Lazy Japanese home cooking! “Gyoza” 冷凍 餃子 Frozen Food [CC]

I’m going to make Gyoza today. Well, it’s a frozen food though.. I think this is the best frozen gyoza, Ajinomoto’s gyoza. Without cooking oil nor water, you can cook it crispy. It’s delicous Let’s cooking! Inside is like this. I’ll cook half of these this time. First, heat a fry pan. since it doesn’t require oil nor water, just place gyoza here. back side of this bag, showing how to cook. No need oil, nor water. 5 mins with medium flame. Here indicates a note: If you cook fewer than 5 gyoza, please cook with small flame and steam it. Since it says “steam it”, put the lit on. Lastly, after 5 mins, leave it becomes golden brown.. soon will be ready, so take off the lid. Heat with medium flame until no water left. leave it until it becomes golden brown. soon.. Done! With beautiful golden color, looks delicious. Done! As for Gyoza “tare” ~sauce, soy sauce, and Raayu (chili oil). These are commonly used. I like adding vinegar with this. I think this taste better. This is my favorite gyoza sauce. Let’s eat! “itadaki masu!”

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    Looks yummy o/

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