Massive 9lb Double Down Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas!!

31 comments on “Massive 9lb Double Down Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas!!”

  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! It was a very fun event and I appreciate everyone around Las Vegas who came to watch and meet us!! Be sure to check out the new Amazon store if you haven't already and BIG thanks everyone for your continued support!! Many more videos upcoming!!

  2. Joey says:

    Eat untill you puke… this is Youtube.

  3. Edwin Reyes says:

    I watch you all the time but always wondered how you feel after these challenges?

  4. Kyrie Ervin Jay Boribor says:

    Randy will be bounce back on this challenge 💪💪💪💪💪💪Atlas

  5. _Ravinder .RS_ says:

    Chew properly and u will not vomit

  6. Brian Williams says:

    That pizza was insanely thick. Great job here so close. One of the rare times I've seen you go to the dunk of crust into drink. I thought putting the crust back out in pizza form was funny. You'll get this next attempt. That amount of spice with mass is just insane and you were right there!

  7. Kelley Abitbol says: are human!!

  8. van wray says:

    Santel is an amazing eater. By no means am I an eating champion. I don't compete, and I probably couldn't have finished a quarter of what Santel ate. I just like pizza. Randy is the man.

    For what it's worth, this is what I do when there is crust on a pizza. They usually have it, right ? I put the cheese and some of the vegetables and sauce (the best parts) on the crust while I eat the rest of the pizza. I never eat the best parts first and save the crust for later or discard it. I have learned to love the crust because I put the other ingredients on it while going at it. That way, I enjoy the entire pizza, and all parts become delicious. Also, I always enjoy putting some olive oil on the crust during eating.

  9. Jason says:

    I look forward to these videos every day

  10. Michael Wetzel says:

    He talk to much

  11. Vanessa Perez says:

    Did u order the crust well done and burnt? 😂

  12. Mehmet Yilmaz says:

    Must eat the crusts 🍕

  13. Mehmet Yilmaz says:

    Use sauce for the crusts

  14. chris neale says:

    you hurled beautifully

  15. deathfalk says:

    Love that you post your losses, it makes your wins that much sweeter. Eat on Brother!

  16. Clockwork 99 says:

    Randy:Well we didn’t beat it tho cuz it’s too big
    Matt Stonie:Hold my stomach

  17. love classics says:

    Ur working with time against u so let's keep talking guys and talk some more he killed about five minutes just talking man this guy doesn't get it

  18. Courtney Cook says:

    Dont think ive ever seen you dunk !!

  19. Jay Roach says:

    Who the five buck did that in 35 min… amazing attempt randy

  20. Michael Monahan says:

    I Gotta be super baked to eat all of that

  21. manuel howlingwolf says:

    When will u be trying again

  22. Jacob Scibor (405JacScib) says:

    2020 anyone

  23. MRbossman1982 says:

    The legendary pizza 🍕 in Vegas that got Randy! We need a rematch man vs food style

  24. Michael Dunbar says:

    No apology necessary Randy,you'll get em next time,great try.

  25. Incogneto says:

    Great attempt.

  26. GTAV31 says:

    Legend 🇬🇧 England loves you man 👍

  27. Mary A. says:

    that's okay Randy. you gave it your best shot.

  28. David RIley says:

    $50 pizza? wth

  29. Stian says:

    All that jalapeno would turn any mans stomach upside down.

  30. Kristina Yofe says:

    That was a great attempt! What was it with the marinara? I could tell with that first dunk…

  31. jonnykiluall Perez says:

    That's okay randy you'll dominate it next time

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