Lobster / Ramen / Spicy noodles/ family eating show MUKBANG / 랍스터 / 랍스터 라면 / 가족 먹방

hello, friend~ we are fantastic family the food we will eat today is LOBSTER bon appetite thank you for our food we prepared lobster today Are you eating lobster for the first time? yes first time I have eaten once. I will now take apart the lobster. This is not super large size It is a reasonable size. I prepared a suitable size for the children. from the lobster, came out something like wasabi. is it wasabi? it is not wasabi, it is internal organs of lobster Are you talking about the guts in our bodies? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. wow~ very chubby man appeared who you want to eat first? sarang first~ baby first I’ll show you how to eat. let’s try next, for pyori Have a taste of what it is so delicious It tastes like Sweet seasoning chicken let’s crack this for pyori Let’s take off the claws, first. lobster organs looks like wasabi. it is like color and looks adult can eat lobster organs? Finally, lobster meat comes out It also appeared like a caterpillar. try it~ please cut this yovely can you do it yourself? sure try this can you eat organs? yes i can i will eat claws let’s try this it is so big My dad breaks down all the lobsters. dad, please give me one more I’ll make another for someone ate all. Dad It is better to eat this one by one. that’s right Let’s take a sweet chili sauce. Take the red pepper paste sause, too it is too spicy mom cut it and gave it to me. I thought mom had stolen mine pyori, you should try dip in red pepper paste sauce I’m afraid my mouth will be on fire. how is it? Then I will take a little pepper paste sauce I ate the lobster’s intestines now. pepper paste not hot at all daddy, I can the lobster’s intestines intestines taste good i can eat red pepper paste sauce let’s break down one more. The lobster have huge flesh compared to its size. dad, taste good so good I want to do breakfast, lunch, dinner with this food. i already said so you said it was really delicious. It means the same. Crab and lobster What’s better? lobster are you? lobster hm~, it is so delicious. mom, it is the best best! let’s eat claw, together good idea You should break this little food. please Give me fast i will The flesh of the lobster claws was a little crushed. please give me ok, let’s try this frome now on, let’s break sarang’s claws ok here is yours~ let’s go one more body flesh wow~ i want body flesh please give me ok i will Actually, I have one, so give this to my sister. all done? here is it who do you want body flesh? last one is for pyori It is very delicious to boil noodle by putting this lobster. hey boy!! i did splash water on you? i’m so sorry it is so handsome I got it all lobster organs ok. it is all yours Please eat this part instead of me. Could you take the sauce, please? dad, eat mine wait, i will dip in sweet sauce one give sweet, one give spicy very good~ this claws is very cutie that’s mine~ how about lobster? so delicious What is your ranking for this food you have eaten? It is number one for me. it is number two for me The number one for me is strawberry unconditionally. However, the second place is a high ranking. are you all stuffed now? not al all still hungry still? I bought this food for expensive, but they are not full at all. We’re in trouble Several claws remain. if you eat this all. are you full? not at all we must eat more What do you think about boiling lobster ramen? good!!! we bought this lobster for expensive but we are not full at all we are very confused we think boiling robster noodles is better Let’s change the operation. Let’s start Season 2. we will come back soon with lobster loodles our family doesn’t know our place. we failed to challenge because too expensive and too Small amount of food When I look at ramen, I feel like I’m back home now. how about you? I want to start eating quickly. ;et’s start eating I wonder what this soup will taste. Do you eat lobster soup for the first time? taste good~~ i will hep you Let’s eat lobster flesh on ramen. you should eat lobster flesh with noodles it is so good mom look at me who do you want flesh? let’s give big one to mom Children eat small things. water please~ This is a fraud Extremely delicious why is it fraud? this is the taste can’t come out in instant noodles. This is a lie. noodles tell lies It’s really good. really really nice Let’s put out the flesh in the other claws. there is so many flesh someone help me! please give me a lot What’s better between ramen and lobsters? ramen!!! ramen!! ramen!! ramen!! ramen!! i want to eat ramen everyday!! introduction, development, turn, and conclusion is ramen There is no one in the world who does not like ramen. I think lobsters are the best among ramen noodles. i think so, too How about bok choy ramen? What’s better between bok choy ramen and lobsters ramen?? woops~ it is very difficult both!!! i think lobster is no1 and bok choy is no.2 eat One lobster on one ramen. How did you taste the first time you ate a lobster? best!! We are not born today, but what are you talking about? right you are old, but lobster is your first time i had eaten once

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