Octopus Abalone The octopus that fainted
must be rubbed with sugar and flour to make it clean Wipe clean with a brush Can you see it’s clean? Boil octopus in hot water for 5 to 7 minutes Sea squirt If you don’t like bitter taste,
you should eat it after removing its entrails~ Hi~!!!! MY lovely Hongsi♥ Today, I have prepared Mulhoe(cold spicy seafood soup) which is so delicious to eat in summer Mulhoe is the Korean food that is mixed with various seafood, vegetables, and gochujang sauce in cold soup Let me introduce the seafood first.
This is the mullet sashimi This is the trimmed sea squirt I feel a little bitter taste Let’s see how well it’s boiled Fresh and chewy Delicious abalone I’m eating this with the chojang sauce on it! Maybe it’s fresh, I can’t feel a fishy smell at all Now I’m going to start eating mullhoe in earnest Its soup is sweet and sour because it is made with various fruits, gochujang, and red pepper powder In Korea, when we eat seafood in summer,
we sometimes eat it in cold soup There are different types of seafood that go into cooking depending on the region, and the taste of the soup
in cooking is different Try this, Hongsi~ It’s so cold that the ice age is coming in my mouth I think mulhoe is the best food in summer Now it is hot summer in Korea, so I often eat cold food At the bottom of the seafood are radish sprouts, onions, various seaweed, carrots, etc. This is a very healthy food that is good for diet
because it is low in calories The taste of soup is the most important factor
in this food When making mulhoe, you must use fresh seafood You should be especially careful in the summer This time, I’ll try the octopus and the sea squirt together After eating a certain amount of mulhoe, there is a way to mix noodles or rice with soup to delicious way I’m going to eat noodles in soup today Ta-dah~ It was hard today because it was too hot,
but the mulhoe makes me feel really good Hongsi, if you come to Korea in summer, make sure to eat mulhoe There are many different kinds of seafood in Korea Next time, I will prepare another kind of mulhoe Wow! I ate it so deliciously Let’s meet again with delicious food next time!!

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    댓글들이 너무 많아서 이 댓글을 볼 수 있을지는 모르겠지만
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