Making pizza with hydraulic press

[Intro music] Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Kitchen. Today, we are going to make some pizza with our press. So first, you put the flower on the plate. [Music: Italian Cafe] also on the press. [Anni:] Pfft! Haha [Lauri:] And then you place the pizza dough under the press like this. Yeah… And then you press it to make the pizza. [Lauri:] Uhh…not ideal. [Anni: chuckle] [Lauri:] Always use tools when making food. [Anni: cackles] [Anni:] Pfft! I think I have to…I think I have to cheat a little bit and make the pizza by hand. So here is our pizza. Then place some tomato sauce. [Indiscernible talking] And you can use your hands to help a little bit. Then some ham. [Lauri:] Yeah. It’s looking very good. And some cheese. In the Hydraulic Press Kitchen, there is no time for oven. So… [Striking, hissing] [Whoosh] [Anni: quiet chuckling] [Lauri:] Yeah, now the pizza is ready, and you can add some [spinach] to top it off. [Anni: laughing] [Lauri:] Yeah… It’s very delicious looking. Nice and crunchy on the outside, and some greens on top of that. Yeah, I think that is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day. [Outro music] And for today’s extra content, we have this zebra. He is probably hiding something under his stripes, so he is probably extremely dangerous, and may attack at any time. So we must deal with it. [Anni:] Hahaha…hahaha [Lauri:] Double-kill!

58 comments on “Making pizza with hydraulic press”

  1. Juhnou says:

    Omg! This video is so good! Make morenof thease

  2. The Bronze Cat says:

    0:17 Vat da faak was that?

  3. Nomad2001 says:

    Looks like something filthy frank would shit out on a Monday at 6:22 PM

  4. DANtheMANofSIPA says:

    A hydraulic press is the best way to pick up chicks

  5. astore astore says:

    vaffanculo !!!

  6. Thunderfang_ says:

    Crush some TNT!

  7. CTB says:

    Dominos sues for patent infringement.

  8. Francesco Bozzi says:

    [Internal italian screaming]

  9. Jacob Caraig says:

    man you're just living the dream aren't you?

  10. mich says:

    they just don't make authentic italian food like this anymore…

  11. OnyxMakesArt says:

    What has my life come to…

  12. Welch Disney94 says:

    Worst way to make pizza.

  13. Lishadra says:

    Haha, I love the addition of the Italian music in this episode!

  14. Pep says:

    Bone apple teeth

  15. Near Wammy says:

    it's very, very :))))

  16. Hillary Clinton. Yeah, im famous fuckboy. Fuck you. says:

    when has HPC become HTB

  17. Wisedory says:


  18. Potato7642 says:

    Still better than Papa Johns.

  19. olsmokey says:

    Just like Mama used to make it

  20. Reagan Noelle says:

    This is basically HowToBasic with a hydraulic press.

  21. Benjamin Headrick says:

    "He's probably hiding something under his stripes…." 😂😂

  22. Aapo Toppila says:

    Moi Lauri

  23. Daniel Asher says:

    need cornmeal on ur press to stop it sticking lol

  24. Kourosh Esfandiari says:

    You finally got creative

  25. Janne Peltonen says:

    I was expecting a teenage mutant ninja turtle as an extra content 😉

  26. Lea Kuklova says:


  27. Sertel Konali says:

    This video was HILARIOUS!!

  28. Adam says:

    Just how I like my pizza… crispy and on fire!

  29. Patric J says:

    I always enjoy your videos and this episode was really funny!

  30. Josiah Sanchez says:

    Imagine if this was how we had to cook every day.
    "Hello everybody and welcome to cooking with tom, Today we're going to make a classic Italian style pizza.
    So things your going to need,
    Tomato Sauce
    Cheese Grater
    Rolling Pin
    and last but certainly not least, your hydraulic press.
    Step one, place your dough under your hydraulic press and activate
    PRESS *Dough bursts out from under the press and covers the camera*
    Wipes off camera
    Okay now we are going to need to open our tomato sauc- Struggles to open can Oh lets just press it… Places whole can under press
    PRESS *Tomato sauce bursts out from one side and splats against the wall*
    Scrapes sauce off wall and spreads on pizza dough
    Next, we need some cheese, Struggles to shred cheese
    Ah to hell with it, lets press it
    PRESS Cheese leaks from the side of the stool in liquid form
    Mwah Cheesy Perfection
    Spreads on Pizza
    And last but not least
    Opens oven
    Places plate inside
    Sets timer
    5 Seconds later
    Ah to hell with this just press it
    Slides oven under press
    Oven slowly collapses
    Pizza leaks out from inside
    Wipes pizza up with finger and tastes it
    Mmmm Gagging Bon Appetit

  31. Sugeszan says:

    whos gonna eat it?

  32. Sugeszan says:

    i love it anyway

  33. Joshua Ebony Pangihutan Sitinjak says:

    I think that's not a real pizza

  34. Scaryamin says:

    I think I have to say that it's the most brutal way I've ever seen anyone cook pizza.

  35. Dat Bootlegger says:

    that's one way to make a pizza!

  36. Jacob Witmer says:

    You need to record Anni's reaction on camera! I just love her laugh! LOL 🙂

  37. Steve Lampley says:

    Funny. One of the funniest!

  38. Mad Night Guard says:

    Gotta have the background music

  39. Martin Schulz says:

    Hi HPC I would like to know how much liter of liquid is in a pack of wet wipes?

  40. Meetim says:

    This guy is a genius. I was watching this during my lunch break in the office and struggling valiantly not to laugh out loud. 🙂
    One of the funniest so far.

  41. Ash Louise says:

    Crush stuffed animals

  42. Ching Yin Wan says:

    He burnt the tablecloth

  43. Artimus Protensor says:

    Should have put flour on the press tool too.

  44. Richard Grueber says:

    How about if you make up some special large diameter crush tools and try and make a pizza you can eat. Then cook it.

  45. Emma Forbes says:

    Just how I like my pizza, how did you know?!

  46. AL3XinDANG3R says:

    I wonder if this is how hot pockets are made

  47. Yarizuni says:

    delicious pizza on the world xd

  48. 0MindSwept0 says:

    This channel is a total joke, Anni's laughing is proof of it, I don’t know how you can keep your composure for so long XD
    Definitely one of my favorite subscriptions

  49. Wonder Women says:

    it's time for oven
    Sets pizza in flames

  50. Jelly Belly says:

    I'm hungry for pizza.!!

  51. Linus Kniep says:

    Oh dear…😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Scratch Dog 22 says:

    You two goofs had me laughing so hard. Thanx.

  53. Edgar Alexander Franco Navasquez says:

    Cries in italian

  54. Matelian Knight says:

    Oh so that's how they make pizza, where do the pizzerias keep their hydraulic press?

  55. Shmetterling says:

    Africa in kids can pizza that eat

  56. Synner Dethshayde says:

    Still better than Pizza Hut

  57. Jim's videos says:

    Starving ninja turtles in America could have eaten that.

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