Leading Chefs On the Importance of Choosing Sustainable Seafood

You know every time I talk
about these issues and talk about this subject of sustainable fishing about sustainable resources its it
really seems to capture people’s attention there’s definitely a a movement and a groundswell that’s happened in this country in say the last ten or twelve years where people really wanna know
everything about how they’re food is produced where it came from and how it found its
way to their table and I feel very strongly that people care about the
environment they care about that we’re thinking
about sustainability this is an important issue and more and
more in the last 5 to 6 years you see that customers wanna know that you’re doing the right thing and what it comes down to seafood you start hearing about habitat destruction and overfishing bycatch and then all of a sudden it makes all these decisions a little bit more simple We used to have this mentality that we
could just dump whatever we want in the ocean and we’re supposed to be able to pull whatever we want at any rate and expect it to be perfect. And that’s just
not the way it is I really do strongly believe it’s just
about educating one person at a time it’s just a matter I think of pointing
out to people that there are problems and solutions so
I feel like my job is to try to educate consumers as much as possible The amount of information out there as it pertains to seafood is overwhelming. There’s positive there’s negative misinformation there’s proper
information and we have the hardest time figuring
out who was that trusted source for us, but we found
that specifically Seafood Watch has made it really simple to make
decisions on a day-to-day basis it’s nice to have a single serving I
know I’m doing the right thing Seafood Watch has influenced an awful lot of the way I look at sea food you know it’s great because it’s it’s this very
simple tool I no longer have to do a lot of research
on my own and I don’t have to sort of seek the consensus of a lot of
people you know it its its drill down into some very specific and very simple
things and it’s not very hard for me to get acquainted with this So there’s this really great dialogue
that’s occurring right now more so than it has ever before and rightfully so every person from the chain of the fishermen to your fishmonger to the chef. There’s
always someone to ask that question what can I do as an individual and then I pull this little baby out. Seafood Watch
this app has so much information and it’s always
being updated so when you go to your fishmonger or your grocery store this is the answer and that’s what I want people to do to
make a change Just ask. Just ask. Ask for sustainable
seafood I support Seafood Watch. Please join me.
I support Seafood watch I support Seafood Watch. Please join me, come on

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