Make Your Own Ramen Cart in Minecraft! (EASY Build Tutorial)

Hey Pandalings this is TheBlackBeltPanda and today we’re gonna build something EPIC. Are you ready for this? it’s a ramen cart! it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, but most importantly, its ramen. leave a like if you like ramen. now before we begin, this tutorial is brought to you by one of my tier 4 patreon supporters, TinkerNitely! if you want to sponsor a tutorial video yourself then stay tuned to the end of the video to find out how. now let’s get this show on the road! cue intro! alright, hyped-up intro aside, we’re gonna go ahead and get started. so we’re gonna place down a couple of oak slabs we can use to build off of. we’re gonna make a platform out of top oak slabs that’s three blocks wide by five blocks long. I can break this one and replace that. just fill this in, so a three by five platform, just like that and then on top of that we’re gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna place a block here. I’m gonna place an upside-down oak stair next to that there and another one there. we’re gonna break this block in the middle and now this front side here. we’re going to place more upside-down oak stairs across the front and then across the side here and then we’re gonna stop right there and leave this side empty just like that next we’re gonna come around here we’re gonna break that slab and we’re gonna break this block so we can get down here we’re going to go ahead and place a grindstone sideways like that by looking that way and placing it against the block above it and that’ll give us a nice little wheel we can just go ahead and do that on the other side so you can put a block up here temporarily come down here grindstone just like that and then up here we’re gonna go ahead and replace this upside down stare with a full oak block and it should look like that and that’ll get covered up later so next we’re gonna come around here we’re gonna go ahead and grab some spruce slabs we’re gonna place them across the front side and across this side here just like that and then we’re gonna go ahead and grab our spruce fences and we’re gonna put two in each corner on top of the oak blocks here and these are going to support our roof and then to start on the roof we’re going to use spruce stairs we’re gonna place the one on top of the fence here and then we’re gonna continue that all the way around to make a sort of ring of spruce stairs just like that and then we can grab our spruce slabs and fill in the top and then our spruce trapdoors we’re gonna go ahead and place the trap doors all the way across the front of these stairs here just like that and this is a little tricky we’re gonna place spruce trapdoors along the bottom and then on the front of the ones we just placed on the bottom and then we can get rid of those ones in the back to give us a sort of roof here something that looks like it could swing open and closed all right with the trapdoors placed in the front we’re gonna come around to the side we’re gonna do the same thing here we’re going to place three just like that we’re going to place some underneath so we have something to build against for these three here go ahead and break those ones and now we have another little trap door roof next thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna grab some scaffolding and make some seats so we’re gonna place to here right front to here and then we’re going to come around to this side we’re gonna place three of them right along like that and just like that they don’t look like much and if you try to sit in them he’ll kind of sink through so in order to fix that we’re gonna spruce them up with some red carpet so just go ahead and place some red carpet along the top of all the scaffolding and we have some nice benches that you can actually sit on now before I forget let’s go ahead and replace this slab here with an upside-down oak stair and we’ll do the same thing over here oops I don’t looks there and that way it just looks like it has some stability some support and not just balancing on the wheels like that so with that done let’s go ahead and add in our back wall I’m gonna play some temporary blocks here all the way across the back and then we’re gonna go ahead and grab some spruce trapdoors and we’re gonna place these all the way across the back and cover the whole thing just like this there we go and now we have a back wall we can break these temporary blocks and boom starting to take shape oh hey didn’t see you there this is just a quick intermission to remind you to subscribe if you haven’t already done so now let’s get back to the build next up we’re gonna head up to the top of the roof here I’m gonna play some temporary blocks and we’re gonna play some trapdoors perch trapdoors against those along the top here close them up we’re going to go around to the back we’re gonna do the same thing birch trapdoors along the top close them up and we can break those temporary blocks and now we have something that looks like a signboard on the roof next up we’re going to give this cart some handles so I’m going to place birch fence gates on each side just like that and then against