Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada

94 comments on “Lobster Rolls & Clam Digging on PEI with Matty Matheson – Keep It Canada”

  1. Do Nut says:

    Action Bronson shits on this prick

  2. Frank Lyle Bobongie says:

    Good show Matty, my uncle Role is a doctor in Toronto or Vancouver. I forget 😀 but it is Canada.

  3. invisible pilgrim says:

    Dude sounds Irish

  4. kameron peak says:

    That wetsuit took me tf out🤣🤣💀🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Aidan Pons says:

    5:52 eggman caught laccin

  6. fauxbug nl says:

    Best soil in the world Laughs in Beemster

  7. allmovin says:

    too crude for me

  8. Noel Molloy says:

    Mabye a blowjob 😂😂😂😂

  9. Officer Shredd says:

    Matty is such cool dude
    He needs more shows

  10. Featherbell says:

    Fat, foul mouthed and tattooed – I fucking love him. A proper chef who clearly loves and respects his ingredients. Now I need to binge watch him 😊

  11. Cameron j Marsh says:

    Fuck I love you matty but fuck me sideways your a puss

  12. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Damn it looks sooo damn good, I should have been born near the coast because I love seafood sooo freakin much !!!

  13. Wallace Hunter says:

    Not sure my wife would think your statements are cool? And if my wife thinks your on the wrong side, I would side with her… Word of Caution! Just saying bro…

  14. Dara MacCarthy says:

    Best line ever 🐱🤫

  15. Dara MacCarthy says:

    U feeling very frisky big man

  16. Cecil Harris says:


  17. Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind says:

    I would like to compare the first time I ate pussy to the first time I ate salted cod that has been drying in my Portuguese Grandmas pantry for the past year.

  18. Adam Fowler says:

    Brioche buttered bun??? Bud, that's a Ben's top slice!

  19. frank w says:

    that steak at the end was not medium rare…….

  20. p9ris says:

    " potato trap house"

  21. xx7n5v7xx says:

    15:30 Heir to the Potato Lord. …My liege….

  22. liamlad1 says:

    You are awesome Matty, keep it real my friend…

  23. Tom Fox says:

    "What do you guys know about eating lobsters? Not Much"

    Well we know that a 5lb lobster is old as hell and tastes like dick. No one eats big lobster if they have a choice.

  24. Matthew Blom says:

    I think Matty (the one in the video) needs to get laid.

  25. Biff Permenter says:

    dude , put a shirt on !!!!!

  26. Biff Permenter says:

    you are disgusting !!!

  27. Biff Permenter says:

    won't be back !!!

  28. Rapheal Francis says:


  29. Thomas Roberts says:

    How does he make money, can’t clam, and just gets fatter, must be Canadaian socialism

  30. Sabadoge says:

    Matty: We're going to go check out the kitchen!
    Carl: ……
    Matty: Right Carl!?
    Carl sweating
    Carl: uhh yeah… sure

  31. Patrick Duncan says:

    Guide sounds like Conor McGregor!!

  32. Joe N says:

    Next time trapped under ice

  33. Robin Stark says:

    He was really horny this trip, can't stop talking about blowjobs pussy and hot puerto ricans. Kinda made me cringe after the 20th time.

  34. Mr Kool Aid Man says:

    Ive never had lobster

  35. Amadeus Benjamin Cho says:

    I was not prepared for Matty in a wet suit LOL

  36. Diversity Nightcore says:

    is open nope is life and have fun 😀

  37. Jimmy Cen says:

    5:39 “this is like putting a whole condom on the whole body 😂 “

  38. FarsanBaloo says:

    This is the first time i ever caught crabs – Yeah right Matty ^_-

  39. Will Rannikko says:

    Love how Matty doesn’t give a fuck how his hat says Fuct

  40. David Ortiz says:

    "This tastes better than the first pussy you've ever eaten in your life" – Matty Matheson

  41. Noah Grey says:

    I bet it does taste better Matty lol! But probably not better than the last one I just ate. 🙂

  42. FolsomBluesPrison says:

    "If you're eating in the sand dune,

    you're probably going to eat some fucking sand."

  43. WhenMountainsMove says:

    Dog. That has is truly tight. Where can I cop one at???

  44. AngelYuki says:

    He sliced his finger clam digging but he didnt get his arm ripped off noodling

  45. Peter Hathaway says:

    Did Carl just hit puberty?!?

