100 comments on “LUXURY JAPANESE FOOD – Multi-course Kaiseki at Traditional Onsen Hotel in Hakone, Japan!”

  1. Uncle Tom says:

    I'm reasonably confident… You would rather spend that sort of money on a week in Bali🙏😉

  2. Pratik Wandhare says:

    It's common think everywhere i think, when you remove your pants the coins just spills out of the pocket😂😁

  3. Jacob Moore says:

    And I thought the Godzilla hotel was the best place to stay,this is like the best 5 star there ever is

  4. Donna M says:

    Man the amount of wasabi. Surprised you could taste anything.
    The meal looks amazing but boy it’s huge.
    A feast for four.

  5. Manasi Dey says:

    This is not good, every food is not cooked well

  6. pooja gautam says:

    Wow 😮

  7. Threcmay Gaia says:

    Thanks viewers!

    We couldn't afford this without ya'.

    Me: You better be punk

  8. kisstherain73 says:

    cushy,,lol,,never would have thought of that word.

  9. Ben Guzman says:

    egg at 19:15 seems like shouldve been mobbed like an oyster shoot

  10. PREPFORIT says:

    AMAZING place AMAZING FOOD ! TY Mark !

  11. RONI says:

    👋Oohhhh Mark, u r the epitome of a real MAN 2 apologize 2 aalll of us unknowns. U, Ying, & Micha are well DESERVED ppl 2 enjoy this life. However, what a tease w/ the shorts under the robe b4 hot tub relaxation😭😉 The food, presentation, soft music, entire abode, WOW & 😋😋👍

  12. MrCollectorsEdition says:

    How u can eat a shrimp with skin ?

  13. Vijay Nanavare says:

    I am fan of your, I liked your all videos bro !!
    I have started my own you tube channel name, VijayNanavare
    I need your support to more likes, share and subscriber's.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. Cedie Casil says:

    This Video makes me want to go to JAPAN!
    Thank you Mr.wiens for this mouth-watering food blog

  15. Pacero says:

    Down to Earth, all the way! Cheers!

  16. Lod Monya says:

    No matter what your videos are perfect mark.❤from INDIA.

  17. lal rana says:

    Love from Nepal

  18. Oskar Dirlewanger says:

    Hi Mark,there is only one thing that tops Japanese food and thats Italian food!!! Thanks man.😎

  19. The Chairman says:

    Cute. Twinkle twinkle little star…

  20. ባሕታዊ ሂወት says:

    after eating all kind of from whole world still remain skinyyyyy

  21. Janyce Imoto says:

    Mark that was a wonderful experience! That small dish with the intense flavor you had at breakfast is called Ika-no-shiokara. It’s cuttlefish or a type of small squid. It’s my favorite. Try it over rice if you ever have it again. It’s quite a delicacy!

  22. ryan48888 says:

    Asians eat such disgusting food

  23. ryan48888 says:

    Mark pissed in that pool

  24. Stacy Klair-Symone says:

    That's awesome

  25. Frank Araujo says:

    Mark, I’m sure you already know, but just to register here the YUKATA is a “summer kimono”. It’s a lighter kimono that the Japanese people wear in the summer, or warmer days in general. Love your videos, man. Keep up the great work!

  26. Snuggly Greer says:

    Red meat cause cancer

  27. hazart banner says:

    U got visit Belize the best food ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. eby mathews says:

    I can hear a singing in the background…..is it your wife singing to your baby to sleep….?

  29. eby mathews says:

    Oh its actually twinkle twinkle little star song

  30. eby mathews says:

    I would suggest a restaurant manager should arrange a food guide for people new to japanese culture and be there at request to guide international customers in how they need to enjoy their food at peak level.

  31. eby mathews says:

    The check out is 10am the hotel should have an option to check out at 12pm for a few extra bucks.

  32. baendi muhammad says:

    waoooooowwwwwwww beautiful. I very like food japaneses. thanks mark

  33. bingre says:

    This guy is making me fat with these vids.

  34. Lauren Cliver says:

    You make me add to my Bucket List on the daily.

  35. Lauren Cliver says:

    Mark do you always eat the shell of a shrimp? Won’t it make you sick? Just trying to learn.

  36. Ng Lok Ho Justin 5C15 黃樂濠 says:

    I must go here!

