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AAAAAA (screaming painfully) AARGHHH it’s damn spicy it’s really damn spicy today’s episode is brought to you by KVIK a minimalist wallet hand made in Malaysia today we are going to eat 3 different instant noodles but we have to ask the producer first what do we have to do exactly for today’s episode we have some riddles for you guys we have 3 rounds and you are not allowed to drink anything throughout the rounds sounds hard we can’t drink anything?! you can only drink milk at the end of each round thank you (^.^) Amal, can you try press the buzzer? are you guys ready? i’m ready!! i am.. surely gonna win this so there’s no need to be ready first round first question what kind of liquids that will become frozen when melted? water(?) wrong answer ice cubes(?) wrong too the correct answer is egg when the egg is heated, it will become a fried egg *laugh sarcastically* so funny.. very funny.. so we have to eat this? both of you guys have to eat it since you got it wrong this one is so spicy so spicy.. *slowly suffering* how can people eat this? i have no idea *hiccups* you’re already hiccuping that’s a good sign you guys did it on purpose don’t force yourself or your stomach gonna explode Amal has finished already we’re still waiting for Azry to finish his ramen *slowly dying* be patience Amal it’s so spicy yes indeed double the spiciness ok Azry has finished his bowl too the next question of the first round among all the pastries which of them that people only eat the outside, and not the middle part? Amal Donuts Amal got it right! *screaming happily* you did say you’re hungry aren’t you? so go ahead, dig it have you noticed my sweat? i left it on purpose so that it looked real guys it proves that we’re eating the real hot and spicy ramen, the real deals, double the spiciness good luck Azry it’s damn spicy the last question when the bus bell is rang, the bus will stop what will come down first? we give this one to Azry meter! meter.. meter.. what’s the name? the velocity meter..? the velocity meter. ok we accept your answer the speedometer unfortunately, there’s no winner in this round have a meal! i’ll give my review it’s really spicy you can see that i’m sweating all of that is my sweat my face starts to burn it’s really not that spicy this is madness my mom will definitely be mad about this can i drink? yes you can drink since Amal has finished his ramen yeay i can have my milk round two the second instant noodle is originally from Korea Annyeonghaseyo the instant noodle Samyang 2x Spicy will be served with bbq chicken wings by CP Cooks *Amal excited* thank you CP Cooks ^.^ Azry is the owner of CP Cooks Thank you owner! i took off my shirt first, then i apply some face powder, after that, i jump into the pond, then i take a bath, after done, i walk up to the land who am i? crocodile! Azry’s wrong Amal? one, two, three, four, five dog?! both are wrong, so both of you need to eat the ramen what’s the correct answer? the answer is, banana fritters. the pond (the oil) *excited* can you still bear the spiciness Azry? looks like you’re about to give up i’m.. Mr. Producer, can i give up now? i’ll give everything up.. *nyum nyum* *nom nom* *you serious bro* i can really travel to Korea there’s no effect on me eating this Samyang Samyang is not really that spicy compared to Maggi it’s doubled but this one, is 50% less the spiciness the second question of the second round, i have no head but i have a neck and arms i have no fingers, but i have a body but no legs. who am i? Amal, you’re up cloth(?) Amal’s correct! i can’t believe it! i’m dead serious can’t believe it i can’t really think if i’m in a state like this oh really? honestly, i pity you my friend i can give it a try i’ll give you my full support it’s really spicy we’ll move onto the next question the last riddle for this round who live in a pineapple? ok Azry, you’re up SPONGEBOB!! now it’s Amal turns to eat the Samyang come here give it to me you’re really into spicy food? well congratulation to everyone who can eat spicy food round three we still do have one more round last round! the ultimate instant noodle Mamee Ghost Pepper the first question how many months that have 28 days? One! wrong! all the months have 28 days *air guitar* for this noodles the color is a bit dark i don’t know if the color will affect you psychologically or not so we gonna smell it to know if it’s not rotten the odor is already spicy i think it’s better if you go one bite the whole thing thank god if not i’ll beat up Mr. Producer yeah you’ve finished it are you doing good? even i’m scared just by looking at you we can move on to the next question the second question are you ok Azry? you can proceed what kind of box that you can’t open? the heart box the penalty box it looks like Amal has lost this time the heart box bro Azry is safe this time the penalty box is the correct answer and Amal has to finish the bowl ok in one minute Amal since when we have a timer? i’ll try to eat this in one bite Amal it’s so spicy ok i’ll taste this first like usual, i’ll sweat this time, it’s so spicy super spicy *cries in Malay* i’m not gonna care about you *in pain* it can’t be eaten, it’s really spicy *slowly dying* it’s ultra spicy! it is ULTRA spicy *screams in pain* Mr. Producer, the last question for us are you reedy Amal? ok yes please quickly it’s freaking spicy! during the night it’s alive, during the day, it’s dead what it is? the bats! wrong! Azry you got 5 seconds during the night, it sleeps you lost! you’re slow! he’s dragging the time! you’ve got to be kidding me i can’t do this anymore! no i can’t do this this will be the last one the answer for the previous question is fish i don’t care anymore i don’t give a damn anymore *laugh in tears* i don’t even wanna care about the answer! *laugh in pain* i don’t want to eat it anymore, serious i don’t want to eat.. i’m crying you think i’m happy but i’m not c’mon Azry we need to finish this you go on first you must finish it if both finish, we’ll give you guys ice cream to eat please Amal, i can’t finish it me too, i can’t eat it anymore if Azry can only take one bite, only one bite, we will give you ice cream c’mon Azry, c’mon! please Azry! i’m gonna die now i’m really gonna die now my hand is already paralyzed i’ll help you! i’ll seriously help you one bite only as promised by Mr. Producer I can’t bear it any longer it’s not funny anymore this is not a comedy milk next we’ll give you guys ice cream *burps* Alhamdullilah thank you for the ice cream we’ve finished all the three rounds you can wrap up the episode alone Azry it is strongly not advisable for viewers to try this at home seriously, don’t try this at home don’t try this silly things at home thank you to those who left us with comments below who gave us the idea to try this spicy ramen challenge we have accepted your challenge give us more ideas in the comment section below thank you Kvik for today’s episode if you want to know more about the wallet i’m promoting this brand in a very sad way you can click the link down below that’s all for this week don’t forget to leave us comments and subscribe Destinasi TV see you next week on Sembang Bros

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