Lasagna Pie: Pizza or Lasagna? || Really Dough?

– It’s a lasagna you can hold in your hand and eat like street food. – This dough is thick,
but it looks super light. Did you get this from a Sicilian baker? – Stephen Lanzalotta created it. His daughter and his son
both work here as well. – That’s a lot of Lanzalottas. – Yeah. – I’m Scott and I’ve lost
all sight of reality. And my friend, Mark, is
being a pain in my ass. So, I’ve kidnapped him. And now we’re gonna taste
all the craziest concoctions that claim to be pizza,
but are they “Really Dough?” – You think that pizza
will be much longer? I’m starving. – Hey, how long is a wait for a table? – What’s taking so long? – Do you do delivery? – It just sauce, cheese, and dough. – Gimme pizza!
– Hurry up, pizza man. – Pizza.
– what’s taking so long? – Where’s my pizza? – I want pizza. – Come on, John Wick! – They call you the pizza daddy,
you’re not even that cute. – What’s taking so long? – Maybe I’ll tell him that, I’ll tell him we’re in Coney Island? I bet I can get away with
that for like 45 minutes. – Scott. – Mark, hey. Hey, good morning.
– What’s going on? Where are we? – So yeah, this might
seem a little bizarre. We were at the pizza place last night and you weren’t having such a great time and I was about to go
through the Holland Tunnel and, like, I swear I thought about going and then, like, I didn’t, I made a left, and I just kept on going, and I kept on going, and I kept on going, and then sun came up and thing I know, we weren’t there anymore. – Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.
– And we weren’t in Jersey, and like, I went.
– Scott! Where are we? – We’re in Portland. – Maine? – Yes. – You kidnapped me. – I think to kidnap somebody,
you need to tie them up. I didn’t do that, you
put on your own seatbelt. Yeah again, I mean, last
night we had a fight. I took you to Tony Baloney’s and it was like a little road trip and I thought that was
fun, so I thought like, maybe this would be even better,
but I know you’re pissed. I’m sorry. – You know what? I always wanted to come to Maine. – You always wanted to come here? – Portland’s a great food town. – And now we’re here. – Yes. – Well, like I figured, if
you were in a great mood when you woke up and
you got a lot of sleep, maybe you would go eat
some pizza with me here. I know some great pizza here. Before I drive you back home. – Let’s go. – Where are we going,
are you pressing charges? – No, come on, let’s go eat. – OK, so you’re not mad at all? – Just let’s get in the car and go eat. – OK. So, what have you heard about Maine? – How about?
– Don’t even. – What?
– Go there. – I’m sorry, man. I, it was late, I was frustrated. Like, you understand, right? – No, I don’t. – You’ve had frustrating moments. But it’s OK, it’s gonna be worth it. We’re in Portland now. I have never gotten a chance to hit this pizzeria called Slab. They do these like thick,
puffy, Sicilian pizzas. I think you’re gonna like it. – I love the name. – Slab.
– Yep. – Slab. – I shoulda buried you in
the sand for kidnapping me. – We’ll put bad things behind
us, it’s gonna be great. – So is this where all the
kidnappers take their hostages? – Oh, come on! – Wow, it’s pretty big in here. – I know, it’s nice, right? It’s an old market, it’s like church, it’s like pizza church. Here, why don’t you sit in this pew and I’m gonna go talk to Chris. – Make it quick. – Hey, I’m looking for Chris. – Hi, I’m Chris. – Chris, hey, I’m Scott. – Hey, yeah, hey. – Oh sorry, yes, right, understood. – Little doughy right now, but. – I know, I see, there’s a lot of doughy things
here happening right now. – Lotta doughy things. – I see mixed dough. I see formed dough. – Yeah, we’re making our
signature hand slabs right now. Big, rectangular squares that
weight over a pound a piece. But we’re also gonna be
making a lasagna today too. – I had heard that you had
like a lasagna pizza hybrid. – It’s lasagna in a crust. It won’t get you dirty and you can just eat it
right outta your hand, sure. – Is the lasagna a crazy
weight on this pie? – It is heavy, it’s got
meatball, four different cheeses. – This sounds a little bonkers, which makes me even more excited because my friend Mark’s with me and he is like a pizza purist. He’s like a right down the center. – All right. – This is gonna really challenge him ’cause he, the dude loves lasagna. – It’s a classic lasagna,
it’s just in a handheld form. – Wait, is it lasagna in a handheld form or is it pizza in a lasagna form? – It’s all up for debate, I guess. It’s all up for debate, I guess. Up for debate, I– it’s all
up for debate, I guess. – When I walk into a pizzeria, I want that smell to punch me in the face. Sauce, cheese, dough, that’s it. A city’s got flavor. You should be able to
taste that in their pizza. – Yeah so, if you want, I’ll make one of the
lasagna pies right now and you can just hang out. – Sounds perfect. – Nice, man. – This is your first time in Maine? – I don’t–
– The weather’s great, right? – How do you feel about not being allowed in my pizzeria anymore? – It’s… Let’s not, let’s not do this. We have all this great time to reconnect, rekindle, make sure everything’s cool. You know, like, remember,
you said you wanted to know a little bit more about hydration. And we were talking about how
your crusts are a little dry, there’s a great article in this magazine– – What’d you say about my crust? – You said that the other day. – I didn’t say that. Do you think my crust is dry? – You know what’s funny? – Do you think my crust is dry? – No, your crust is great. It has that flexibility, it’s got bite. – But it’s too dry.