  37. Regina Huang says:

    That’s why when I first moved to US, I tasted all food here disgusting

  38. Uday Neela says:

    Hey mark !!
    Whazzup man ??
    Oh you are extremely lucky and busy man on this planet!!
    And cute Micah !!
    I love him !!

  39. Lahlem says:

    Dude, this is making me relaxed AF

  40. Catherine Armant says:

    Marc goes to many Countries, meet many people who serve him the best food, inside, outside, in restaurants, or even in their own home.
    Marc is their guest. They know that they are filmed, and will be published on line. It is important for them in term of international public attention.
    So it would be impolite, impertinent, irrelevant and counter productive to respond to the food given, in a negative way.
    I admire Marc courage to eat anything.
    And I also admire Marc courage to eat … so much ! Sometimes Marc has to go through 4 hours of eating food.
    Marc is blessed with a very active Metabolism. He is not gaining weight at all !
    And Marc is blessed with the joy of travelling and the joy of experiencing the savour/ flavour/ aroma/ fragrance of so many Countries best food.
    And to share all this with us. 
    As Marc is so very good at describing his sensation of eating : "I am going to take a full bite of this" Smile … "Woah" and his face is changing, from the pleasure.
    Finally, if Marc says : "this is unique" it probably means that this time he does not like the bite that much. Like when the food is too dry, or too sweet, or too salty, or too starchy, something like that.
    "juicy and tender" this is what Marc likes the best. Smile.

  41. mohammad ryan says:

    I do always watching his VEDIO every day here in utube, I like when he taste the delicious food and he was just like kind of lying down his head all over that food. wow gread job mark, everything was amazing ang definetly great. hahaha. it make me feel like I want to eat more, hahaha. guys when you're on diet don't watch his VEDIO hahahahaha.

  42. Chonsanglen Lunkim Imagination Art's says:

    I had a dream that i want to see mark and his family and have dinner together once in a lifetime but it was only just a dream. Haha 😂

  43. SAMUEL CHOI says:

    You should learn how to speak English properly

  44. Shubh dubey says:

    Come to India mark😢😢😢

  45. Jay Young Jones says:

    Best country in the world

  46. Wimpy Samurai says:

    Hi do they have food for 3 year old toddlers at the ryokan? Can small children go into the hot springs?

  47. Obj97 Gunner says:

    Mark and mike Chen, best food show hosts on YouTube !

  48. Melissa says:

    Lol….9:30…. I like how you can hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star….😃😃🤣🤣

  49. priyanka dey mondal says:

    U r the best youtuber…love you mark ❤❤❤❤

  50. Pooja dubey says:

    Amazing videos sir

  51. Lawrence Ranille says:

    I never enjoyed any country in the world than Japan. Everything from people to food is just great.
    Thank you Mark for posting this

  52. Yuya MC says:

    11:25 This sauce is perhaps made of miso and Béchamel sauce. I used to cook sauce like this at Japanese restaurant.
    13:26 There are roughly two types in miso: white and red. I think this is "red miso soup".
    20:12 I'm not sure but this cuisine might be "Shiokara".

  53. frank scott says:

    I only come here to see Micah smile

  54. Farazi says:

    I really love your channel !!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Celia Wilson says:

    Mark? Why are we hearing your eating sound so loud,before there was no slurping…but sound has changed….sorry but I can’t bear the sound of chomping,other than that,I like your vids,now I’m trying to listen without sound…not as pleasurable as before…

  56. V.v.Reddivani Malli says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper dear Mark's

  57. Can we get 10001.1 subscribers says:

    Mark skin is like mine in summer

  58. Steven Vo says:

    I'm more curious about your workout regime. How the heck are you that skinny when all you do is eat?! =)

  59. Sandy Mcinalty says:

    Great video as always! I sure hope your wife got to enjoy some of the. Amazing food also!! Must be difficult to travel and vlog with a little guy!! But he is SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!!

  60. Rosie Mclafferty says:

    Mark you and your wife certainly have a sweet gig living the life God bless you.

  61. Layal H says:

    He should be my travel buddy

  62. jorkanmx says:

    Gasp gasp after eating Wasabi.