those birch fences and now it looks like we have some handles here we could grab on to and pull the card along and with that done let’s go ahead and start adding some stuff to the inside of the card so first up we’re gonna place a little campfire right there wow that’s bright holy cow in front of that we’re gonna place a birch trapdoor flip that up and on top of that we’re gonna place a light gray carpet right on top of the campfire to the right of that on top of this grindstone we’re gonna go ahead and place a smoker and then on top of the smoker we’ll play some dead coral fan like that doesn’t really matter which one you use kind of looks like noodles it’s the closest thing I could find to make it look like noodles and to the right of that will add a composter and now we’ve got a little cooking setup complete with smoke now we go ahead and place a barrel up here in the top right make it look like we have a little bit of a storage space and of course what ramen cart would be complete without a price list so let’s go ahead and make some let’s do ramen it will make that 420 n it’ll do some tea we’ll just make that 69 yen all right yeah so next thing we can do you can put some compostable materials in the composter if you want make it look like there’s something there go ahead just put a flower pot there we’ll put another one there make it look like cups or bowls or something like that grab some lanterns will place one right there and one on the other side now I’ve got it good bit of light nice and lit up looks great and some red banners we’re gonna go ahead and place the banners on these trapdoors here we’ll put one in there and there and one there and there basically just behind the seats come around to this side will place three here just like that and it is already really starting to take shape those banners make a huge difference speaking of banners this next bits pretty fun we’re gonna go ahead and decorate with some fancy banners so go ahead grab your loom flop it down somewhere we’re gonna make some really neat-looking one so go ahead start with a black banner we’re gonna put that there then we’re gonna grab some white dye place that in there first step is the field Mason pattern which is this one that looks like bricks go ahead and grab that pop it back in next step is the fest pattern which is the straight line down the middle we’re gonna grab that straight line down the middle pop that back in next one we want is the board juror it’s this one here it’s the border grab that pop it back in and then we want the bottom left one here which is the base dexter canton grab that pop it back in last one we’re going to use the globe batter and banner pattern and then go ahead grab that and we’re gonna take this banner and we’re gonna put it right here on the back fence boom it looks like Japanese letters like he Tigana or kanji or something alright so let’s go ahead and make another one we’re gonna place black banner in again we’re gonna grab our white die and we’re gonna start with a field Mason so once again that’s the brick looking one pop that back in next step is the stripes here the paly grab that we’re gonna do the cross grab that and the last thing we’re gonna do is the border indented which is the squiggly looking border here grab that and we’ll put this banner on the right fence right over there now I’ve got more characters looks good now it looks like we got some stuff written back here on the walls in Japanese so let’s go ahead and make one more we’re gonna make a logo this time for this logo we’re gonna start with a red banner and then we’re gonna go ahead and place in some brown dye and we’re gonna choose the Sinister the bend sinister pattern here it’s the diagonal stripe go ahead pop that back in we’re gonna put in some red dye now we’re gonna choose the saltier pattern it’s the little X take that out pop in some yellow dye we’re gonna go down here and pick the rondelle’s that little Circle after that we’re gonna go ahead and pop in the brown dye again and we’re gonna go with this perf s inverted it’s the thing that covers half the bottom of the banner grab that go ahead and put in your red dye we’re gonna scroll up a bit and choose the other one that covers like the bottom third of the banner that’s a red base grab that and the last one we’re gonna do is down here at the bottom the border indented the little squiggly border go ahead grab that and now we’re gonna come around here we’re gonna go ahead and place a spruce fence right there and our new banner right on top of that and boom it’s ramen see it got the ramen in the bowl with the chopsticks that’s our logo that’s awesome I like it and we’re done I really like how this ramen cart came out I hope you do too let me know what you think of it down in the comments section down below and if you want your name shouted out in one of my tutorial videos then please consider becoming a tier 4 patreon supporter on my patreon page just head on over to so if you like this video please click the like button and subscribe comment share all that jazz thanks for watching this is TheBlackBeltPanda and I will see you in the next video. bye! 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