Last to Stop Eating PIZZA Wins Mystery Box!

– [Ronald] So guys, today we are doing Last to Stop Eating Pizza
wins the mystery box! – [Karina] We don’t know
what’s inside the mystery box cause its a mystery, but
I’m gonna find out because I’m gonna be the one who is opening it. – No, I’m gonna find out really fast cause you’re gonna quit right away, so I win. – There’s no chance of me
quitting cause I love pizza. As long as you just take off the cheese, I’m gonna eat it all. (record scratch) Wait, can we take off the cheese? – [Ronald] No, no, no, no. – Oh, I’m still gonna win! (both laughing) – So, how many pizzas do we need? – I think we should get
one each, that’s a lot. – What, one each? Karina, you’re cuckoo in the coco. (boinging) – We’re gonna need 10 each. I’m kidding, like five each. – That- what? (laughs)
– [Ronald] Yeah! – That’s enough pizza for a year! – Ya wish. So, the mystery box is right there. I know that there’s
something special in it. Which is basically a piece of paper. – I think there’s
something really, really, really good in it and I’m gonna be the one who’s gonna find out, mhm. – [Ronald] You’re the
winner, congratulations. – [Karina] Alright, so
let’s order our pizza. I think we should get- – Five, five.
– [Karina] Five? – Yeah, five each (laughs). – Oh no, alright, pizza place. – But what kind of pizza? – Obviously vegetable pizza. – Ew, no not vegetable! I want a cheese pizza. – Ew, that’s too much cheese. – [Ronald] Okay, fine. You’ll have five vegetarian
and I’ll have five- (music) cheese. – What’s the pizza’s place phone number? (music) – Yeah, can we get –
uh, five cheese pizzas and five – uh, vegetable pizzas? – We’re not weird, please help us. (Karina laughs) – Yeah, yeah, we want all those pizzas. (Ronald laughs) – Uh, how long will it take? 20 minutes, Okay, that’s not too bad. All right, thank you, bye. – [Ronald] (laughs) It’s
gonna be really expensive. But I don’t care. I wanna win whatever’s in there. So guys, the pizzas have arrived! And as you can see,
that is a lot of pizza. – And right here we have the mystery box. It’s right next to me so
that means I’m going to win; ready for me to open it. – Nuh uh, uh, not so fast missy, cause right here we have the mystery wheel and every single time
we take a pizza slice we have to ruin it by spinning this thing and doing whatever it says, yay. – Mhm, and the winner of this challenge, whoever is the last person
to stop eating pizza, will get the mystery box. Which we already know it’s me so, I should just open it. – Okay, Karina, let’s just begin. – I got cheese, uh this
one’s for you, Ronald. I don’t want cheese. – Oh, this one’s for you (laughs). (record scratch)
– Okay. – Okay guys, so this is round number uno. Okay, so, I- let’s do
rock, paper, scissors? Who spins it first? – Alright, but first I’m gonna
get my pizza on my plate. – Okay, fine, you’re fancy, you’re fancy. – [Karina] Mhm, okay, you got a fork and knife to eat my pizza. – [Voiceover] Oh my god!
– [Ronald] What? – [Karina] I’m just kidding. – (laughs) Okay. – Alright. Rock, paper,
scissors, who goes first. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – [Ronald] Yes, wait, why am I yes-ing? – [Karina] Okay. (baby happy screams)
– [Ronald] Aria! Aria’s excited for me to suffer, yay. (Karina laughs) (accordion music)
(wheel spinning) Please be good. – Relax (laughs excitedly) – Relax this turn, mwa-ha-ha! So guys, right off the
bat, I can easily relax. – [Karina] You don’t
have to eat your pizza. (Ronald sighs) First slice is always fine, but like, the 10th slice
is not gonna be fine. All right it’s my turn to spin. – [Ronald] Okay. (accordion music)
(wheel spinning) Add mustard! (laughs) – Ew!