  63. sweet afr says:

    If they eat all that for breakfast what's for lunch or dinner lol

  64. Mystic Gohan says:

    That twinkle twinkle little star when you ate the sashimi is nice lol

  65. Brandon Gabardi says:

    This dude is always relaxing, or eating, while his wife his tucked away in a corner with the baby. What a douche

  66. Ankita Nandy says:

    You inspired me to add a Japanese ryokan in my bucket list!

  67. SookieNightmare says:

    check-out is at 10am?!?!
    but . . . . i don’t usually wake up until 10ish 😆

  68. stu Art says:

    Gushie. This word. 😂

  69. Peg Larsen says:

    I thought you need to shower BEFORE you enter the hot tub.

  70. Corazon quiambao says:

    Hi Mr weins l am no one fans of you always thank you l like onsen

  71. Sana waqas says:

    Give me ur whatsap number

  72. Monica Williams says:

    I HATE/LOVE YOU Mark. Lucky stiff. Enjoy.

  73. Azalea Jamie says:

    Really enjoyed this experienced! I would love to try it one day 🙂

  74. Nina Hughes says:

    Hi Mark . You're very brave to eat dishes even when you don't know what they are. That one dish looked like fish guts but you still tried it.

  75. Feigi The Chicken says:

    Ho wow

  76. Dr.Santosh Rathod says:

    Getting ready to Onsen…Haha.

  77. Ketut Winata says:

    Love it! Thanks for video Mark.

  78. Martin Wangsamulia says:

    I like your vids im a girl my dad showed your vids and i got more likely to your vids

  79. Darlene Sanders says:

    I love this man

  80. amanda nutt says:

    I almost feel like I know you personally from watching you so often.

  81. Deen Shazard says:

    hi Buddy, my name is Roy from Qatar Airway.I love your show. Specially the way you express your TASTE( Ummmmmmm)
    Any Way,Please RESPECT PEOPLE,Seems to be now when you became Popular You NEVER RESPECT Common People who you Cross along…
    I am Watching You MARK WIEN Always.
    You do an Amazing Work ….

  82. karine3a says:

    Home HiJoseph you have a re you come e you come home please call me please ✈️🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

  83. Johan Chan says:

    happy thanksgiving mark wiens

  84. Linda Gens says:

    You never take for granted the wonder of it all. I love seeing you all enjoy where you stay and eat!

  85. Derek Sierra says:


    Mark Weins

  86. Vanessa Martinez says:

    I love the pure state of bliss he has♥️🙏

  87. anschiful says:

    OMG i am falling a sleep who can watch this s–

  88. Memories Are What Make Us Who We Are says:

    Mark. You are killing me with your appreciative expression of eating all those delicious food. Man, I'm hungry! And there are no Japanese restaurants in my neighborhood to at least try out some of those dishes. So I ask you, Mark, is that fair?

  89. Yuji Gaitanis says:

    I love you mark your The best your vloger

  90. Daniel Augustin says:

    I love this

  91. Luz Imonode says:

    Love your videos you are really very good went you show the food and the people and the more important you are very sincere 👍😍❤️and honest simple the best

  92. Gemini Thibea says:


  93. Debra Buckley says:

    Did your wife get to eat?

  94. John Q Taxpayer says:

    Looked like an amazing experience.

  95. Naresh Kumar Reddy.R says:

    Mark did a mark in the world food, love your videos down to earth. This is R.Naresh Kumar Reddy, Hyderabad, India.

  96. Oma McKaskle says:

    The dish he thought was salty meat, was actually Ika Shiokara, It is a salty squid and can be found in the best Japanese Market in California. Also, if you go to a Onsen or any bathhouse in Japan, you bath first outside of the tub. "Mr. Baseball" with Tom Selleck has a scene where the men are bathing with an hot tub. Don't do what Tom did!

  97. Mrpython Misspython says:

    Hey Dont Mind But If Ubeat all Of Ua Food By Yourself Then what does Your Wife Eat ???
    She Always Records You Eating You and Eat Most of The Food Alone…Poor Lady

  98. Ichliebedich Dankeschon says:

    That's the problem i gain weight.I'm worried anything he ate I tried to find in my fridge I ate or cook too. Why he don't gain weight? Holly Cow!!

  99. Frank Sexton says:

    Awesome! Love to visit there with my family!

  100. Subaru Nakajima says:

    I’d do that again if I were you, the food could’ve and should’ve been better. Do a little more research and give it another chance.

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