Mak/eat/ing Japanese Candy

Where I’m from, this is what candy is like. So first, we’re gonna go on this candy, And this is a making-candy And you put all the ingredients and water and stuff, And then, You can make your own candy. Toilet candy! Goes like- ( makes bubble sounds ) You know, like this one, And then, You’re gonna give this a straw, And then you can drink it. But it’s not toilet water, okay? It’s just… The thing that you put in is just toilet. ( laughs ) Like this is Japanese sushi, And this one, But you get a toy inside it. This one is called: “Pocky” This is a rock, paper, scissors candy. These two are some like, Mmm… I don’t remember but, Like some corn thingy. So, I’m gonna open the Pocky. So I’m gonna eat it just like this, It’s yummy, And like um, Like Ritz crackers? I don’t know what you call it, But it’s a cracker And then you put like, Strawberry sauce, And then put a cracker and then eat it, it’s like that. This is Rock, Paper, Scissors candy So I’m gonna open it, Then you do this and- I know it’s… Just me but… “Rock, paper, scissors!’ I win in those. “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” GREG: Ok, I got scissors, What do you got? AIKO: Umm.. GREG: Paper? ( makes shooting sounds ) AIKO: ( says finger in Japanese ) Ahhhhh! GREG: What does it taste like? AIKO: Soda. GREG: Like soda? AIKO: So the next candy is, This candy, This is the toy,

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