Kurume Ramen Extras

Meemers presents: The Bloopers This place is beyond legit. They’ve been using a recipe that was founded by their founding father in 1952. This means that this ramen recipe is older than me. I’m eating something that’s older than me. Well, most recipes you eat are older than you. I mean, that’s not true. I mean it’s not like the hotdog was invented in like, the 90s. But the hotdog’s been changed since then. We’re eating a recipe that’s been passed on and passed on and passed on and passed on until it was PERFECTED. Ducky, when I die will you bury me in ramen? And then eat you? No. Just bury me in it, I just want to be in it. Okay we should switch because we got different styles. I’m not ready yet. You know what makes me so happy? M: What makes you happy? Me? Oh not me.
S: Before– You do make me happy. I love you so much. I see how this is. The equivalent I could think of is like a crunchy shell taco at taco bell Is that the best I could think of. Oh Ducky, that is the best you could think of? That is the best I could You know what? I’m trying to make this understandable for those of you who haven’t had this Are you gonna drink all of that? That was the one that I ordered though. Oh yeah? That’s not very nice. We could always order more You know what this food is perfect for? This actually feels… Eating? Yes eating! Oh my gosh. This food is perfect for eating Anyways he discovered that it was super delicious and supposedly that’s how it started Woah you’re really um…really going at it eh? Look, it’s my first meal of the day, it’s 5:01 No, that’s not true, we had soba. Why am I so hungry now? You know why? Because it’s ramen and it’s delicious, that’s why. There’s something about this flavour. Home cooking. It warms you, it feels like home cooking and it’s just that happy feeling you have of like (oh no) a soup in the winter (oh no) Look, I like to describe tastes and I like to describe emotions, and my emotion right now is like happy winter love of a grandmothers house This actually kinda feels like it would be great for drunk food. Sometimes you wanna have like, a cheeseburger or something or, and fries because you need the oil to coat your stomach. This feels like this would totally cure every hangover and just make you feel whole again if you drank a bit too much

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  1. crystalsunshine says:

    I've never been so early! Love you guys! <3

  2. Shelby Butler says:

    super early!! love you guys ❤

  3. Melanie Hooker says:

    Love you guys! You always make my day!

  4. Dee F says:

    Hi Simon and Martina, Hope you're feeling well Martina.
    Waiting the main upload lol xxx From Ipswich UK

  5. AkwarT says:

    I love the bloopers because they're always informative and hilarious at the same time lol

  6. Saskia says:

    but I've never had taco bell either, oh no now I have to go to Japan to understand c:

  7. Conney G says:

    Am I the only one that finds the slurping really cute? It's like you're so determined and focused haha

  8. Lauren says:

    Simon is a garbage disposal like my beau. I can always count on him to finish my meal for me…or steal it when I'm not looking…

  9. Jaz *** says:

    The bloopers are amazwazz as usual guys 😄

  10. Colt Angelo says:

    your are my inspiration guys 🙂 i love you both :* from Philippines here :*

  11. HappyHauser says:

    Haha Taco Bell? Sad comparison

  12. HappyHauser says:

    That first "mm hmm" from Simon, mic level over 9000!!!

  13. Rogue Bandit says:

    XD I love you guys!! Keep up the lovely videos! Thank you thank you!!!

  14. Venessa Chan says:

    asian food thats older than you is good

  15. I do what I want says:

    Early gang:)

  16. Breanna Ennis says:

    when Simon gets serious about ramen

  17. I do what I want says:

    Wish Simon and Martina would reply:(

  18. yokonamigaara says:

    I'm now genuinely curious how ramen tastes like taco bell ow o;

  19. Adrienne Hein says:

    Love y'all!!!! Such a power couple. ❤️❤️❤️

  20. PencilPalette says:

    Simon and Martinaaaaaaaaa! I really want to draw you guys but I'm not sure what photo to go from? I do speed drawings so it'd be super cool to be able to film my drawing and then send it you guys!

  21. Kaylee Frye says:

    I just ate dinner, but now I want second dinner :/

  22. Candle says:

    Hahaha, the cut at the end got me when Simon looked down (it almost looked shamefully, but perhaps… in awe? Hmmm…) and said "if you drank a bit too much…". I don't know why, but the way that scene was cut I was laughing so hard.

  23. Kaylee Gaertner says:

    I love how Mesmer's is saying "beeeeep" now. For some reason it really made me laugh.

  24. mangshra lite says:

    I wonder if Simon gets the taco sh**s after eating Ramen. LOL.

  25. Dani wants sand says:

    Can you Guys please do another Meemers and Spudgy video? I love them 🙂 they're sooo cute.

  26. YummyGirls Toronto says:

    THis is a food for hang over cure for sure! 😀

  27. Lauren Schlepp says:

    Is it a spoiler that I watch the bloopers before the main video? (Because it's shorter…)

  28. Bruce Moellenhoff says:

    first time I have recognized the Canadian … 'eh'?  1:20

  29. Megzw24 says:

    i could probably eat ramen daily. i found a pretty decent packaged tonkastu ramen here in canada and i actually HAVE ate it for breakfast for a week straight because it was so delicious!