– It’s pliable. You think it’s too dry, really? – You said it was dry. – I mean, I guess I could see that. Yeah, just on the end. OK, I see your point. – All right, so we’re
gonna make a lasagna pie. This is everything you’d have on a pizza with some pasta in there too. It’s just cheese and
sauce and dough, right? So. Get started turning out the crust. So we’re gonna make this with raw noodle. Let ’em soak and they’ll be ready to go. Provolone slices. Sprinkle some 50/50 on here and then meatballs. We originally were calling
this a meatball lasagna, but people would ask, “Hey,
where’s the meatballs?” Where’s the meatballs? There’s no ball here. Well, that’s not a ball. So now we just call it the meat lasagna. Finish it with pasta. It’s gonna be in this
oven for about 45 minutes to get the heat all the way through. Oh yeah. Finish it off with some Pecorino Romano. All right, well, let’s
take this out to the guys and see what they think. – Hey, guys.
– Oh no, oh, here we go. – It is the whole lasagna. – Oh, dude. – It’s actual lasagna. – Yeah. – And you gotta use a machete to cut it. – That’s a big knife. How did you come up with this idea? – Oh, we have our pizza ovens, so how can we cook pasta in pizza ovens? Lasagna’s a good bake. – That’s a big slice. – Just like our full slab is
only cut into eight pieces, but this half the size of that. That’s a meal for a day. – Wow. It’s like working out while you eat. – There’s no way we can handle this, you gonna join us for a slice? – I can’t sit down and eat right now, this would put me out for the day. I gotta get back to work. – OK, fair enough. Can we keep the machete? – Sure. – Thanks, Chris. One bite in and I’m already feeling like I might wanna take a nap. I mean, look at it. First thing that comes to
your– oh, good conversation. Good back and forth. – I get cornbread. – Totally delicious. – Amazing.
– Yes. So, according to you, crust, sauce, and cheese equals pizza. – No. You kinda like have a
dish and a half here. – What’s the half? – You have the lasagna is one dish. – OK. – And the pizza crust. – Why is the pizza part the half? – ‘Cause it’s just the pizza crust. – ‘Cause to me, I feel
like there’s the crust. – Yes. – There’s provolone cheese. – No, there’s crust and
then there’s lasagna. – Here’s my theory, look. We’re talking about two slices. This one over here, if I go in here, cutting up the pasta, right? And now, it’s in the separate bits. Is this a pizza? – No, it’s cut up lasagna on pizza dough. – Let’s take this off. This right here is a pizza
topping or a bite of lasagna? – It’s a bite of lasagna. – So, if you put this on a pizza, it becomes a pizza topping? – That is correct. So if you took the crust and you put dough, sauce, and cheese, and then lasagna on top, and it like cut it up
and made like a topping. – Like this. – Right, see ’cause, if you didn’t cut it up and make it like a topping like that, then it would just be
lasagna on top of pizza. – OK. So the thing that’s holding you up is that the lasagna is fully constructed. – Just ask me the question. – Is it pi– – This is lasagna on pizza crust. Pizza crust. Lasagna. – This does seem like
two separate elements. – One more time. Pizza crust, lasagna. – OK, you’re being really stubborn. I think you didn’t get
enough sleep last night, which is weird ’cause I let
you sleep the entire drive. – Though I kept waking up
and you kept telling me, we’re almost there, we’re
almost there, go back to sleep. – Yeah well, you keep
saying are we there yet? It takes a while to drive
through multiple states. – Come on, let’s go find Chris. – All right. Hey, you think he’ll mind
if we borrow the machete? – You look like Chucky with
that thing in your hand. – Dude, but Chucky is a doll. – Chris. – Oh, hey. – Thank you for everything. – Yeah, man. Thanks for coming in.
– That was phenomenal. – Thanks a lot, Chris.
– Yeah, hey. – We gotta get outta here. We really got places to go. – You can’t take this.
– What are you doing? – Oh. – You tried to take my machete? – That was good, man. That was real good. – That was incredible. – I’ll tell you what’s
incredible, this weather. Gorgeous, right? – Wanna go to the beach? – Beach, what’re you
talking about, you serious? – Beach, yeah. – You wanna go to the beach now? – Let’s go to the beach. – I would love to go to the beach. All I can think about is
jumping in that water. – Oh, God. I’ll stay in the car. – You just invited me to the beach. – I just wanna look at it. – You just wanna look at the beach? – Just wanna look at it. You just gotta remember,
you’re still on probation, so. – Are you serious? – Dead. – What, dead? What are you, what’s dead? – Dead serious. – Oh. – It means really serious. – Yeah, I understand. Would you go sailing if I got us a boat? – I don’t think so. – Why not? – ‘Cause then I’d have to
call you Captain Scott. – That’s my treat. – I kinda like it here. Where we going next? – Well, I figured,
maybe we’d go to Boston. You never been to Boston, right? – That was five hops. Boston?
– I’m very impressed. Yeah, I figured let’s go to Boston. – All right, can we get
something that’s not pizza? – Yeah, I’ll figure something out. – You sure?
– It’s the least I could do after, you know. – You kidnapped me? – I don’t wanna use that word,
the K word is a big word. – You know what, kid? – Yeah. – You got balls, I like that. – Thanks for watching this
week’s episode of Really Dough. If you like what you saw, don’t forget to like, comment, and share. And if you’re hungry for more, check out our other episodes. Like last week, when I fed Mark that garlic knot pizza calzone combo. – Or the episode where you kidnap me? – Dude–

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