Let’s dip it into the sauce D’oh, I couldn’t bite it off Ew…that’s gross Hello guys, welcome back to my video Today, I’m gonna do something new and different. I’m
gonna do a challenge. My friends over here challenge me to eat raw food,
guys. And right in front of me, we already have some of the
raw food. But before we begin, I’d like to ask you to click on the
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Yudist, Ok? And right in front of me there are so many kinds of
food, Gosh, I don’t know what this is, I’m afraid to try it. First, we have, let me show you, guys. Geez. Even the
shape looks scary. What is this?You know, that thing which moves like
this. /Squid?/Octopus. Octopus. This is octopus. Look at those suckers. It says that it is Tako Sashimi. I’m gonna try to eat this, but not gonna finish it. I’m gonna slice it, and take a little bite. I wouldn’t eat all of them, I’d be too stuffed. And I’m not sure if I’m gonna enjoy eat this thing. I have never tasted anything raw like this before. Next, we have Maguro Sashimi I think this is fish meat. They say that these all three are fish meat. You can see the difference, if you see the orange
coloured flesh with white lines like this, it must be
salmon. They say that on the fish taste chart, salmon is on the
top, and one of the most expensive fish. And this one, this is Tai Fish (Tai in Bahasa Indonesia
means feces) I’m sorry to say this, guys, but this is what they called.
Even the package says that it is Tai Fish, Tai Sashimi Maybe that’s Japanese. and of course this one is tuna. but it says, it’s maguro Maybe this one is the wife of Pak Guro (Mak in Bahasa
Indonesia means Madame, and Pak means Sir) Ok guys, that was the raw fish. Next we have, the processed one. Which were sliced,
cut, and processed into ready to eat kind of food. In Japanese restaurant, they call it Sashimi. They usually have these two kinds of food. They have the rolls, raw and cooked. They call the rolls as Sushi. and the raw one like this is Sashimi. We’re gonna eat the Sashimi, dip into the sauce. There’s no difference between this Sashimi with those
raw flesh. The difference is this one is already sliced into one
portion and it’s ready to eat. And this one is exactly the same with what we had
before, there are tuna, salmon and tai fish, and the
sauce. And we still have some more, look what they bought
for us. This is sushi nigiri. So, these are rolls.The raw fish were combined with
sushi rice. I think we can categorize this one as sushi. Look, you can see the rice. This one is made by pressing the rice with your hands. I hope the sushi chef had their hands washed before. This one smells nice. You can smell the aroma of the
cooked rice. Let’s taste them, guys. One more we have Kibun Kani Fumi Kama Boko
Yoguro Ota#&$ ma#$&@, that’s too long! The name of the dish is Kibun Kani Fumu Kama
Boko, something like that. That’s so hard to mention it. In Bahasa Indonesia is so much simpler, kepiting. They also bought me vegetables. This is the salad, Tuna Salad and Corn. So, they have the sauce-dipped Tuna in this salad. Ok guys, so I’ve just unwrapped all the packages. Now, it’s time to show you the beautiful cinematic
video. So guys, the first thing that I’m gonna taste is crab
meat. It’s raw, guys. D’oh, Nal. I need sauce. But, Let’s taste it without the sauce. Actually, the crab meat taste nice, I couldn’t chew it,
the texture is disgusting. Do you wanna take a bite? I’m gonna dip it into the sauce. I hope that’s gonna taste better. Still not good, I don’t like it. Actually, the meat is taste fine, but the texture is really
raw. Because you already know you’re eating something
raw, the texture is chewy. /oh, I have an idea. What if you close your eyes. Close my eyes?But I already imagined it. It’s already in my head, but I’m gonna close my eyes. Yuck. That’s gross. This one is still ok, but if you already knew that’s raw,
you’d feel gross out. Let’s try another one. Next, I’m gonna taste this. These three kinds of fish. Tai fish. Let’s eat this without the sauce. Yuck, the color is so pale. I can’t bite it off. I can’t bite it. Yuck, that’s weird. Yuck. This one has no taste at all. Bland, it’s so bland. Maybe, it’s not seasoned yet, but the texture is really chewy. Let’s dip it into the sauce. I can’t bite it off, Nal.YUCK!!! Yuck! Can I just swallow it? Look, I’m gonna swallow it. Done. I swallowed it. They taste the same, but Tai Fish is really really really bland. The crab meat was quite good. This one is so bland, but can you imagine eating something really chewy?and you already know that you’re eating raw fish. That’s so displeasing. It’s so primitive, eating fish without cooking it first. Next, I’m gonna eat the other two.
