Korean Food Trends : Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and Squid Ink Chocolate Ice Cream

So we’re in Hongdae, and I’ve noticed that there’s these people around walking around with these brown or black cones. It looks like ice cream. Hongdae has a lot of food trends. Always happens every few months. Last time, if you saw our honest reviews video you saw that tiramisu which was not really tiramisu. It was like fake tiramisu, it was horrible. But this is the new one, Kumo Cheese. We’re just going to see what it’s like ’cause we don’t know. But the deal is it looks like there’s two flavors. There’s also like a little cheese cake bun or something. We don’t know so we’re gonna go try out. (Haeppy): It’s just famous. It’s just famous, I guess. So this – the Devil Cone – which is chocolate and squid ink. (Haeppy): And milk. And milk. But didn’t know there was going to be squid ink in there so that’s going to be interesting. I don’t know what it’s going to tatse like. And this one is the Angel Cone which is strawberry and beet. (Haeppy): It says “beet”. “Bit”. “Bit”. But we don’t know what “bit” is. We don’t know. Oh – Everything smells. Smells chocolatey. It smells like strawberry. Which one should I go for first? (Haeppy): I think you should go for the strawberry ’cause it’s safer. Ok. That’s true. Ok so, Angel Cone. Very fake strawberry tasting, unfortunately. (Haeppy): Oooh no. Doesn’t taste like real strawberries. Doesn’t taste like Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream. This is very – (Haeppy): Chemically? Mhm. (Haeppy): Oh god. (Xander): Really artificial. Not a massive fan. Not a massive fan. (Haeppy): Do you know how much it was? I can’t remember, I didn’t check. (Haeppy): Oh, it was seven thousand nine hundred.. Oh three thousand. So, uh, it’s three thousand each. Samcheon. (Haeppy): So it wouldn’t be worth three thousand then. No, I don’t think so. (Haeppy): No. (Haeppy): Throw it on the floor! Throw it on the ground! Squid ink. I haven’t got high hopes now. (Haeppy): No, ’cause it’s squid ink. I don’t know what squid ink tastes like. Is it just for color reasons? (Haeppy): That’s one thing, maybe. I don’t know. I’ve had squid ink pasta before. Let’s try. Now this is nice! (Haeppy): Oh, is it?! Oh this is so much better than this one. (Haeppy): Does it taste anything like squid ink? No. (Haeppy): Does it have any fish taste? Tastes like good chocolate. Like a little bit dark. Chocolate is pretty much artificial anyway, right? This tastes real nice. (Haeppy): But does it taste like real chocolate or does it taste like chocolate ice cream? It’s still the cheap chocolate ice cream taste. (Haeppy laughs) But it’s much better than how this one tastes. That’s why I’m so much more happy about this one. Yeah. Do you want to try some of this shit? (Haeppy): Yeah, sure. So, this is gonna suck. I’m wanna have this one first. Aah. (Xander): You know what I mean? This is for those of you that have eaten strawberry chocolate-covered Pepero or Pocky – Yeah, that’s the kind of strawberry you’re talking about. It’s like fake strawberry-chocolate. You know when we were in Hong Kong, you know that cracker that dips into the pink chocolate? (Xander): Oh, yeah. It’s exactly the same taste. You said this was good? (Xander): This one is much better than the other one. (Xander): Haha. It’s so black though on your tongue. I don’t usually like chocolate ice cream. I like this though. (Xander): Yeah. I think it’s, um. How do I explain it? It’s almost like it’s a very mild chocolate with milk. So it’s like…Milk chocolate! It has to be! That has to be what it is. (Xander): Do you think that this tastes like that cheap, that free ice cream that you get at Hi Meat? (Xander): That free chocolate ice cream? Oh, it’s much better than that. To me. (Xander): Must be the squid ink. (Xander): And that milk. Must be. (Xander): What about the cone though? We didn’t try the cone. I don’t usually eat the cone. (Xander): But it must be a special cone. You can have the cone. Oh, fine. Here, I’ll eat a little bit. (Xander): What’s the cones taste like? Just like any other cone. Well, let me just have the cone. No ice cream. Just tastes like any other cone. In the interest of science… (Haeppy): Break the cone! There we go. Yeah. (Haeppy): It’s just a regular cone. Doesn’t even taste nice! (Haeppy): It’s just black. Normal cones taste nicer than this. (Haeppy): Ok, wait. (Haeppy): So here’s the thing then. It seems that it’s fallen in the curse of the Hongdae trend. Why is this popular? (Haeppy): It’s the same thing as that weird tiramisu in a cup. (Xander): It tastes bad. Yeah. (Haeppy): People just like, they just say it’s good and other people are forced to say it’s good. (Haeppy): But no, we’re real on We Fancy. We’re real. Let’s try the cheesecake. (Haeppy): Ok. (Xander): Oh daaamn… (Haeppy): Oooh, it’s fluffy. (Xander): That’s a big cheesecake. (Xander): Oh, it does come with a knife. (Xander): It’s a little cat. Feeling this it feel more like, um, a bread than a cheesecake. (Haeppy): It is a bread. It’s a sponge cake. It’s a cheese sponge cake. Always lying… Tiramisu? No, it’s an ice cream. Cheesecake? No, it’s a cake. (Haeppy): It’s a cheese sponge cake. (Haeppy): Woah, it goes right through. (Haeppy): Ooh, it is soooft. (Haeppy): Ooooh It is suuuper moist. I don’t know if you can see. (Xander laughs) It’s almost like it’s undercooked. That’s how moist it is. (Haeppy): It looks like it’s still liquidy. (Haeppy): Like it’s soaked in milk. (Xander): Oh no. That’s a bad face. (Xander): That’s a bad face! I can see…why it’s popular. Because it’s not like any other cheesecake or sponge cake you’ve ever had. The texture it almost just feels like you’re eating foam. (Xander): Well, that doesn’t sound appetizing at all. No. It just completely dissolves. There’s no bite to it. There’s no real texture to it, but it’s not it’s not spongy like mousse. It’s just – (Xander): It’s not cheesecake. It’s like air. (Xander): It’s not cheesecake. It’s a sponge cake. … I think they’re just trying to make it taste like cheesecake. Ugh. I can see what you mean about it, like, being really wet. (Haeppy): Moist. Moist. It doesn’t seem like it should be that way ’cause the top is kinda dry. The bottom is really moist. Fuck it. Oh, that’s weird. (Haeppy): Right? It just feels like air. Change the taste and I’d think I would be eating like brains or something like that. (Haeppy laughs) It does just disappear. (Haeppy): Yeah. Straightaway. It’s like a – You know, not like a marshmallow ’cause a marshmallow keeps its consistency a bit longer. But it just disappears. I can kinda taste a little bit like a cheesecake. But it’s not strong enough for me to be like that’s a good cheesecake, you know what I mean. It’s not New York cheesecake. (Haeppy): But I can understand why girls like it. It’s extremely light. It doesn’t feel like you’re eating calories. I prefer the feeling of eating calories, to be honest. It’s not bad but I would never eat this again. I know that sounds really strong but I wouldn’t. So it feels to me that it, the cheesecake, or the cheese sponge cake, it might have started off as like a tiny little ball of dough or whatever material it’s made of (Xander): Oh yeah. and then it just expands (Xander): Aaah. and fills up the mold. So it’s mostly air. (Xander): That would make sense. RIght? And again, (Haeppy): I wouldn’t have it again. (Xander): It’s not worth the six thousand nine hundred. I don’t think it’s worth that. It’s not worth fame. How about that? It might be one of those things where you have it like one time. Like, oh, this is a novelty. I prefer this over the cake, cheesecake. Even though it tastes like cheap chocolate. But it is light. That’s a good thing. I don’t know the calorie count on it. It can’t be that low because it’s cheese and cake, right? But maybe a large piece of that is much lower than a regular cake. Oh, I think for sure. For density reasons. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so people can get the feeling of having had cheesecake without the calories. So now you know if you’re gonna walk past this place, Kumo Cheese, now you know we’re not massive fans of it. Maybe you will be, so, don’t take our word for it. (Haeppy): You should still try it. (Xander): Try it if you want but we warned you. We did warn you. Thank you very much for watching. As always, Stay Fancy.