(Ronald playfully Screams) – You wanna quit? – So guys, right off
the bat, I got mustard. I don’t like mustard, but the last time I had
it was six years ago, so, maybe they renewed it, like, maybe it tastes good now. – [Voiceover] Nope! – [Karina] Ew. – [Ronald] Okay, don’t mess up! (Ronald laughs)
– [Karina] Okay. – [Ronald] That’s too much. – [Karina] Too much? I
thought that was like, the average amount. – [Ronald] What? People put mustard on their pizza? – See as for this round, I’m the only one who’s
eating pizza with mustard, and Ron is just relaxing,
cause, he got the relax on the mystery wheel, but I’m pretty sure he wants
to eat pizza right now. – Yeah, I just- ah! (laughs) – All right.
– [Ronald] Eat it fast, eat it fast! Is it okay? – I guess it’s not too
bad, but it’s not good, it’s kina gross, it
ruins the pizza. (laughs) – Well you have to eat it,
come on, come on, go fast. – [Karina] I think I put a bit too much. – So guys, I am a narrator, and Karina is enjoying her
pizza, and I’m just relaxing, but I really wanna east that pizza! (both laughing) – [Ronald] I think all the mustard’s off. The mustard’s off.
– [Karina] Mhm. – [Ronald] Do you like it? (crunch) The pizza yeah, the mustard no. (both laughing) – [Ronald] But I thought
you would be more like, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! (laughs) – It’s okay. (Aria grunting) – [Ronald] (laughs) Aria’s like, “I want mustard and pizza!” (Karina laughs)
No Aria. – All right well, I’m good. So now you can spin the mystery wheel. – Okay. (accordion music)
(wheel spinning) (Ronald screaming) Please be good, please be good. Do 10 push-ups and eat a slice! Guys, something is against me. Like, something in the sky, because I can never eat my pizza. I have to do 10 push-ups. Okay guys, ready, steady, go! (heavy bass music)
(grunts) One. Two. Three. (laughs) Four. Five. (laughs) Six. Seven. Eight. (laughs) Oh I’m so tired! Nine. (heavy breathing) 10! (party horn)
(gasps) Oh yes, I can eat my pizza now. Okay guys, I’m about to eat my pizza. I mean, at least it
doesn’t have mustard on it. Just a normal cheese slice. – [Karina] Okay, while
you’re enjoying your pizza, I’m gonna grab another slice
and spin the mystery wheel. – Mmm, this is so good! (laughs) – Three, two, one. (Wheel spinning)
(accordion music) – [Ronald] Take off the cheese. – Take off the cheese, yes! (laughs) So guys, I get to take off
the cheese from my pizza. When I ever have too much pizza, I get sick because of the cheese, so I’m so glad I’m taking it off. All right, I need a knife to take it off, I don’t want to ruin my fingers. – Guys, my first slice, and it’s so normal, so cheesy, and it has no gross toppings on it. I’m so happy, I’m definitely gonna go on, and win this challenge. – All right, I’m just
gonna take off the cheese, which will also take off the toppings, but I don’t really mind, cause the cheese, is sometimes, it’s just too much for me. Now I have a beautiful,
red, cheese-less pizza. Aria, do you want my pizza? Are you jealous? So guys, the pizza without cheese, and without anything else,
is actually pretty good. It’s just bread. So guys, this is my second slice, and I’m ready to go on forever, or at least until I win the mystery box. Mhm.
– [Ronald] Oh wow! Okay, that’s- totally. Okay, time for me to spin. – [Karina] Okay. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) – [Ronald] Eat a regular
slice! (laughs excitedly) Yes!
– [Karina] What? That’s so unfair. I’m gonna eat, like,
so many regular slices. Oh yeah, two regular slices on my watch. So I’m finished with my second slice, now its time to move on
to my third slice, mhm. All right, time to spin the mystery wheel. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) – [Karina] Eat a regular slice! – [Ronald] No!
– [Karina] Oh yeah. (grunts) All right, so I get to enjoy a nice, cheesy vegetable slice of pizza. Mmm.
