gonna ask them out of these twelve pizza which one is their favorite.
I’m gonna ask one by one. Starting from Yogi.
/I gotta say, my favorite is from Papa Ron’s. Why?
/The bread is thick yet it’s so meaty. But, they say the original pizza bread is thin.
/That’s what people say. But it depends on people’s appetite. So, it’s your favorite.
/Yeah. Next. Christina.
/I choose domino’s. Domino’s. Ok. Zainal, which one is your favorite?
/I choose Warung Pepe Mardika?
/I choose this. Limolas. Ok. Wahyu? /That one. This one?Ok, Wahyu’s favorite is Massimo. Gusti? /Pizza Hut. He’s so damn basic. Mira? /I like this one. What is this? This one is from Rumah Pizza. Is it good?
/It is. Really?I haven’t tasted that yet.
/Rumah Pizza is really good, though. Me, personally, I like Il Pomodoro.
/Whoah, the most expensive one. Yes, because price never lies. It’s so good, I swear. Ok, thank you so much for watching,
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Captions by @rizkymel

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