LOCAL JAPANESE FOOD in Kyoto, Japan – Fushimi Inari Srine’s FAMOUS food

Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate. Today we’re in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is
known as the cultural capital of Japan and there are dozens of shrines and
temples to explore today we’re at Fushimi Inari shrine but first food! The thing to eat in this area are inari and
kitsune udon. So the shrine is dedicated to the god of rice and you’ll see
sculptures of foxes which are kitsune in Japanese and they are the
messengers of the god of rice and it’s said that the kitsune’s favorite foods are
inari sushi and kitsune udon or soba Inari sushi is really really
good, if you’ve never tried it you might look at it and sort of think it looks a
bit boring a bit tasteless but trust us, it is the best! Basically it’s a
rice ball that’s been filled inside a deep-fried tofu skin and the tofu skin is
really sweet because it’s been marinated in mirin which is a really
low alcohol rice wine, sugar, vinegar and soy sauce and it is so juicy I’m gonna
get in and try it that tofu skin is so moist, the sweet
flavor of that with the rice, that’s just heaven. You have to try inari when you’re here.
The udon is really simple it’s just in a simple broth with spring onion and strips of the tofu skin. Mmm udon are a wheat noodle and these are quite soft but
they’re thick, they’re bouncy they’re just a really comfort food style
eating if you can call it that and the spring onion, the tofu skin, you feel so healthy when you eat it. The broth is really delicious too. It’s
like a dashi, which is a seasoning for stock, bit of soy maybe a miso too, flavor. Oh that’s just killer. I just can’t get enough of inari. This one-
the rice has got tiny, tiny little fish inside and also black
sesame there’s so much flavor in the tofu it’s unbelievable I’ve gone with not the local traditional
dish but an absolute classic- curry with soba noodles. So soba are a
buckwheat noodle, Japanese curry and this sauce is the thickest, most luscious
thing in the world So I’m just gonna have some sauce to start with oh wow oh
that’s so good it’s a great thickness, it’s really smooth actually when you eat it. It’s actually a little bit spicier than most Japanese curries I’ve ever had. It’s not spicy, not at all but Japanese curry generally is very
mild oh wow. Is there turmeric in Japanese curry? Why is it so yellow? I’m going to find out a bit
more about that I’m going to try the noodles, this is tofu spring onions and the noodles. Mmmm it’s like Sheena’s it’s so simple
it’s all about the curry- like the curry is king so they’re coated- the
noodles are coated in the curry the tofu is really soft it’s almost like egg
actually it’s well it’s tofu definitely but it’s like a scrambled egg which has been diced almost. Oh this is great it’s super hot outside like 30 degrees centigrade
this is normally what you’d think to have in the cold weather but man alive
it’s almost cooling like eating this hot beautiful curry it makes your body go oh yea, I’ll cool down. It’s so good. So we did some research and it’s pretty
interesting about the Japanese curry it was introduced to Japan by the British
during the British occupation of India it’s basically just curry powder and some oil
and stuff so really simple so it would be turmeric if it’s coming from India and
that’s why it’s so yellow it’s so interesting those little facts you
learn I like that about food when you you eat it but you don’t really think about it and then because of what we do we often want to know that little bit
of knowledge and it’s so cool that you can just grab google, look it up and it’s like wow it came here from the British via India crazy. And I’m so glad it has because its
incredible. I’m with the foxes on that one those two dishes could definitely
become firm favourites we ate at Oshokujidokoro Inari restaurant
quite close to the station get here if you’re in the area. Time to go and check
out the shrine So the god of rice was also a patron of
business and people come here to give thanks and pray for prosperity and all
of these Torii gates have been donated by businesses to give thanks for their
prosperity- incredible Fushimi Inari temple was beautiful,
very atmospheric especially those orange torii gates they were incredible. On your
way up to the temple there are a ton of street food stands so you can grab a snack
from there if you feel like it but it wouldn’t be a Chasing a Plate kind
of a day if there wasn’t an ice cream involved and we spotted something
pretty damn interesting on the way in so let’s go and find it Tofu soft serve! Mmm it’s really creamy
and it really does taste like tofu. I got a mix so I got plain tofu and green tea
tofu. Cheers to that! Cheers to that! That tofu soft serve was epic but fun fact it is rude in Japan
to walk while you’re eating so if you have got some street food with you you
should find a place to sit and finish it there or find a place to stand and just
eat on the spot. We are now heading to Gion, Kyoto’s most famous geisha
district We’ve arrived in the district of Gion which is
the traditional geisha district and it’s super weird because there are tourists
everywhere of course we’re part of the problem here but it’s like Disneyland
for geishas. So the buildings are beautiful this area is so nice
but because the buildings are so beautiful and the geishas are coming
out of little alleyways and stuff and there might be like 50 people with their
cell phones out and cameras and stuff and it’s super strange. We haven’t really
been taking photos because it feels intrusive
I said to Sheena this is like being at a zoo for geishas We’ve left the geisha area it was super
beautiful like we said but kind of weird as we said so we got out of there
and just had a nice explore. It’s time for dinner and we couldn’t think of what
to eat so default position is always ramen so we’ve come to Ippudo for ramen and
there’s a bit of a story about why we’ve chosen this particular restaurant. If you
know of Ippudo, you’ll know that it is a chain and it is all around the world
now we’ve had it in Australia and Japan but I definitely know it’s in other countries too and it’s a bit like the Starbucks of ramen restaurants it’s a proper
big chain now and this is not the place we’d normally go. I mean if you
have a local owner operated cafe versus Starbucks we’re going to go to the local
owner operative operated cafe every single time because that’s what we do
and we like to discover new places to show you guys but I’m going to throw to Sheena to explain the story about why we’ve chosen to come here tonight. So our
first ramen experience was at Ippudo in Fukuoka six years ago and it totally blew our minds. I ordered the spicy mince ramen which I had that first time Thomas had this too
for the first and he ordered it like spice level 5 which is just
off the charts and you basically couldn’t taste the bowl of ramen but I just loved
it so I am super keen on trying it again I’m going to add sesame. So it’s just the ramen noodles, I added a soft boiled egg it’s got spring onion and then like the spicy
mince. So we had it you know six years ago so we’re taking a bit of a trip down
memory lane that tonkotsu broth! So Ippudo
specialize in tonkotsu ramen so the broth is made from simmering pork bones for hours and hours and so it becomes really creamy and milky and that with
the spice is damn good. I’m going to get in with the noodles they say with ramen you have basically
seven minutes before the noodles start deteriorating in the broth so. Firm, so a bit of bite really good. And when you eat ramen you’re allowed to slurp because
slurping shows your appreciation of the food, cools down the ramen and
apparently it enhances the nuanced flavor of the broth. One of our subscribers Tosh T reminded me of that so thank you Tosh T! I went with the classic ramen here.
I’m really keen to try this because it’s just the simple broth and my seven minutes is rapidly ticking so I’m going to get in pretty quick and give it a go. The broth is a really nice thickness it’s actually quite watery compared to some other ones. It’s good I’m going to add things I’ll just try it first with the noodles but I think it’s definitely worth me adding there’s ginger and you can get garlic cloves
and mustard leaves I think I’ll be adding some stuff to just bring it up
another level- enhance it a bit. That broth coats those noodles so well oh look at this meat.
Beautiful piece of pork that is just going to be the tender thing I’m just ripping it apart with my chopsticks the classic egg which you have to get in a ramen. If you don’t have an egg in your ramen you’re missing out so badly look at that
ohhhhhh so if you’ve never had ramen or you’re in a place and you want to make
sure you get a good one look up Ippudo because it’s all around the
world it’s got such a high standard after now having- this is the third location
we’ve had it, so Sydney, Fukuoka, which was the original Ippudo which i think is
pretty cool for our first ever one and now having it here- the standard is incredible that’s so worth getting, I’m going to
add some bits and my seven minutes is pretty much gone so we better stop filming and get eating Sheena. That’s a decent bowl of ramen it’s not as
mind-blowing as I remembered. N me neither but I’d certainly eat it any day. Yep
any day of the week but it didn’t change our lives like it did six years ago but
also because I didn’t have the spicy one and I didn’t have number five I’m going to wake up much
happier tomorrow then six years ago when we had that ramen because it blew my socks off literally.
Such a great day in Kyoto, thank you so much for watching we hope we’ve inspired
you to eat and explore like a traveler not a tourist Sayonara!

