Masha and The Bear – Jam Day (Episode 6)

Bear! Check out what I can do! Hop! Great! Oh, wow! Easy now! Yummy, yummy. Something’s missing though. Maybe add some salt? Boo! Bear! Look at me! I’m an astronaut! All systems go! We have lift-off! Phew! Ouch! My ears, my ears! I think my ears are OK. Let me help you. Bear, I’ll come with you too! OK! Got to get “the pandemonium,” And that means all pans and pots. Clear the way! I need to make room To make jam and to make lots. What was on the garden patches, What grew on the tree I got, Made from it some mix-and-matches, Put it all in one big pot. I’ll add carrots for some nice zest To the Portobello jams. But the juiciest and sweetest Will be pinecones and the yams! I peek in, and as I’m looking At the weird brew, I yell, “Now I know what’s really cooking! I am in a jam, as well! Bear, where have you been? Everything is ready already. Here! And this one? Look, I’m moonwalking! All systems go! We have lift-off!

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  1. Masha and The Bear says:

    NEW! Nightmarish kids belief about Christmas rhymes!
    Masha's Spooky Stories, Christmas episode 🎄

  2. |•JULIA미진/| says:

    They look very good

  3. jesse penalosa says:


  4. Agus Dody Mulyono says:

    The jam is delicious
    ( keysha anindya zahira )

  5. CHITHRA Illangasinghe says:

    That makes me hungry

  6. Chocorin says:


  7. Tabbu Khan says:


  8. Mawardi Oshie says:

    Masha cute

  9. p857rr7f7ug 5dd56fc says:

    эмм а как же земля в иллюминаторе…….

  10. NIKKI 007 says:

    Masha is cute

  11. Roxana Begum says:

    I like it very much!

  12. Hoang Minh says:

    I love you

  13. Henry Windsor Rurikovich says:

    💓 Jam Day 💓

  14. Chawapon Intharaphet says:

    I love JAM DAY

  15. Brooke’s Life says:

    MAN,I used to love this but I still do:)


    I like her song that is so so cute

  17. Sumegha Tanavde says:

    Too sweet !!!

  18. Abdul Kalam says:


  19. Dina Santi says:

    Bagus sekali😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  20. Kim De Sie WP says:

    Love this Ep hahahha 💖

  21. P LOVE Chanel says:


  22. วันเพ็ญ ดอกดวง says:


  23. Yasi Yazeed says:

    I like

  24. Lidia ES says:

    So cute♥️

  25. Raji rk says:

    All time favorite

  26. FUN WITH HIBBA says:


  27. Tristan Dator says:

    YuM JaAm.

  28. ina faradisa channel says:

    Kesukaan akuuuu, marshaaaa 😍

  29. Amit Agarwal says:

    I love masha

  30. Moon Girl says:

    Special memories

  31. Marifetli TV says:

    very nice masha 😉

  32. Jovita romanof says:

    Pinecone,Carrots,Tomatoes as Jam? I cannot imagine what the taste is 😂😋

  33. Nick ZM says:

    Yo y mi pequeña hija nos gusta ver masha junto al gracioso oso. No tiene vida si el oso no esta en ese cartton.

  34. adkaa August says:

    маша баавгай хүүхэд үзэх ёстой.

  35. The Twins Experience says:

    My 5 year old twins love marsha and watch masha every night before bed!

  36. Waidoe Sigourney says:


  37. Cenderelsan says:


  38. spy squad ph says:

    I ❤ masha she is so adorable

  39. PERIOT SISTERS says:

    20 and still love masha and the bear

  40. Aisa Amiri says:

    Nice bro

  41. Aisa Amiri says:

    U are to good 2 b forgotten

  42. Ismawan Klinik says:

    Cute masha

  43. Nanda nanda says:

    I love you

  44. Abeera Noor says:

    I love this cartoon 😊😊

  45. Ari Purnama says:


  46. Lol Dolls Rule says:

    2:44 ow my head.

  47. Icha Chanel says:

    Saya suka marsha and the bear salam dari Indonesia

  48. jaz3 mathiu alisoso says:

    Masha is sooo funny

  49. *ltz Crystal* says:


  50. kim taehyung kim says:

    💋💋 hon

  51. Muhammad Darul says:

    Dum badung badung badung badung :v

  52. Sidra Aqsa says:

    i have watched each episode so many times that i can basically tell the next dialogue before she even says it!
    Just kidding! but i do loooove this show
    please please please add more episodes in english.

