Today, here in Tokyo, I’m going to eat for you some sushi of high level. The lunch at this restaurante, called Kyubey, costs between 65 and 80 Euro and the dinner is more expensive. I’ll eat an epic meal. I’ll show you all the pieces with a voice out of line in order to give a comment, because I can’t talk in the restaurant. We’ll se ouside after the meal for the final comment. Watch it completely because it’s spectacular! Outside the restaurant there’s this menu in Japanese that makes you scary a bit but don’t worry because they also have an English menu. I recommend you the omacase with the best sushi of the day. The entrance is very elegant and once you come in you can see chef at work. The restaurant is on several floors and I took the lift. There are beautiful Japanese decorations and everything is so zen and precious. The first course is chawanmushi, an egg pudding with a wakame and daikon salad. I was spellbounded by looking at the chef movements preparing sushi for the others already present at the restaurant and I couldn’t wait to start eating. The first piece the chef gave me was the chūtoro, a medium fat part of the tuna. Look at the color! I think it’s the best chūtoro ever tasted in my life. It was stunning. Also the rice was sublime, it was at the perfect temperature. Next nigiri is the sea ​​bream. You see, chef put the soy sauce on top and then some drops of lime. I was shocked by the taste because the lime gave sour to the sea ​​bream making it exalt the delicate flavor. Also on the next piece, the squid, chef put some lime. You see, chef makes the nigiri and then puts some lime on top. If you look carefully, there’s also some salt. The squid has a rubbery and hard consistency and requires to be chewed for a long time. It does not taste strong but salt combined with lime makes an unforgettable nigiri. Look at my smile. The taste comes out at the end. Next scene is a little bit creepy so I recommend you to close your eyes for a while. Chef gave me an alive shrimp in order to show me what I was going to eat next. Meanwhile he was preparing a sushi with sea ​​urchin. It is of the highest level. Look at the color and the brightness. The first thing I noticed is the taste and the fragrance of the nori. And then suddenly the taste of the sea ​​urchin exploded in my mouth. It seemed to be eating at the floor of the ocean. Stunning! The shrimp that had been cut was still wriggling. Many will say that it is only a nervous reflex but the most incredible thing is yet to come. When the chef gave me the shrimp nigiri, it was still moving. Look! I obviously eat everything and I did not have problems but having in the month the food still moving is an experience that changes your life. The taste was incredible and the freshness was the top. Stunning! The next piece is the yellowtail, a fish I like because of its consistency. In Japanese it’s called kampachi and if you come to Japan I really recommend it to you. As you can see from my face, it was delicious. They brought me a miso soup then, very tasty. Chef made the otoro, then, the fattest part of tuna. It makes me crazy. Look at the color, the streaks of fat are magnificent. You are looking at the face of the happiest guy on earth. Just thinking about eating this noble part of the tuna my mouth is watering. You cannot understand! These are the grilled head and the tail of the shrimp. This is the hamaguri, a kind of clam. If you are not interested in sushi, it’s probably difficult to you to understand the different clams. It takes time. What you appreciate most of the clam is the consistency. The taste is not strong and the sauce on top is a little bit sweet. Chef is making the kazuo, in Italian “tonnetto”. He puts soy sauce on top and then he asked me if I wanted some garlic sauce. Look how beautiful it is. Once you put it in your mouth you can taste the garlic which combines perfectly with the strong taste of kazuo. Chef makes the anago, a kind of eel. As you can see, he’s making two versions. The one on the left it’s made with soy sauce and sugar and the other one with salt. Often in Japan the sauce served with the anago covers too much the taste. This one was perfect. I preferred the one with salt because it was very delicate. In order to make a break, the gave me this sandwich made with daikon, shiso leafes and sesame seeds. I really appreciated it because it was crunchy and it makes you eat more. Chef made a maki then, half with cucumber and half with nigitoro. Look how precise is he wrapping. Both were obviously delicious. Nigitoro was full of umami and I like it a lot. I also ate a daikon tsukemono, which I usually don’t like, but here it was very good. Now it’s the tamago turn, the egg omelette. Chef asked me if I wanted it with or without rice, and I obviously choose with rice. Look how beautiful are the three pieces he is making. The plate is really cute like this. Tamago is not salty but sweet. Just like a cake. And I really appreciate it. To conclude, the brought me some strawberries. Beautiful and delicious. Almost good just like the ones of the De Carli brothers in Verona. Now I’ll come back to Ginza for a final review of this meal. Did you see how amazing it was? it was very very good! Obviously it is positioned above Zanmai and for what concerns the fish market restaurants the sushi it’s a little bit different. I can’t say if it’s better or worst, it’s different. I don’t recommend you at 100% to come here when you are in Tokyo because I recommend this place only to those who know well about sushi. If you come to Tokyo and you know nothing about sushi maybe you should start from a Genki sushi, which is not expensive, Zanmai sushi, one of the fish market, and at the end go to Kyubey. Don’t come to Kyubey at first because you would not understand how good it is. Because it is really good, all the pieces were so good. So, please, come there if you already know how sushi is, ok? But I really recommend it. If you are an expert, this one is the top. If you liked this video, thumbs up to watch other meals. I’ll go to eat everything you want for you, even very expensive meals. So thumb up, subscribe to my channel, come and visit my website and see you at the next video from Japan. Bye bye!


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