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It’s Stella’s recipe. If you are new to my channel, please don’t forget to press the subscribe button below to see more interesting recipes Today, we’re going to make a KETO kimbap. KETO is the new food trend that maximize the intake of fat and minimize the intake of carbon For many people who eats a lot of carbon, this diet would definitely helps to lose weight And this is also a stress free because you can still a meat and vegetable So, if you’re ready, let’s get started! To start with, you have to trim down the vegetable. Cut out the both edges of carrot and peel off its skin. Then, I’m going to use a mandolin to shred them. Carrot is very hard, so I think best way to shred them is use a device. Next ingredient that we are going to use in kimbap is a pickled radish. Slice them and shred them. Cut the cucumber into a half and remove the seeds inside. The seeds inside the cucumber is very moisty, so removing them prevent kimbap from soaking with a moisture. Then, peel off its skin. Cut the cucumber into three parts. Then, slice them and season them with two pinches of salt. Then, put two spoons of oil inside the pan with shredded carrots. Stir them about five minutes. Stir them all together with a quarter
teaspoon of salt. Next, put two spoons of oil inside the pan with a shredded cucumber. Stir them about five minutes. This process will remove the most of its
moisture inside the vegetable Crush two eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt. Whisk them all together Spread the oil with a kitchen towel Pour an egg mixture in the pan and flip
it upside down When it is done, place them on a dish. Then, let’s make a chicken breast steak Make a several cut in a chicken breast to make them cooked better. Then, sprinkle a pepper on the both sides Put a quarter tea spoon of salt on a chicken breast. Then, put 2 tbsp of cooking wine on the
chicken breasts Leave them for 10 minutes to make it seasoned Put five spoons of oil on a pan and put a seasoned chicken breast. Put two teaspoons of grind garlic and
flip it upside down Grill them about 7 minutes. Then, put them on a cutting board and roughly cut them with a knife. Tear them using hands. Cut the 1/3 of laver with a knife and place them diagonally on a laver. This will prevent kimbap from tearing out. Then, put two slices of cheese on a bottom side of laver. Put half of egg garnish that we made before. Put a shredded carrot on a middle of laver, just between the cheese and egg garnish. Then, place a shredded chicken breast steak beside the carrot. Put a shredded pickled radish on a
cheese Place a cucumber on an egg garnish. Don’t try to put a too much ingredient inside, for it would explode. Press them in many directions using your fingers to make ingredients stick to each other. Then, apply sesame oil to make it more shine. Cut them using a knife. It looks so colorful and gorgeous! It doesn’t contain any kinds of carbon, but still feel like chewing a rice So, if you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below See in the next video. Bye Bye you

3 comments on “[Korean Food] KETO kimbap |low carbon recipe | diet recipes”

  1. 박현분 says:

    와우 이런 신기한 맛이 있을까요
    최애 식단에 넣을래요
    다이어트에 최고~~♡

  2. CHEF ASHI says:

    Nice dish Stella . I lost 26 kg with Keto diet and interment fasting . Keto works .

  3. SY P says:

    김에 밥을 넣은 김밥만 먹었지만 세상에 이렇게 예쁘고 건강한 요리도 있군요 매일 먹어도 좋을것 같이요 스텔라님에 창조적이고 쎈스있는 요리에 많이 놀라워요 많은 분들이 구독해 주셨으면 좋겠어요

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