  30. judithbstar says:

    Any chance you guys would go to a Butler cafe?

  31. Marie Marie says:

    love you guys awesome video take care

  32. faeirydancer says:

    Things Simon loves 1st Martina also 1st ramen 😀

  33. I am Avs says:

    🤤🤤🤤. So broke I can't even eat authentic ramen here in the PH. ☹️😫😭

  34. Gabi Pangilinan says:

    Lol I love the bloopers of your videos. They're always hilarious. I just wish I could catch you guys when you do you live videos for magic mail time! It's always, like, twelve am here in California when the live videos come on :'( Sigh But maybe one day I'll get lucky and catch when you guys have another magic mail time.
    Can't wait for the next video to come out! 🙂 Have a good day!

  35. RIXRADvidz says:

    I think we all understand why this precious resource is just that, limited and precious, so BITING and BEING MEAN to each other is no way to help. It is our combined Positive Interaction that keeps Martina and Simon coming back with more fun for us. Anyone that subscribes to EatYourSushi should exercise EXTRA Courtesy and Appreciation for Each Other. if you get angry or feel negative about what you read in the comments, Go Away, calm down, and come back when you can enjoy the happiness brought to us by Martina and Simon. Bigg Huggs For ALL!!!!! I give each and every one of you a Sparkley Stick On Self Adhesive Star if my arms were long enough to give you the Bigg Huggs !!

  36. Carolynn Markey says:

    I love how Simon and Martina cat fight with each other. it's like they are in a death contest to kill each other with facts and kindness

  37. LonelyCrown says:

    Food drunk Simon, my favorite type of Simon~

  38. Michelle Truong says:

    that sukiya jazz 😂

  39. J Jeung says:

    Luv your Bloopers! Taco Bell…lolz

  40. Julie Foster says:

    Grandmother warm winter cooking Martina snuggles savory creamy happiness . . .
    Simon = satiated

  41. Tania Xue says:

    Hi Simon and Martina! I'm not sure if you saw what I commented on the previous video so I'll repeat it here: I remembered that you guys mentioned pre-cooking several meals at once (hope I didn't remember wrong). It sounds like a great idea and I'd like to try it if I can, but I don't know what meals to cook. Do you have suggestions/recipe links that I can try out?

  42. Teresa Brandt says:

    Martina, you say that you can't figure out how they make such amazing ramen eggs…. figure it out and make a video so that I can copy it!!!! I'm so very jealous of you guys! We have a ramen shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA which is a short enough drive for me, and it's really good, but I can only imagine how much better the ramen is that you guys are eating!

  43. Tamu 0312 says:

    Great Main Video and Bonus as usual. Random- so I saw an interesting news story on Vice News (on HBO), it was talking about the movement for "Premium Friday's.' Is that something you see changing? Is the studio you work with doing it? You all are the only people I kind of know in Japan and wanted your insight. Long time watcher ,first time commenter from Texas. Random#2- loved your road trip videos in the USA, and I have to agree WhatABurger is awesome.

  44. Maya al says:

    What makes you happy ,, me,, ooo ,, ahhahha Simon quick response shows total sincerity 😂😂😂😂 one of my favorite bloopers

  45. ::star girl:: says:

    I just listened to your podcast for this week (and didn't know where to comment except here!) and just had to say glad you survived your tortuous taxi ride! As someone with IBS, the rumbly gut was aaaallll too familiar (mine nearly started hurting with sympathy pains, ouch!). I've had a few incidents myself like that – I should learn from you and laugh at them. 🙂

  46. Wenke Lindert says:

    Simon, it IS drunk food in Japan, that's what you're getting when you're drunk in the middle of the night in Japan XD

  47. MrsInAbox says:

    Well now I have to go on a ramen hunt for lunch

  48. Alice Madness says:

    That half hair ponytail thing looks really good on Martina : o

  49. ChocolateWitch13 says:

    That 'eh' makes me go awwww every time. So sweet.

  50. The Dale Tribe says:

    I just want to do the Simon and Martina Japan food tour. It's on my bucket list for sure! Love this one and now I am so hungry!! Love Simon's shirt. What does Martina's say at the bottom? I wish teleportation was a thing. I want to eat that and the mountains of Colorado are not a good place to find it! xoxo

  51. Audrey says:

    Martina looks extra gorgeous in this video!!!

    We have hakata style ramen in LA, they use a tonkotsu broth as well. Whenever my husband and I go we end up in food comas

  52. Moe McIntyre says:

    Can confirm, tonkotsu ramen is the perfect drunk food

  53. nejishefoo says:

    Bloopers + ramen = double trouble. We must have maaawwwr~~~

  54. moon_dreamz says:

    love the HP ref on Simon's shirt!

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