– Mmm, that was good. Well, I still have some
left, but Karina, no. You cannot go on to eat
more regular slices. I need to win that mystery box. Only I, the regular slice
king, can eat regular slices. – Well that spot is already
occupied by me, mmm. I just finished my pizza,
it was really good. – So guys, that was my second slice. Now I’m going on to my third. Okay, let’s take a slice first. Has a little bump on it. (laughs) That means, always good things. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Ow, I hit my hand. Add salt and pepper to your slice! No! (laughs) That means, always good things. I broke my regular slice streak. Okay. (shouts) Okay, that’s enough salt. I can already taste it. Okay, the pepper, the worst part. Okay, okay, let’s eat this gross pizza. (grunts) (whines) – [Karina] Is it really that bad? – [Ronald] Mhm. – So while Ron’s eating his
pizza with salt and pepper, I’m gonna grab another slice,
and spin the mystery wheel. All right. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Take off the cheese!
– [Ronald] No! – [Karina] I’m on a streak! I could eat for hours and hours. Ron, are you gonna be
able to keep up with me? – Maybe. – All right, let’s take off
the cheese on this pizza. – Okay guys, I just
finished my salt and pepper, gross pizza, and today- well, now- today obviously, I’m ready to go again. Another regular slice. – Ron, don’t get your hopes up, because I think you’re
gonna get the hot sauce. – But you think and I
know, so know eats think. So I’m gonna get regular. (laughs) (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) – Add ketchup to your slice!
(Karina laughs) – You gotta get ketchup on your pizza. – Honestly I don’t think
that would be that bad. I think it’s the best
out of all the toppings. Okay, that’s enough, okay. I think the ketchup wouldn’t be that bad. So, let’s try, hopefully
it’s not that bad. (heart beat) It’s okay. – All right, let’s spin the mystery wheel. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Eat a regular slice, wooh. – [Ronald] Oh my goodness, stop it! – I’m gonna go on for
hours and hours and hours. Until I get the mystery box. Another beautiful, regular slice for me. So guys, I ate half of the pizza, and I feel like I can
eat four more halves, because I am not even close to full. So does this mean I’ll win? – Ron, you only win, when I quit, and that’s never gonna happen. – Ya wish! Okay guys, I have done my forth slice, and now it’s time to take another one, and spin the mystery wheel, oh no. Okay, regular slice, relax, or no cheese. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Add ketchup to your slice!
(Karina laughs) – [Karina] You got ketchup again! (Ronald groans) Okay, that’s enough, yes it is. – Okay, it’s fine, I can deal with that. All right, but now, while
Ron’s eating his ketchup slice, I’m gonna grab another
slice, cause it’s my turn. All right, what am I gonna get? (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Do 10 push-ups.
(Ronald laughs) – [Ronald] Do you wanna quit? – Well, at least I’m
gonna eat a regular slice. So guys, I’m not really good at push-ups, but I really need to win
whatever is in the mystery box. So, let’s do it. All right. (string music)
One. (laughs) Two. (laughs) Three.
– You’re getting tired? – [Karina] Four.
– [Ronald] What? (record scratch)
– Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. (laughs)
– [Ronald] No, no! No, restart. – What (laughs) I did 10. – From the ground and up. – Guys, that was clearly 10 push-ups. You just saw, I was counting 10 push-ups. – Cheater. – I’m not a- that was 10 push-ups. So guys, now it’s time for
another regular slice of pizza. Mmm, so good. – Okay. Guys, I just finished my fifth slice, and while Karina’s eating hers, I’m gonna take another one, and spin the mystery wheel again. Please be good! (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) (Ronald screams) – [Karina] You’re getting hot sauce! – [Ronald] No! Okay, well- – [Karina] Your mouth’s gonna be on fire! (both laughing) – Okay I’m not gonna add that much, because I’m a good boy to
myself, I’m nice to myself. Okay, um, okay, that’s enough! Oh no. Okay, let’s start. (Ronald groans) – [Karina] Is it really spicy? – [Ronald] Yeah, oh my- – Ronald you’re like, jumping everywhere. – It’s so hot! (heavy breathing) – Oh no, hopefully I
don’t get the hot sauce. All right, I gotta have another pizza, second to last pizza slice, all right, spin the wheel. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) 10 squats!