This one, the most red flesh. I’m gonna eat it without the sauce. This one is good. It’s soft. I can chew it. I can swallow it, but, it smells. look, It’s done. I’m gonna dip it into the sauce. I’m gonna eat it. It’s quite good, but it smells. Smells like raw fish. The smell is so bad, I’m gonna vomit. Next, I’m gonna eat raw salmon. This is the salmon flesh. They say, it’s the tastiest. Cooked salmon is definetly delightful. I’ve tasted it. but I have never rasted the raw one. Let’s try it now without the sauce. Whoah. this tastes good. This is so good. Taste like cooked fish. It taste like cooked carp (gurame). If you fry carp fish, the flesh turn into white color, and taste exactly just like this one. It doesn’t smell at all. Let’s try nigiri, I bet this one tastes good. This one, raw salmon with rice. Dip it into the sauce. I hope it tastes good. Whoah, it’s delightful, I swear, Nal. You really should try this one, Nal. You can try the Sushi roll, dip it into the sauce. Whoah, so delightful. Just like in the Japanese Restaurant. So, I guess the key is Rice.
I am so Indonesian. If you eat the raw fish together with rice, the taste is so much better. It tastes good. Even though the fish is raw. /but that’s cooked rice? Yeah. Of course cooked rice. /can we use raw rice? that’s rice plant!raw rice grain!That’s different. Ok. So, I’m gonna try eating the salad and the octopus. The salad contains raw tuna flesh. By the way, all of the part in this salad is raw. There’s corn, what is this?I’m gonna put that here. Raw broccoli, and raw lettuce. Let’s jusy try that first. Let’s try the raw corn. Yeah, that’s quite good. This one is sauce dipped raw tuna. This one is so good. The sauce makes it better. If you only eat the raw tuna, that’s displeasing. The lettuce, guys. Yeah, that’s nice, refreshing. The salad is edible. Broccoli, guys. Still edible. The last one, cherry tomato. Are you a tomato?or are you a cherry?Yikes, I dropped it. It’s fickle. It wants to be a tomato, but it looks like a cherry. It wants to be a cherry, but it tastes like a tomato. /just join Cherrybelle (Indonesian Girl Band) Yeah, right. Ok?ready? Cherry Tomato. That’s sour. Now, the last thing. I’m gonna eat the octopus. How do I cut this? Sorry guys, I didn’t mean anything, but, right now, I don’t have any spoon, or knife. So, I’m gonna use my hands. It’s ok, Indonesians are accustomed to use their hands. Geez, that’s scary. Look at it, guys. If you have ever watched The Pirates of Carribean?This one is the enemy. This much? I can’t cut it. Look at the chopsticks. They got dirty, they touched the ink. Let’s cut it with this. Let’s move it there. Look at my fingers! They turned black. I touched the ink. So, this is the last thing. I’m gonna taste it. I’m gonna eat a little because it looks so terrifying It becomes black. Black octopus. /How does it taste? It taste ok. Edible, bland. It doesn’t smell. Can you just imagine eating squid but hasn’t been seasoned yet? Ok guys, so I have done eating all the raw food. Thank you for watching until the end of this video. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit the thumbs up, and put your comment down below, and tell me what is the next challenge I should do?Or what kind of food that I must try? Don’t forget to subscribe this channel, because we will show you all the fun things every single day. See you again on my next video. Byebye
Caption by @rizkymel


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