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What’s up and welcome guys were Luke and Sabrina at chopstick travicom today. We are in the heart of Seoul Yong, let’s go So Myeongdong is this shopping mecca here in Seoul it sees over a million visitors passing through here every day But it also has his quite a bit of street food Okay, we have order first thing up today, and this is something. I just couldn’t resist ordering This is a mass of muscle, but the sign said scallop So I think that he put scallop meat inside with the muscle meat, but it just check out the size of this Oh, and of course it is coated in cheese So he blowtorch that cheese until it’s kind of just burnt on the edges and lots of butter as well And this looks awesome, but it was ten ten dollars us a little pricey, but we’ll try that oh Man, that’s gonna be good at egg Home Oh, yeah, now. It’s just cheesy goodness Super buttery and then see how a very very light seafood flavor. Oh, man. That’s so buttery Just check out the amount of cheese, and it’s just using the outside, okay, let’s take one more bite No ma’am Super smoky from that blowtorch oh That’s good $10 maybe but yeah, it’s really good All right, it’s my turn now to try. I’m gonna dip it in a little bit of the sauce I’m not sure if it’s ketchup or some sort of spicy sauce I earned a meaty bite Just check out the size of that muscle shell it is huge, and there wasn’t that much meat in there for $10 But it was tasty what we did have so we’re gonna keep going and see what else we can find Okay, we just ordered up our next food tonight, and this is Korean. Oh dang Which is a fish cake and we ordered spicy version and it served on this like massive Skewer and it looks piping hot. I’ll try to take a small bite here, so I don’t burn myself That is quite spicy it has like a nice kind of a Firm texture not much of a fish flavor, but really really spicy All right very good all right, I’m gonna try this out. It’s really spicy Comes instantly spicy tomorrow This is something we’ve never had before but it is really famous here. This is called the egg bread Okay, so this is the famous Korean egg bread we have not tried this yet, but I’ve heard that’s pretty delicious Just looks like a baked egg on top of a small piece of bread so try this So there’s actually no filling I assume there would be a filling, but I guess not and The egg on top is a little bit salty, but the bread is sweet. It’s almost like a like a pancake Let’s try another bite and get a piece of that yolk Yeah, that’s pretty good actually Yep sweet and salty all right now, I’m gonna give it a turn Yogi’s up Joe It’s a really hearty snack This soul they’re selling fake cheese, and I really want to try it All right, so I’m going to try it I need to eat it quick because it’s melting off the stick Oh, that is good cheese So I don’t know how I feel about this exactly, but it’s definitely an unhealthy greasy snack But I actually just noticed that in between the piece of cheese, so you can see the cheese is kind of like Seared and then between the cheese are some rice cakes the duck cookie But without the spicy sauce so that’ll probably give it a nice like mochi chewiness Oh, yeah That’s not good for you, so a lot of the street food here isn’t necessarily traditional Korean style street food, but I kind of like to consider the future of street food So we’re sort of pushing the boundaries of what you could eat on the street. Okay, this is something That is so popular here you see everyone with these and that is the tornado potato So we’re gonna buy one try to – sunny Okay look at that that is huge Well okay, there’s a couple different like Powders different flavors there’s a cheese and onion, but I think I’m just gonna go with the salt Grab just a small amount of salt Should be good Okay, just check out the size of this thing It’s a masterpiece And I think it’s an entire potato that they’ve kind of cut into a single long Strand and then put it on this big skewer, so let’s give this a try Yeah, it’s like a thick less crunchy potato chip with a little bit of salt and quite greasy That’s okay, so Luke and I usually wouldn’t eat something like this, but everybody at the market had one, so we had to try it That’s pretty good This is a salty Bible, so I think that’s gonna be it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed our tour of Myeongdong here in Seoul South Korea So we wanted to show you a little bit more of like modern-day street food. Maybe not so traditional But if you aren’t an adventurous eater, maybe you would enjoy some of the foods we tried today So if you did like this video give us a thumbs up let us know if we missed Anything or a view Vinum Yong dong in the comment section and subscribe for more videos like this so thanks for watching guys See you next time bye. Bye

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    Whats up guys?! Sorry for the shorter video this time we have one more video from our Korean Street Food series coming up so stay tuned! Also lots of special videos coming up very very soon that we can't wait to show you make sure to follow us behind the scenes on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/derpyluke and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chopsticktravel

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    The holy Quran
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