Learn Japanese Greetings & Questions : How to Order Food in Japanese

Now, I will teach you a few important words
when you go to eat Japanese food. First, we are going to learn how to ask for food. First
one: onegaishimasu. That means, “Please give me. . . ” The first word, “onegai” means,
“to ask”. “Shimasu” works as “May I/Can I. . . ?” So it goes, “Can I ask. . . ” something.
It works with every items, any nouns. For example, if you want to ask for a cab, you
can say, “Takushi” – that’s how it’s pronounced “Taxi” – “Takushi onegaishimasu. ” So that
works for that, too. Second word is – you probably know it – “arigatou”. That means,
“Thank you. ” Let’s practice. Let’s say I’m your waitress. If you want to order tea, which
is “ocha”, how do you say? Yes, “ocha onegaishimasu. ” Very good. So now I brought you the tea.
How do you say thank you? Yes, that’s correct. “Arigatou. ”

65 comments on “Learn Japanese Greetings & Questions : How to Order Food in Japanese”

  1. pegbars says:

    It sounds like you are not pronouncing the final "u" in "shimasu". Or is that just because you are saying it rapidly?

    Very nice video, btw. You're a good teacher. 😉

  2. pegbars says:

    Yes, but at :25, she pronounces the "u".


  3. ssmiley91 says:

    Great! Thanks for the help. I'm taking Japanese and these lessons are good practice.

  4. keepdoing says:

    people say it is silent, but not 100% silent
    you have to pronunciate it, but not as hard as usual
    not 100%, just about 10-20% hard
    you may know what I mean:D

  5. pegbars says:

    Yes, I do. Thanks! 😉

  6. DolchiO07 says:

    Arigato is the american variation of the word. They drop the u, just like with english words; favour–>favor and honour–>honor.

  7. kirballs1 says:

    ROFL Thats why I almost failed english once =P

  8. kirballs1 says:

    Doesnt onegai mean please?

  9. kailan121 says:

    men…. >.> anyways thx for uploading this vid i seriously wanna learn japanese to watch my fav japanese shows!

  10. KatzayKat says:

    This woman: "And now I brought you the tea. How do you say thank you?"
    Me: "Uhm… I already forgot X.x"
    This woman: "Yes, that's correct"

    Wow. I suck at this. But I just started today :]

  11. Marc Henn says:

    very help,arigatou

  12. Carlos Vasquez says:

    this women is really pretty. she can teach me japanese any day ;D

  13. Ardentine says:

    You can be my waitress any day 😉 😛

  14. ccabral92 says:

    you're lessons are so helpful! it makes it so much easier 🙂 arigatou!

  15. Kyle Liong says:

    what is tea again pork chop lol

  16. Hongki Ader says:

    fried chicken onegai shimasu!

  17. John Paul Mariano says:


  18. Thao Nguyen says:

    beaf stew onegai shimasu!

  19. debunker1905 says:

    wow I'm correct even though I said nothing

  20. casskayecars says:

    I said it wrong and it was still "Yes, thats correct." 😀


  21. gasping .for a dump says:

    Arigatou means thank you. And Hai (Sp?) means Yes. ^_^

  22. iuhuhsx says:

    does Onegai means 'Please' too?

  23. illumis says:

    although it is written as ありがとう, the "u" actually represents the long vowel for "to".

    hence, a direct romanji translation would be arigatou; the pronounciation should be arigatoo (long vowel); the english version of arigato is kind of inaccurate.

    similarly for とけい (watch), the romaji is tokei while the pronounciation is tokee (long vowel).

  24. JapanCandys says:


  25. JapanCandys says:


  26. Maledicus says:

    its really obvious that you jsut typed that into some translator

  27. aquiace says:

    Yes, Onegai means please.
    Same with Kudasai.

  28. WomynX says:

    you woulnd't say onegai shimasu American you would say 'American onegai shimasu' which means can i have an American , lol the Japanese say American differently it's ending sounds like ka not can

  29. egglot12 says:

    arigato, mr. roboto.

