Make a sashimi of flounder 釣ったヒラメを五枚におろして刺身にする:Gourmet Report グルメレポート

The Flounder I fished. I make this sashimi. The first takes the scales. The flounder has a lot of scales. Scales have been removed. I don’t know a right way. Even if so I’m copied, and fails, responsibility can’t be taken. A head is cut off. The other side. Cut. I separate the flesh from the bone. The outside is cut. The center is cut. Separate the flesh from the bone. I’m poor, so there is a lot of flesh in a bone. I became silent. Flesh was separated from the bone. The other side. Completion. Do it in the same way white side. Flesh was separated from the bone. I separate the skin from the flesh. It’s cut with a knife. Skin. Flesh. Sashimi of flatfish. It was completed. I cut flounder. I wanted to cut it thin like blowfish, but I failed in that. This? Onion. Krazy Salt. Olive oil. Lemon. Carpaccio? Sashimi is a large amount. So different seasoning of flounder.

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