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    伏見稲荷で稲荷ずし最高です。カレーうどんは寒い時期には体が温まって格別ですよ!!! 🍚

  2. Tosh T says:

    My goodness. I'm not surprised but you two have enjoyed some really traditional stuff. Inarizushi. Mmmm, mmmm. Many of my "sushi loving" friends have never even heard of it. I always had it with a few tiny strips of bright red pickled ginger. Love it.

    I know your vids are recorded weeks prior so it's cool that Thomas and I (earlier this week) essentially said the same thing thanking the British Navy for Japanese kare. Great minds…😀

    Broken record but another fantastic day. 👍

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    If you're still in Japan can you do a video about Japanese snacks and sweets like you with Mexico. 🙂

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    growing up, my dad would take us to eat sushi but i hadn't acquired the taste for it yet so i would always just get inari LOL omg…that thick curry…i dont think i've seen a curry soup like that before. tofu ice cream!!! i wanna try that! cheers~sara

  6. Four Dirty Feet says:

    Amazing how three different cultures were involved in that one dish 🙂 Doing a little research always pays off. That shrine looks awesome, so cool that its free. Wow, that whole Geisha thing was definitely weird. Looks like they are almost celebrities

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    Great video !! 😀😀 I just came back from Japan, I am also editing my own vlogs recently (I put my first 3 vlogs on my channel), and it made me want to go back there, I think you know what I feel 😜

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    idiot. hot food in the heat cools you down! 😂

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    where shall i try ramen in melbourne guys. i think you have converted me.

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    ”We ate at Oukujidokoro Inari restaurant" … "Oshokujidokoro" = お食事処。
    あそこは安くてうまいです。稲荷ずし、稲荷うどんのセットで750円でしょ? あのあたりの他の店だと、1000円近いはずですよ。

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    Fantastic Japan video series, thanks so much Sheena, Thomas….!

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    Absolutely love that your older vlogs are in feed. Love ramen.

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