Lost in Japan and The Best Ramen Ever

This building, is where our Airbnb is. Now
our host is out of town so she left the key behind a water pipe somewhere. So
that’s what I’m looking for right now It should be around here somewhere. All right, I’m guessing the key is not in
that gas station. I think I missed a turn. I think this might be it. There’s an old lady there parking her
bike. Let’s just wait for her to leave. Okay, so we just got our sims. We had them delivered to the post office. to the post office. First things first,
whenever we’re here at Narita, Lisa’s going to Traveler’s Factory. She’s finally gone. That took forever. This is the pipe. And there’s our key We’re back in business. Jeff: This was around the time when Airbnb was
not exactly legal yet in Japan. So they had all sorts of requests, like you have
to pretend like you’re the friend of the owner of the unit. Lisa: This is one of our
favorite Tokyo apartments because it’s right near Shinjuku Gyoen. Jeff: There are a
lot of Airbnb apartments that advertise that they’re near Shinjuku Gyoen or
they’re right next to it but a lot of it is not true. The last one we we went to
was like two kilometers away from Shinjuku Gyoen when it literally said
on the ad that it was right next to it. Lisa: It was a lot of walking. Jeff: Uphill. Lisa: Which I did not like. Jeff: Nobody likes it. Lisa: So, ladies. If you ever go to Tokyo and
you need to do some shopping and you need to lose your husband for a
couple of hours, this is where you put him.
My problem is I can’t leave him here alone cuz I also want to see everything
inside. Lisa: Ohh. That looks good! Lisa: I’m rarely disappointed with ice cream. Jeff: This thing is so milky it’s like you’re
drinking directly from a cow. Lisa: Eww! Jeff: There’s no trash can here. Trash can! Lisa: One of our favorite things to do in Japan
and usually is the first stop after we check into our apartment is we go to an Ichiran because miss it the entire time that we’re not
there. It’s an experience pretty much. Being able to sit in a booth with no
need to face anybody else even your server. Jeff: Yeah, I think if it’s the
introvert’s ramen. We just arrived in Harajuku. This the first
time we’re actually here and we found this. I guess most of Japan’s population is
crammed into this street. Lisa: I think this is our fifth trip to Tokyo but this was
the very first time that we went to Harajuku. It was overwhelming. Jeff: When we got off the train, we just stood there at the entrance of that street and just
stared at all the people trying to walk from end to end. Lisa: It was an experience
that I didn’t want to miss out on so we did. We just walked the whole way. Jeff: It was an assault to the senses. Lisa: In a good way. Lisa: Which one? Jeff: I can’t believe you got that.

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