  46. Surrogated says:

    Love matty, outside looking in he's like a gangster with his strut, but his personality and voice just give a huggability quality few posses

  47. Chinou Vue says:

    I like matty… he is the best yet

  48. Clickbait I Got You!! says:

    Nothing like opening up with, "why are there no strip clubs?!!?"

  49. David Campos says:

    Clams and pork if your broke pork and clams always a great combo

  50. Jonathan Aguirre says:

    Fat Ahren Stringer from Amity is here.

  51. BeaverDAMage says:

    Canadian lobsters come out of the ocean with rubber bands on their claws? Sweet Ass!

  52. Pork says:

    Big red sounds like bubbles

  53. Louis Campagna says:

    he really just wanted a blowjob

  54. Caroline P. says:

    hes jesus

  55. O_zone says:

    Pozole not pozol

  56. Nunya Business says:

    Matty was noodlin' for seafood.

  57. Jeremy Stroud says:

    Did I hear a Donny Dumphy reference?

  58. Leilani Starr says:

    Love the tip on buying lobsters 👍👍👍

  59. Wammer says:

    Never seen an irish canadian before.

  60. Marika Sanchez says:

    this dude was funny asf

  61. Andrew Hawksworthwood says:

    Looks incredible holy shit love that spread of lobster and fresh sea food yummy mc yummsters

  62. Andrew Hawksworthwood says:

    I like matty hes an an amazing cook and he's hilarous

  63. Barney Mattsson says:

    I didnt know lobster came from the sea with rubber bands on theyre claws already….

  64. your dad says:

    violently canadian

  65. gavin bullard says:

    I love how old people don’t give a fuck like that old man taking the picture while he ate the huge lobster lol

  66. D-rail Fpv says:

    Pei stands for, potato every inch

  67. G B says:

    Is Carl OK? Are you OK Carl??

  68. Ben Manning says:

    Fuck ya bud eatin some good ol lobster

  69. Esteban Ventura says:

    Heir to the potato lord lmao

  70. jamie bennett says:

    I live next too Newhaven England its in East sussex

  71. Sogonzo says:

    “Naked Pussy”

  72. P Z says:

    if this guy would be by best friend i dont need pills for depression

  73. Moe X says:

    Would’ve been more fun if he stopped swearing so much.

  74. PJ R says:

    Most men I know don't think pussy tastes good, probably because most women don't keep it clean. By the same token, most women think men's cum is like sucking on the nose of someone with a sinus infection. And, I for one, would rather have that lobster roll! You can keep the other two.

  75. KV says:

    Lobster roll is one of my most favorite foods in the world for sure.

  76. 7-0-SAVAGE says:

    Dude i need that giant clam with all that butter!

  77. Dazed Viking says:

    I love matty but hate action hahahah idk why

  78. g man says:

    Phuck canada

  79. jesusbonnie says:

    Watching Matty put on that wet suit was painful….like stuffing 30 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound bag.

  80. Irene Flores says:

    I fuhhhh love Matty

  81. mark knoop says:

    Just wish canada wasnt so judgemental to those with DUI's

  82. Karla Garcia says:

    Hope you put chile California in that pozole😋

  83. plsenter aname says:

    'This is the first time I caught crabs'

  84. T A says:

    Taste better that the first pussy … lmaooooo

  85. M Kaykay says:

    Jezuz Christ .. this guy is thirsty af.

  86. Scott Guest says:

    I went clam digging in PEI about 6 years ago. I think it might've been this boat, to this island.
    Best meal I ever had – maybe second, to a good maritime lobster boil.
    1 fresh out of the shell, 5 or 6 steamed and a couple random crab pieces (like he said "we'll keep a couple tro' em in da pot") and I was stuffed.
    "More people should do this"

  87. Nate Williams says:

    Dude go get laid and stfu about strippers and pu**y. A fucking food show should be about the god damn food.

  88. Si TheBugGuy says:

    2:25 "this tastes better than…" I cant even repeat it. so gd funny!

  89. Monique Oliver says:

    "This is the first time I ever caught crabs"😒😕😊😁😂

  90. MrPepe360 says:

    Matty got me thinking bout the first time I ate some pussy

  91. Francis Couch says:

    That roll looked fire!

  92. Taylor Fausett says:

    "Maybe a blow job"!!!!!

  93. Mauricio Hasson says:

    the weight loss is looking great bro, keep it up

  94. Netflix & BrainDrill says:

    Being from PEI is great. Richard's is a 10 minute walk from my grandfather's cottage and is my favorite part of going to Stanhope in the summer

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