  53. Iksan Gaming says:

    dung badung badung badung
    badung badung badung badung badung :v

  54. Muhammad Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    I like masha and the bear.

  55. Lucy & The Mice Korean says:

    watch again, but still find it very interesting, i like it

  56. Sabah Sadiq says:

    This is my faviourt episode

    Can I have Chocolate

    That will be 1 like for every chocolate

  57. itsken playzYT says:

    Lol this show is funny I always see it on the weekends and laugh 😂🤣😂 and this is my favorite episode

  58. Khadija Mohsin says:

    I wish I have masha😍😙❤💋

  59. Annabeth Chase The Gamer says:

    am I the only one that’s satisfied by this show?

  60. King Rorik says:

    Masha is moonwalking its like MICHAEL JACKSON

  61. Vân Khánh Trần says:

    this was my childhood back in the day. now im old

  62. GaLaXiA_cornplayz :3 says:

    Who watches this last time me it’s mah fav and now I’m still watching it

  63. Putri Ayu Pratiwy says:


  64. Seyirx says:

    good like

  65. Farheen Zubair says:


  66. MUSIC KON KDAM ចំរៀងកូនក្ដាម says:


  67. Sandra Molina says:

    This would be interesting in real life

  68. Hava Aubøva GL says:

    Наберу-ка я кореньев,
    Сыроежек притащу!…

  69. Fadil Sartiananda says:

    Masha l love

  70. Cornelio Jr. Noval says:

    When i was kid i'm watching this video becouse this is my favorite video

  71. claude yemba says:

    I love this si much and im 7 my mom like s it too

  72. ARTHON GAMING says:


  73. LastBlade 0993 says:

    I love this because imma kid

  74. Co Huynh says:

    Coi Masha rất vui rồi còn lại rất là thú vị

  75. Asyraf Luqman says:


  76. Meeca Cherry says:

    Im 9 and love this………………… #immtoooldforthis

  77. Resty Capitle says:


  78. Kusnida Ida says:

    so funny to make you laugh

  79. • Fallen Rxses Editz • says:

    OMG!! I when I was younger I watched this all the time but in a different language that I didn’t understand! It’s been years since I’ve watched this and now I’m 11 years old and I finally get to see this again and in a language I understand!

  80. Balloony Plays says:

    *Bear eating*

  81. Hannah Ze Banana says:

    I remember making vegetable jam with my aunt when I was little since I saw this on TV
    It was the best jam I’ve had

  82. Disco Crystal! says:

    I miss this so much!

  83. Issa Omar says:

    My little bro he is ( 2 years old) he loves yours videos!✨❤️😊

  84. CresselieeXD /Blitz/ says:

    Btw this from a kid oh
    I am a kid really cool
    And nice I live this
    Episode in English
    Really Awsome bear
    Is a little bit scary
    And Masha is so
    Talented btw um

  85. sugiat okta says:


  86. Lilja Sigurðardóttir says:

    This is proof that Masha isent getting fed at her house

  87. 132457 09880 says:

    Very beautiful

  88. raj uppamah says:

    She is so cute

  89. Mardatillah Ha says:


  90. Trisha Mel anggun says:

    Tunggu masa pas beruang makan stroberry kok ada apel padahal apel kan belum diambil sama beruang

  91. Ummuh Khosik says:

    Siapa yang suka marsa

  92. Amardeep Nagi says:


  93. Retro Sheena says:

    I am a bit to old for this, I'm 11 but I love Masha and The Bear and it's my childhood tv show and it's interesting.

    fIgHT mE


  94. Clay Adventure 클레이 모험 says:

  95. C lalrinngami says:

    Episodes 6 jam day is my favourite

  96. Michael Herrera says:

    bear eating
    me:gimme some pls
    bear:eats everthing

  97. Eva Calista says:

    Bagus banget aku suka masha masak

  98. Melissa Ademi says:

    i love masha & the bear 💙

  99. Alberto Sarmento Maumea says:


  100. Mary Jane Corcuera says:

    Yes is. Good(^^)^_^⛺

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