Making FOOD out of CANDY!! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy vs Real Food Challenge

100 comments on “Making FOOD out of CANDY!! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy vs Real Food Challenge”

  1. Maria Quijano says:

    Devon won

  2. Anika Tran says:


  3. Adi Mcanally says:

    I think Devon won

  4. Aden Thornton says:

    Peach 🍑

  5. Aiantas Stylianou says:

    oll is deven

  6. Kira Massey says:

    Keyper squad

  7. Peppermint Cutie says:

    Deven always wins except the 2 round Collins wins

  8. Jackie Poole says:

    hi collins

  9. Lukas Emond says:

    devin wins

  10. t Summers says:


  11. Eunice Medina says:


  12. Jessica Eggers says:

    You eat so much candy and your teeth are still white!😲

  13. zoly turk says:

    Devin wins

  14. Mary Kennedy says:

    Collins is called the candy cruse

  15. anna ha says:

    I love you guys 🥳🤩🥰😍😘😍😘🥰😍❤️😘😻💋and my name is Kevina and I am 7years old

  16. Aandrewgaming 003 says:

    Tortilaaaaaaaaaaaaaas for life

  17. Laura Melton says:

    its tortillas

  18. Karlee Cope says:


  19. MD Gamer says:

    devon won all. keeper sqad

  20. ashley khishantie says:

    mac n cheese

  21. The diamond Shine says:

    im sub to you so fun you sub me?

  22. Angel Sanchez says:


  23. Angel Sanchez says:


  24. ethan amiel Diocena says:


  25. Juliet Hernandez says:

    The second round Collins won

  26. Jessica Pike says:

    Do a candy chicken nugger🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

  27. dragon Soto says:


  28. Abisai Guzman says:


  29. Natalie Hernandez says:

    collins is the best

  30. Noor Anwer says:

    Dear devan yours is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Noor Anwer says:

    All is devan except for one of the rounds

  32. Shawna Graves says:

    0:08 Did anybody notice devin say :


  33. abit - of - everything says:


  34. abit - of - everything says:

    Keper squad

  35. abit - of - everything says:

    I have a crush on devan

  36. emily buckner 2007 says:

    Devon one cuz the other person just sucks

  37. abit - of - everything says:

    Daven won

  38. shamyla tranchida says:

    Make a pizza candy

  39. Nerijus Zube says:

    Deven's sushi is named- Rainbow sushi
    Collins sushi is named- the yeet max sushi

  40. Anna Lawley says:

    Deven won

  41. Layla Peraza says:

    I want every single day 🦄

  42. Frances Andrews says:

    You smile like s*x

  43. Xoxo Adri says:

    1. {Devan}
    2. {Collins}

    So Devan won with 4 points.
    And Collins with 1.

  44. Mr and Mrs Mahmood says:

    Devans good at art Collin isn't like if u agree

  45. brian jarman says:


  46. Jennifer Gonzalez says:

    Devon is cute

  47. brian jarman says:


  48. brian jarman says:


  49. brian jarman says:


  50. peeks glitch says:

    Water melon

  51. bri2957 says:

    devin won all rounds

  52. Gayatri Ramaratnam says:

    Change Pizzas into candy

  53. Bob Bane says:


  54. Emily Rose says:


  55. Nounou Anan says:

    1 d won

  56. Bob Bane says:


  57. Nounou Anan says:

    2 c won 3 d won 4 d won 5 d won but I love Collins too

  58. paris wither says:

    'Ya gotta watch your noodle devan!'.
    Quote by collins key.

    'Hey you didnt pulvarise it to the max '
    Another quote by collins key

  59. Regina Powell says:


  60. sarah couch says:

    Devon sushi when

  61. Regina Powell says:

    Deven won

  62. Pug boy 574 says:

    I never had a taco 🌮🥺

  63. Alex Österholm says:


  64. Rita Wichmann says:

    keper sgud

  65. Faye Durno says:

    who els saw the sushi that Deven made while it was in the microwave. I saw it before it went in!!!

  66. Mariam arts and me says:

    Deven key won all the rounds

  67. LIAN KHENG TANG says:

    I want spaghetti with meat!

  68. Jennifer Haynes says:

    Keepers squad

  69. serenity steph says:

    Collens more creative 🙂🙂🙂🙂👀

  70. serenity steph says:

    But it melted 😔 sorry collens

  71. Valerie the Vlogger says:

    who rewatches their videos just because they are funny and make you laugh

  72. serenity steph says:

    But even if it is it melted or stuff love your vids

  73. Susan Ratti says:

    Do candy animals

  74. Sarah Broadbent says:

    devan / devan/ collins/devan/devan so devan won sorry collins

  75. tookie cookie says:

    keyper squad

  76. Fay Palmer says:

    That jaw line though Collins

  77. Jacob Anglin says:

    Devin soshe

  78. Kristopher Horn says:

    1st round seven 2nd round collin 3rd round deven 4th round deven 5th round deven

  79. Lisa Griffiths says:

    I love you because you and your brother are so cool 😎 and nice me and my friend each you ever

  80. Lisa Griffiths says:

    I think devan will win /sorry Collin we think it was good but Devon’s was a bit more real

  81. Jacob Anglin says:


  82. Aline Le says:

    Even tho im REALLY late i think you guys should do a candy pizza, hotdog, ramen and soup .

  83. Alora Scott says:


  84. Elizabeth Cremin says:

    devin 1

  85. Dominique chambers says:

    Curry chicken and rice by the way it's spicy

  86. Elizabeth Cremin says:

    devin 2 &3

  87. Kingroblox Pokecraft says:


  88. Kaeden Kirkness says:

    Who won!? Devon. Who won!? Devon. Who won!? Devon. Who won!? Devon. … Collins " YEEET " (Blow torch)

  89. Ciara O'Donnell says:

    Collins is so easily empressed

  90. laken dulaney says:

    u gotta watch ur noodle devin


  91. juanita africa says:


  92. juanita africa says:


  93. lappdog393 says:

    Deven won the hole thing

  94. Shaylahlea Clarke says:

    All round it was…………………………..Collins yeet

  95. Andrea Gagliano says:


  96. Abdul Jabbar says:

    Keyser squad

  97. Jayden Horry says:

    Hahaha Colin's punishment

  98. Babara Rawson says:

    Apple and cinnamon

  99. •Pokemon• Ajpw says:

    Devan wins it all uwu

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