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Hello… We are in Malappuram, as you know. Today morning, we went to Sinan kanji stall, and had common man’s food, a good kanji. It was around 10:30 in the morning. Now we are in Perintalmanna bypass junction. There is a place called Kodikuthimala, near this. It is a beautiful place, it’s around 9kms from here. Anas says it’s a wonderful place. I haven’t gone there. I am not going this time, maybe next time I’ll plan. Now I am here for this, a restaurant called Food Stories. We will go there now, and have pothi biriyani, no ila biriyani. Other than that, they have seafood platter also. We will taste that also. These two are our main agenda. We’ll see if anything else is there. When you come here, you have to go to Kodikuthimala. Speaking of Kodikuthimala, I remember something else. In Nagaland, there is a beautiful hill station. Nagaland is mostly hilly. But this was a superb place. A small footage from our visit there.. You can watch that.. When you come to Khonoma village, there are many roads here. Everywhere, there are small lanes. We are going this way, climbing these steps. The other way is blocked. Some construction work is going on there. So we will take these steps. It is not very far. If you need a guide, it will cost Rs.500. These plants have not been planted by anyone. They have grown naturally, looking so beautiful. Looks like someone has grown them. These are there in almost all walls. So you saw some stories from Nagaland. Liked it? Now it is time.. not for Nagaland stories, but food stories, in Food Stories.. So we are again inside the kitchen. Restaurant is different, but we are in kitchen only. It is seafood platter that this time we are going to cover in our video. We have watched the cooking and preparations. Seafood platter..there are so many items in it. Seer fish, squid, prawns.. then crab…a lot of things. Now I’ll taste it and tell you about the taste. There are a few more varieties, you can watch. Karuthamma Special, Pareekkutty’s favorites. A long list of fried, roasted etc. Thavala fry, sorry it’s thava fry. Thava fry, and dry fry. So all our items are ready. Seafood, this is the most special one. This is beef biriyani, wrapped in banana leaf. I don’t eat beef. Many people ask me why I don’t eat beef. I will tell you why. I am allergic to beef. That’s why I don’t eat it now. I used to eat it before. Recently, I stopped taking as I became allergic. Before we start with these, let us try this Blue Mojito first. Straw was there, no need. I was very thirsty. Now we will move to the seafood platter. See this. These are prawns, we are starting with this. Let us try this. Superb.. This is the head. There is flesh inside. We can suck it like this. It is good. Let me search for the next one. This is pomfret. Pomfret is kept as a whole. It has been fried. I will tell you the specialty of these in general. Our local dishes will be too much spicy and hot.. But this is not that spicy. It is just less than medium in spiciness. Less spicy dishes. Less spicy in the sense, it is not very hot. But that spicy flavor is there. This seafood platter is very good to have with rice. Actually this itself is sufficient. As we had kanji in the morning, there is no need for anything else. But Anas said he is hungry. So he specially ordered this banana leaf-beef biriyani. Some other rice is also kept. I’ll tell you about that. Before that let me try this anchovy fry over here. This is it. Sorry, this is not anchovy, it is mussels. Last time, when I went to Kozhikode, I had dry-fried mussels, on my own. A dry-roast. This is not roasted, it is a fried one. Let us try. It is very crispy. Roasted mussels won’t be crispy, they will be soft. This is very crispy. Feels very crunchy to eat. Now anchovy is also there. What I took before, thinking anchovy, was actually mussels. This is also crisply fried. In Kerala, there are so many seafood varieties. There are just a few in this. Other than this, there is so much more.. Kerala is so beautiful, and rich in delicacies. So we had many seafood varieties. I liked prawns a lot. Other things are also good. I wanted to ask you something. Among the seafood varieties, what I like the most is prawns. And then, seer fish, and sardines. Tell me which is your favorite, in the comments below. Now we have another special dish, chicken madfoon. Madfoon means a covered item. The word madfoon means covered. This is prepared along with kuzhimandi. This is kept on top of it. We saw that in the kitchen. We saw the preparation of this. Let us open this and eat. Rice is also there. I don’t want a lot of rice, only very little. A little rice. Hashmi is expected to come now. He will also need food. We ordered food for three people. Now let us open the pack. Inside one pack, there is another pack. Open that also, and we will find treasure. This is chicken madfoon. Let me take a bit. We will try this. Preparation of this is very interesting. Lots of green chili and onions are ground, garlic is also ground, then masala is added to it. Then black pepper is added. Black pepper has been lavishly added. So this is likely to taste of all that. Superb. The taste of this thing is like.. a soup which has lots of black pepper added. This rice is like the mandi rice. We need to eat this with the rice. If it was a little spicier, I would have liked it more. We have to try kuzhimandi also. Today evening only, we will be doing a video on kuzhimandi. So the tastes of Malappuram.. we are really enjoying. Tomorrow, I am going with Anas, to explore Nilambur. After that, we want to do some more food videos. Coconut rice, and things like that. Let me see. Let us decide later. So keep watching our videos. Don’t forget to give your comments. For now, let us say goodbye. Now let Anas try his biriyani, leaf biriyani. Lunch packed in leaf, I liked it a lot. I am reminded of that when I see this. This is beef. Let me try. How is it? In Malabar, for marriages we get beef dum biriyani. It is the same taste. How was your travel? How is the food? Good. I almost died of hunger.

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