(Ronald laughs) – That’s what you get
for doing small push-ups. – All right, let’s start. (heavy bass music)
One. Two. (laughs)
– [Ronald] No. – (laughs) Three. Four.
– [Ronald] Okay fine whatever. – Five. Six. Seven. Eight. – [Ronald] No!
– [Karina] Nine. 10! (laughs)
(trumpets play) – Okay, okay. So guys, I’m so happy that
I did not get hot sauce. I just had to do 10 simple squats, and get a regular slice
of beautiful pizza. – [Ronald] So lucky! Okay, so now, it’s my time, to take another slice, and
spin the mystery wheel. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Yes, yes, eat a regular slice! Yay! (laughs) – So guys, this is my
second to last slice, and this cheese- it just- there’s a lot of cheese (laughs) and it’s really starting to bother me. – [Ronald] Well, you can quit if you want. – I’m not quitting, I’m gonna
eat all of these pieces, every single one, all these ones, and I’m gonna get the mystery box. – Karina, no you’re not. (both laughing) – Maybe, half of them,
but there all my pizzas. Not yours, just mine. (music) So guys, I finished my pizza slice, and now I only have one
slice left in the box. I’m gonna grab it, put it on my plate, and see what I have to do. – [Ronald] Please have the hot sauce or- – [Karina] Please have no cheese! (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) (Ronald laughs) 10 squats, okay, it’s not too bad I guess. – But 10 real squats,
not 10 Karina squats. – Well, these are real squats, okay? – [Ronald] Okay. – In three, two, one, go. (string music)
One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. And 10! All right, now I can
enjoy my last pizza slice. – Okay, anyways, I’m
on to my eighth slice, my last one, well, in that pizza. So, let’s put it on our plate, and spin. (wheel spinning)
(accordion music) Eat a regular slice, yes! Yes! So guys, I’m getting pretty full, I can probably eat just a few more slices, but don’t let Karina know that. You didn’t hear anything. (Ronald laughs)
– Okay. – Cause I am 100% gonna win this. 99 maybe. (music) – Okay guys, I finished my pizza slice, and finished this entire box. And now, I’m moving on, to the next box. All right, is this the vegetable pizza? Nope, that’s normal.
– [Ronald] Karina. – [Karina] Yeah? – I quit.
(record scratch) – [Karina] You’re joking? You’re smiling! – No, I quit, I can’t go back now. I actually quit. – Wait really? – [Ronald] Yeah. – [Karina] I win! (gasps) What, I win,
I won the mystery box! I win! – (groans) I just cannot- Like, I better end myself right now. Until I- I don’t know, I’m just getting sick. – Yes, yes, I win you guys, I win! I thought it would be so much harder, but (sighs) I just had
to eat one box of pizza. I’m gonna have to have
a long nap after this, but right after I open the mystery box! – [Ronald] Okay, let’s
see it, let’s see it, let’s see it, let’s see what it is. – All right, three, two, one! (Karina gasps)
(horns blow) – You get two! You get two! You already have one! – This could be my work phone. (laughs) I have my home phone,
and then my work phone. – [Ronald] When do you ever work? (crickets chirping) (Ronald laughing)
– Um, for the future. – [Ronald] Oh my goodness, you have two! Oh my- is that like the same color, and like, the same kind? – Yes it is. – So guys, I thought it
was gonna be something that was not that good,
like, a piece of paper, or like, a box of chocolates, but at least, I ended this. – [Karina] And I got the iPhone 11 Pro! – [Ronald] But you already
have one, why are you excited? – So guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. Smash the like button
for Ronald and for me, cause I only usually
eat half of the pizza, without any cheese. So, (gasps) but it’s worth it, cause I got an iPhone 11 Pro! – You already have one! – Ronald, I just noticed. It says iPhone 11 Pro Max! (screams) I thought it was just iPhone 11 Pro! – It’s just like two inches bigger! – [Karina] Yes! (screams) I’m so happy, yes! (Ronald screams) – So you can give me your old one, right? – Mmm, I’ll have to consider it. – Oh, please, please! I quit, so we ended this. – Well, I’ll think about it,
on my new business phone. (Ronald sighs) (slow music)

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