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  1. Samantha Abalos says:

    Do you have a video already explaining how both you and Xander started doing videos together?

    Would really like to know.. 😛

    Your personal channels don't have much content.

  2. Novita Christy says:

    bit is kind of fruit i think 😀

  3. taeny x moons says:

    I can eat the whole cake xd

  4. Alexandra Jean says:

    you two making me wanna book a ticket and come to Korea and eat my life away #Naughty

  5. Chimmy89 says:

    That's why I don't give in to the trends. I remember a while back Chonunmigooksaram tried the meteor looking pizza and she also said it was nothing special. I rather go to a place that makes amazing food even if it looks simple.

  6. muna hssn says:

    oohh xander looks so fiinnee

  7. kelly meyer says:

    i need that cheesecake i love that weird texture!!

  8. Panda B says:

    The squid ice cream looks like the charcoal mask I used yday ha! 😂

  9. Panda B says:

    In Toronto there's a place called Uncle
    Tetsus that serves the same type of cheesecake. It's still pretty popular and they've gone on to matcha and added a cheese tart to their line. The cheese tarts actually do taste like the cheesecake ppl are used to.

  10. Funky Chicken says:

    That ice cream turned your teeth blue!!!!!

  11. Habiba !! says:

    when Xander acted like he was going to throw the cone, my eyes got widen and my heart was about to broke….. food 😍😍

  12. Gulshanara Nuree says:


  13. jubilee101 says:

    Oh we have that cheesecake in NY Chinatown called Keki's Modern cake. It's a Japanese soufflé cheesecake. That's why it's so soft & airy like that. I've tried it when they we're giving out samples & I really like it more than their green tea cake which tasted very plain & doesn't even have the green tea taste to it.

  14. Piper Martin says:

    Beet? It's probably beetroot, it's the violet-dark red roots of a beet plant. They are pretty common for holiday cooking in the US. My family makes beet jelly for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  15. Kerriann Garcia says:

    "I threw it on the ground
    You must think I'm a joke
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    Strawberry ass cream

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  47. cute potato says:

    that kind of cheesecakes r much much tastier if u put them in the fridge for about a whole night. trust me. i work in a cheesecake shop and that how i usually eat the cheesecakes.

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  66. JensTraveLaine says:

    I've baked japanese cheesecake several times. But it's made mostly out of eggs and some cream cheese, like you're making meringue very high in protein! lol but that's why the texture is like that & how the texture it's supposed to be for japanese cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake it like a combo of sponge cake & angel cake if you've had them, very soft & airy like, but nonetheless good IMO.

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  82. PsychoOnMars says:

    Is the cake really supposed to be that moist? The fluffy cheesecake trend blew up in Malaysia too except that so far, all the ones I've tried are never that moist. They're always airy and fluffy throughout. Still would rather buy a dense cheesecake though

  83. Neha Sara says:

    The icecreams look delicious but too bad they don't taste as much better. And do the squid ink one leaves color,or am I just imagining? Also, they should've added some flavour to the cheescake,like maybe adding lemon zest, that way it might've tasted better. And they should've made it a little less fluffier and more jigglier, because that is how it is supposed to be..

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