4 comments on “Making Tonkotsu Ramen with Japanese Master Chef Morimoto – New Day Northwest”

  1. Sarah Allen says:

    I feel like everyone here is on different wavelengths but it works lmao

  2. e a says:

    Waiting for his restaurant to close down

  3. Tom tonka says:

    Dude where's my car ……and then…不不不不不不不

  4. pyro3rg says:

    How to make Tonkotsu Ramen according to this show: Have premade tonkotsu broth… Figure it out. Now boil noodles for 2 minutes. Have precooked pork belly, again figure it out. Ok now slice the pork belly and coat in random sauce, FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY. Ok now we are assembling the ramen, add "seasoning for ramen soup" to his credit he actually talks about this a little further but even still…. Add broth, add noodles, add pork, add egg. Done. perfect ramen. How easy was that?

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