  30. bryan durushia says:


  31. matt7988 says:

    What a prejudiced response.

  32. XRabbitLadyX IMVU says:

    this is eazy

  33. Direwoof says:

    ummm its arigatou? its means thank you… but is it the same for "thank you for the food"?

  34. Catherine Florendo says:

    i thought to be thankful after eating your food
    but i don't speak japanese so i could be wrong :/
    its just something i picked up i guess

  35. Tara Green says:

    Now wouldn't you normally say Arigatou Gozaimasu if you don't know the person and Itadakimasu when someone made the food for ulike your mom or a friend??? then gochisousama when you are done eating????

  36. yasashii89 says:

    fucki fucki with me onegai shimasu =)

  37. wishingtogoback says:

    お(o) ち (chi)ゃ(ya)
    prounounced ocha

  38. amf19421 says:

    Thank you very much for your lessons. You are so clear and I find it easy to learn Japanese Language with you.

  39. today20080523 says:

    Ah thank you.
    But can I also use 'domo' to thank people? as I heard some people using it.
    what is the difference between arigatou and domo.

  40. nelly_kins says:

    thanks for this episode, i'm going to a japanese steak house for my birthday this weekend and i realized i didn't know how to order food in japanese, so this video really helped me a lot.

    yokatta ne? ^_^

  41. coinbird1 says:

    @today20080523 they both mean thanks… doumo arigatou is just a little more formal

  42. Brett Frazier says:


    Still learning lol

  43. mydearcassandra says:

    "How do you say thank you?"
    "Fuck you."
    "Yes,that's correct. Arigatou."

  44. gwen pelot says:

    hey can i ask u a question please? =D
    how do you say…."no thanks","im sad","im happy",and "what day is it?"
    =D if you would tell me i'd be very VERY thankful! ^-^

  45. Caelus 92 says:

    your vagina onegai shimasu

  46. li tran says:

    i can't remember word "onegai shimasu" !!! very difficult !!! >.<

  47. Rachel Dana Lee says:

    arigatogozaimasu! aishiteru ! XD

  48. PedroBlaze says:

    what about the particle "wa", or "wo", or "ga"?
    wouldn't i say "o-cha wo onegai shimasu"?

  49. PedroBlaze says:

    @KAD132 あなたとセックスしたいのですが 。 which is pronounced "anata to sekusu shitai no desu ga"

    i think you're just messing around, but i have to say….that's not a nice thing to say to a japanese person…

  50. PedroBlaze says:

    @trissab789123 if you watched anime in japanese, you'd learn it really quick!
    they use it all the time!!!

  51. pinky Min says:

    does daiski mean i not really sure of the meaning and spelling X.X

  52. risingsun08107 says:

    I can't pay attention to the lesson because she's too hot

  53. Amstrup77 says:

    i would say something completely different from that..
    i would say: O-cha o yomimasu… おちゃをよみます。
    its still very polite, and it says. i will drink tea [please].
    and if you wanna order both drinks and eating you say

    sushi o tabemasu.. soshite.. sake o yomimasu.
    -> すしをたべますそしてさけをよみます。
    i will eat sushi, and then i will have some sake [please]… please is in clams cause it is only said implicitly.

    you will then end the sentence buy saying a simple: Arigatou gozaimasu-> ありがとうございます。

  54. 13Maaka says:

    Very helpful thank you

  55. A A says:

    domo arigatou gozamasheta.

  56. TheMrHighJump says:

    Thank you, Dora.

  57. michelle y. says:

    oni-gaih-she-mus aLi-ga-tou?

  58. Pepe lopez says:

    Thumbs up if you think she is the hottest woman! 🙂

  59. ryama86 says:

    i think you mean nomimasu not yomimasu

  60. Kargoz says:

    milf. that is all.

  61. WasReallaygud Nikka says:

    fucking weeaboo…

  62. evlienace says:

    But I love her! <3

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