Malai Kulfi Recipe – How to make Malai Kulfi

Namaskar Welcome to Summers have arrived and if we get a chilled and frozen Malai Kulfi to eat then what else to ask for So, let’s start preparing ‘Malai Kulfi’ The ingredients are: Full cream milk- 1 ltr Milk is the main ingredient in this We have to boil milk and thickened it Powdered Sugar- 1/2 cup (80-90gms) Cashew nuts- 8-10 Nos. Green cardamom- 4 Nos. Pistachio- 10-12 Nos. For making Malai Kulfi First, we have to heat the milk So, Let’s start heating the milk Here our milk is boiling, till then we will chop cashew nuts into small pieces We will finely chop pistachios and peel off the cardamom and grind it to make powder So, let’s do it Chop the cashew nuts into small pieces Chop it finely and in the same way we will chop all the cashew nuts and keepit ready we have chopped all the cashew nuts Now we will chop pistachio into thin and small pieces and in the same way chop all the pistachios and keep it ready We have chopped all the pistachios Now we will peel off the cardamom and make powder out of it We have to boil the milk till it starts thickening So, we have to continuously stir for 2-3 minutes by taking the ladle to the bottom of the vessel so that it does not stick to the bottom of the vessel and let’s make powder from cardamoms We have peeled the cardamoms now we will coarsely grind it cardamom powder is ready now Now let’s concentrate on milk Milk is boiling we will keep the flame to medium-high and continuously stir the milk in every 2-3 minutes we will simmer the milk till it reduces to one third of its quantity so, let the milk boil and continuously stir it in between Milk has boiled and thickened it has reduced to half we will simmer it more add cashew nuts and pistachios to the milk and mix it add cardamom powder also then add sugar and mix it let it get more thick do not forget to stir. stir it continuously we have added the dry fruits so that they also becomes soft milk has now thickened you can see malai in the milk clearly lumps of malai are formed dry fruits have also become puffy our milk is ready to make kulfi switch off the gas keep the milk aside for cooling down after that we will freeze it we have thickened the milk along with the dry fruits it is quite thick now and has cooled down properly now we will freeze it pour the milk in the container in which we have to keep it for freezing cover container with a lid and keep the malai kulfi in freezer to get it firm malai kulfi will get firm in 6-8 hrs then we will serve it our kulfi is now firm and ready now we will serve it take out the kulfi 10 mins before from the freezer then we will cut it and serve it so let’s cut it we have cut the kulfi in pieces now we will serve it malai kulfi is now ready a very tasty malai kulfi is made and it is very simple to make So you make malai kulfi, eat it and share your experiences on we will meet next time with a new recipe Also subscribe to my channel.

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